Zephanie dreams of being a famous singer like Sarah Geronimo | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Dear Charo…
(Zephanie singing) I am the third
of five children. Fortunately, both
Mommy and I survived. That’s why my
family showered me with lots of love and care. I thank the Lord every day for giving me a mother
who made me feel loved even while I was
still inside her womb. That’s why I grew up
really close to her. My baby’s so amazing! You sang with so much emotion. Am I just as good as Nessa? Let’s see. Sing
something for us, dear. Me? Yeah. But I don’t have a nice voice. Unlike Nessa, she can
definitely become a singer. Dear, you should try
to be more positive. You’re talented, too. Look at me.
I can’t sing, either. But I love to
sing the karaoke! Want me to sing for you? (Roden singing out of tune) – Daddy’s amazing!
– It’s going to rain. Come on, Zeph! It’s your turn! It’s okay, Nessa.
You should practice. – Come on!
– Your contest is tomorrow. – Come on. Sing the chorus!
– Go, dear! Don’t be shy. Go, Zephanie! (Zephanie singing) Amazing!
(people cheering) Amazing! Dear, you have an
amazing voice, too! Hold on. Can’t you believe it? We have two singers
in the family. That’s right. But if you think about it, when I first heard
Zephanie cry as a baby… (Roden crying) …I could tell
she had a nice voice. Really? You’re just messing with me. I’m telling the truth. It’s true. You’re amazing, dear. How’d you learn to
sing that beautifully? I would watch Nessa
every time she’d practice. And I’d always listen
to Sarah Geronimo. Zeph, you can compete
in singing contests, too! I’m so happy! We can now join singing
contests together! We’re both going to
be like Sarah Geronimo! That’s right! You really think we can
become famous singers someday? Why not? You and your
sister are talented. I’m sure we’ll be able
to hear you on the radio and watch you
on TV someday. That’s right! You, too! (Zephanie laughing) – You’ll dance, too.
– Grant, take a shower first. But wait. I want you guys to copy me. Do this. – I’ll do it, too?
– Of course! We all need to do it. Everyone has to do it. Alright. – Do you feel that?
– Yes. Your heartbeat. If you put your
heart into something, you will surely succeed. Because as long as
your heart’s beating, anything is possible. Hope? I thought you
would say something else. (people laughing)
Daddy, cut it out. – I was being serious.
-I know. I like what you said. But I want you
to listen to me, too. Even though your
mother and I don’t earn much, we promise to work hard, so we can help you
fulfill your dreams. – Thank you, Daddy!
– That’s a promise. – Okay, Daddy!
– That’s a promise. And remember, we would
do anything for you. – That’s true.
– That’s a promise. We promise. And because of that…
Hold on! It’s time for bed.
It’s getting late. – Daddy.
– What? When Nessa and I
become famous singers, we’ll put up a big
house for our family. Right? Isn’t this big enough for you? Thank you, dear. But all your mother and I want is for you guys to study hard. And develop your
God-given talents. Do you understand? Yes. That’s all your
mother and I want. Grant, come on.
Let’s go to the living room. Daddy, let’s all
sleep here tonight. We’ll all sleep here? We’ll sleep here tonight? I think we’ll fit. Do you want to end
up getting squished? (people laughing) (Zephanie singing) There! Keep going! (Zephanie singing) Zephanie, you have
an amazing voice. Why haven’t you joined
any of our school programs? Perfect timing. Our principal is
looking for performers for our foundation day. You should sing, okay? Um… Ma’am, my sister is actually
the singer of the family. But she wants you to perform. Besides, I’ll be joining
a contest on that day. Uh… That settles it, Zephanie. You should perform during
the foundation day, so your sister could
focus on her competition. Ma’am, you want Zeph to perform? That’s if you allow her. Of course! My husband and I
want her to get used to singing in front
of lots of people. You see, she’s a bit shy. But don’t worry.
We’ll help her prepare. – See you.
– Bye, ma’am. Wow! – But, Mommy.
– What? My contest will be
held on the same day. That’s right. But your contest is in
the afternoon, right? Dear, your father’s
going to be so proud! Hold on. I need to buy you
something to wear. That will be your first
performance ever. You need to wear
something nice. Right? Wait. What are
you going to sing? – Uh…
– Don’t worry. Okay, Mommy. Nessa, help me, okay? – Yay!
– Let’s go. (coconut shells clacking) Daddy, I feel like there
are butterflies in my stomach. My baby’s nervous. Dear, that’s normal. Once you start singing, your nerves will go away. Don’t worry. What if it doesn’t go away? Okay. Just look at me and your
mother, and it will go away. – Promise.
– That’s right. I promise. And dear, you can do it! You were already so amazing
while we were practicing. Just enjoy your
performance, okay? – Your father and I are here.
– Okay. And now, to perform
Forever’s Not Enough, from grade two section Hope, Zephanie Dimaranan. (crowd cheering) (music playing) (Zephanie singing) (crowd applauding) Thank you!


Ang galing ni Sanrio este ni Rhed HAHAHA Da best yung episode nato! Daming aral na mapupulot 😍💚 Zephantics here 😍

Owemgii ngayon ko lng napagtanto na magkamuka cla Sanrio (dancer ng showtime) at Rhed Bustamante?! Sa susunod pwede syang gumanap sa buhay mo Sanrio!!❤❤

ganda talaga ng boses ni baby zeph mula noon hanggang ngayon walang pinag bago at ang ganda ng kwento niya sa buhay nakakabilib talagang bata love you baby zeph

Kung my susunod man sa fame ni Sg…Bet ko si Zeph😂😂sna hndi lang lalaki ang head😊den learn to explore/evolve like SG..shes a total performer…ma pa rock,rap,dance,pop etc…she can😊.. nkpag movies,tlesryes,endors,own show etc…always be humble zeph😊❤popsters will support u❤

Take the journey with Sarah Geronimo and Happy to experience an Unforgettable love.
Hayaan ulit nating maantig ang ating mga puso para sa hindi makakalimutang pelikulang pagbibidahan ng nag-iisang Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

#Unforgettable in cinemas nationwide October 23.


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