X1 (엑스원) ‘FLASH’ (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

My heart is beating faster like it’s going to explode


형준이는 아예 이거 파트짤때 파트짜시는분이 형준이 있는지 모르셨나.. 파트 왜 그따구..

If i'm not mistaken during minute 2:20 in the rapping part Do Hyun is the one who doing the rapping..he joint together with Yohan..thank you…

This is my first time listening to this group and Seungyoun caught my eye 😍 his rapping and vocals are on point <3 but why does he look so familiar? Was he in another group before?

Seungyoun looks like Mingi from ATEEZ
Wooseok kind of looks like Jimin from BTS
And Hyeongjun kind of looks like Woozi

You are fast, but some are incorrect. After yohan's rap next is dohyeon rap, after hangyul next is junho's line. JUNHO: 2:52, DONGHYUN: 2:23 (I think).

심장이 터질 듯해 너무 빨라진 듯해
simjangi teojil deuthae neomu ppallajin deuthae
My heart is about to burst, It's getting too fast.

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승연이 더블링 파트 찰떡이긴한데 다음 앨범은 독파트 줬으면 해……..o̴̶̷̥᷅﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅

ur so fast- but like u got some lyric distributions wrong like the “we run it we run it we burn it burn it burn up” is actually dohyun’s part skdhdhdh

내가사실 엑스원애들한테관심은없는데 노래들어보니까 목소리스타일이 빅스같네.. 노래개좋다

I’m in love with the song, but Hyeongjun barely got any lines, no hate tho I still love the song and the group

Soy yo o esta canción tiene un pequeño parecido al inicio de felling de UNB, aclaro me encantan las 2 canciones ❤️😍

I just noticed that in 2:23 I think the one who's rapping isn't Yohan but Dohyon. Maybe??? Cause the rap flow changes and the voice .

Please help me…..


Also in 2:26 in the mv Wooseok sang that part soooooooooo…… IDK

Please help me


P.S. love your vids!!!!! <3

엑스원 노래 체고다❤️❤️
도현오빠 너무 랩 잘한다.. 16살 맞아?? 나랑 1살 차인데ㅜㅜ 그리고 내 최애 승우오빠❤️ 보컬하면 승우니지!!ㅎㅎ

여기에 한국인 저 밖에 없나여?? 아무리봐도 영어로 써진 댓밖에 없어..!

2:52 2:52 는 준호 파트인뎅 …….2:52 2:52 is part of Junho( I was not good at English, so I used a translator )

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