Zephanie often loses in amateur singing contests | MMK (With Eng Subs)

That’s enough, dear.
Come on. Here, have some water. – You ran for miles!
– Yeah. We’ll be doing this
every day, okay? A few minutes of jogging
before voice lessons should be enough. Now remember,
when it comes to singing, it’s not only a matter
of proper technique, it’s more about singing
from your heart. What do you mean, Pa? When we sing, we only have
to use our voices, right? Of course. But more than that, singing is like telling a story. So it’s important to sing
with feelings every time. That way, the audience feels
what you’re singing, too. Zephanie, here! Look what I bought! – What’s that?
– Go look at it! What’s in here? I bought her some clothes
for her upcoming contests. And a new pair
of sandals, too Try them on later
to see if they all fit, okay? But you bought me
so many clothes, Ma. One dress and one pair
of sandals is enough. I just got my salary, so I decided to buy you
everything you’ll be needing for all the contests
you’ll be joining. That way, you don’t have
to rent out outfits anymore. It’s really pretty, Ma! Isn’t it? I can already
see you wearing this on the grand finals. – Isn’t it pretty?
– It is. Look at this… I joined amateur singing
contests left and right. But I never won the top prize. But I still loved singing
no matter what. That’s why I never stopped
joining singing contests. (Zephanie singing) (Audience applauding) And our Singing Superstar
Grand Champion for 2015 is… …Allen Miguel Cruz. Congratulations. (Looking concernedly) (Father cheers on) I didn’t win again, Ma.
I’m sorry. Don’t say sorry, dear. You did great out there. – You really did.
– Right? Now, don’t cry, okay?
It’s alright. You did your best. (Sarah Geronimo
performing on TV) How can I be
more like Sarah, Ma? If I were as good as her, I’m sure I’ll become
the singing champion next time. What should I do
to become a better singer? You don’t have to sing
exactly like Sarah, dear. Because you have
your own unique voice, your own unique talent. But Sarah never lost. I practice and I pray
all the time, but I never win. Your time will come, dear. You’ll see. So just keep practicing. Fight on, okay? I’ll go cook some rice now. – I can do that, Ma.
– Alright. We don’t have any rice left, Ma. Oh, my… I have to pay the water
and electric bills too… Don’t worry, Ma. I’ll do even better next time so I can become champion. And when that happens, we’ll have enough money
to buy more rice. Come here, Zephanie. You don’t have
to pressure yourself, okay? Your dad and I will take care
of everything else. I don’t want you to worry
about anything, okay? I want you to keep practicing. You love singing, don’t you? I’m happy seeing you enjoying
yourself and doing your best. Okay, Ma. Come here. Just focus
on your singing, okay? (The Voice Kids ad playing) You want to join
The Voice Kids? Yes, Ma.


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