Young Man Says Aspiring Rapper Sister Is A ‘Musical Genius’


She’s a mess! When she watches this hopefully she will come to her senses! It’s cringe worthy ! Her brothers trying to ride her coat tails , but unfortunately his ride doesn’t have gas!

My ears are bleeding I think I’m not smart watch dr phil and realize we’ll i didn’t drop out of college to be a rapper so it’s not that bad

That stupid tattoo yuck poor girl she will regret that. But I do love her brothers support but she should go to college so she has a backup plan because if it doesn’t work then what and suck my what? I can’t tell if they blocked the rest or if that is all it says

Y'all keep blaming cardi b she dosent have nun to do with this girl actions this chick is a hole 69 fan lookalike fr a bunch of grown people trying to find other grown people to blame for her actions

There’s nothing wrong with cannabis. The only thing wrong when it comes to cannabis is the INDIVIDUAL USER and the choices they make whilst under the influence.

Dr. Phil says he does his homework on his guests. But lately it seems like all of these people just want to use his show for clout. He should see this

She’s gonna fade away before she’s even relevant. Hope dr Phil helps her realize her future isn’t this…Or she’ll end up a cardi b impersonator.. prob broke and mooching off mom 😂

she takes so much away from actual, talented kids with somewhere to go in life. she's literally only on the show for publicity.

Please for the love of god don't look up this chick or her rapping, do not support it even if it's negative. Do not give that bozo any attention whatsoever. Your welcome.

Omg. She lacks talent, she's ugly as a lamppost .. and mom … if your daughter is as smart as you claim, she wouldn't have made such a nasty tattoo on her face. Only really stupid people throw away 4 years of free school … so no, she's definitely not smart.

You don't want to be treated like an animal stop acting like one 🤣🤣🤣 she's talentless 🤣🤣🤣🤣

aaah. on my list of people who don't need to get famous. it's sad though when you think about it, just like bad bhabie and woah Vicky and any other "influencer" out there, somebody is always gonna support and love, never looking at the bigger picture. there are always gonna be people who think these people are great.

Once again giving publicity to a bad example of humanity. Maybe consider hiding their face and name when you get kids like her and 'cash me outside' kinds. Literally handing her to all the suckers that will make her big and then leech off of her.

Middle class girl check list….
Put on a fake gangster accent ✔️
Tattoo face✔️
= 2019 gangster rappers

Well having a dream & motivation to better yourself is better than being on drugs or just "hangin' out".She living her best life

What happened to talking without acting like you know the trenches 🙄please talk to me when you don’t live with your mom and your struggling

We live in a messed up world with people who do all kinds of crazy and evil things🤷‍♀️ we need to be a light that's brighter than the darkness ❤❤❤

Why does she have to yell? Shouldn’t strain your vocal chords if your a performer. Doesn’t help you prove your point. Js.

Zelly has learned from her mother you can tell when her mom opens her mouth😂 the apple didn't fall to far from the tree

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