1. Barchu
2. Quando elray nimrod
3. Maoz Tzur
4. Ofyn Pripichek
5. HaTikvah
6. Shalom Aleich
7. Hava Nagila
8. Bei Mir Bis du sheyn
9. Ani Maamin
10. Sharm el-Sheikh
11. Am Yisrael Chai
12. Oseh Shalom
13. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav
14. If I Were A Rich Man
15. Hafachta
16. Kol HaOlam
17. Adon Olam
18. Baruch HaGever
19. Sh'hechiyanu
20. Minyan Man
21. Mashiach
22. Havdalah
23. Hanukah Song
24. Od Yavoh
25. Acheinu
26. Yachad
27. Anach Maamin
28. HaFinali Balbeli
29. Shabechi
30. V'Ohavta
31. Boiee
32. One Day
33. Vehi Sheamdah
34. Yesh Tikvah
35. Yalili
36. Et Rekod (Mahapecha Shel Simcha)
37. Hashem Melech

Yerushalaim Shel Zahav is my favorite from the listing. It reminds me of the 6-day war when Israeli troops entered Jerusalem. This happened just a few days before my 13th birthday, so this was easy for me to remember this event. Shalom Y'll! 🙂

Baruch Hashem for the gift of music on you all. If would be great to hear an album per age. I am pretty sure you know enough songs to bring alive, keeping their original melodies.

Cool guys, I liked the 20's, 70's and 90's the best. The very beginning of the 70's was my all time favourite. Evolutionary music videos like this are pretty cool guys, I feel inspired to do something like this. Cheerio

Their accent is American so it won’t sound the same when they sing in Hebrew
I love it and they sing amazing but I think it’s worth mentioning…

This video is so great! Even if I'm a Christian, this songs really touched me. At least, our religions have so much in common! I'm asking why there were so much wars etc between these two religions then, that's sad..

Ашкеназская музыка прекрасна! И "Эрец Исраэль яшана" (раняя музыка времён государства Израиль) тоже радует, безусловно. Тогда она была на европейский манер.
Сейчас музыкой рулят сефарды и мизрахим со своими зажигательными и витиеватыми восточными мотивами. =) Даже узнала несколько песен.

Wait, but there's so much more to jewish music than songs in hebrew!
Or do they mean religiously jewish songs rather than culturally jewish?

it sort of amazes me how some of the musics sounds arabic. i mean of course it is im a catholic gay guy, but it amazes me how peoples who are so similiar don't think they are. anyway Shana tova boys!!

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