Why The Masked Singer Season 2 Will Be So Much Harder To Guess Right

In case you didn’t know, ‘The Masked Singer’
Season 1 was a HUGE hit on Fox when it debuted in the beginning of 2019. The mystery singing competition featuring
masked celebrities managed to beat out all of the Wednesday night competition, including CBS’ ‘Survivor’ and NBC’s winning trifecta of ‘Chicago Med,’ ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ Also, ‘The Masked Singer’s’ two-part
finale was watched by more than 11 MILLION people. Anyway, all of this basically means people
are PUMPED to see what Season 2 will bring. So while some of us killed it last season
as far as guessing goes [clears throat] that was me — apparently the contestants will be stepping
up their game this season. So here’s everything they’re doing to
make guessing who’s behind the mask much, much harder. Phew! But, you know what’s effortless? Hitting that subscribe button. That way you can keep up to date with me just
trying my best this season, and then be AMAZED when I guess every contestant
right. Because I will, just wait. Obviously, in a perfect world, the contestants
would just wear name tags, right? But that’s no fun, and Judge Jenny McCarthy
says the show will not only have more contestants than season one — 16 instead of 12 — but
those contestants are also making their clue packages a lot more difficult, since theoretically they’ve been able to
see how the show works. She explained, “So they come in saying ‘OK, I’m going to
mess with the judges and the audience. I’m going to throw my voice, I’m going to
put on a whole different persona.’ So that’s how you level up, for sure.” Well that’s bad news for Jenny, who notoriously
guessed that The Monster (a.k.a. T-Pain) was Michael Vick. Yeah, good luck this season girl. Another factor ‘The Masked Singer’ is
switching up to make it harder for judges is the costumes, and we’re not just talking
more elaborate outfits. Judge Robin Thicke said, “They’re making it so much more challenging
this year. They’re changing their physical attributes,
they’re putting on body suits so we can’t tell their body types. They’re even masking their voices more than
last time — like somebody that might be from London is doing a Southern drawl when
they talk or do clues, so it’s been very difficult.” It sounds like listening to these performances
is really going to be key, because we won’t be able to trust anything
we see or hear other than the contestants’ singing. But maybe their voices will be a little more
recognizable this year, because how was I supposed to know what Terry
Bradshaw’s singing voice sounded like? Anyway, host Nick Cannon has promised there
will be bigger celebrities competing this season. But like, bigger than Joey Fatone? You can go bye bye bye with that nonsense. In the long run, this all just means we’re
going to be hearing even wilder guesses from the internet about which stars are behind
the masks, which we are here for. Although, I don’t know if they can get crazier
than people thinking MaCaulay Culkin was the Peacock, who later turned out to be Donny
Osmond. Or that one of the Kardashians was the Unicorn,
a.k.a. Tori Spelling. I mean come on people, what was that? ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 premieres Wednesday,
September 25 on FOX at 8 p.m. ET with a two-hour episode. And so far, we know the contestants include
the Skeleton, the Leopard, the Flamingo, the Fox, the Eagle, the Spider, the Butterfly, the Panda, the Rose, another Monster, the Dog, the Christmas Tree (?), the Ice Cream Cone, and the ‘Egg Man’ …whatever that is. CinemaBlend will also be producing weekly
prediction videos once Season 2 gets going, so if you want to hear all the internet’s
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The celebrities as contestants in season two
Brendon Urie- leopard
Dua Lipa – flamingo
Kirstie alley- butterfly
Willie Nelson- eagle
David Hasseloff- egg
Snoop dogg – Rottweiler
Kylie Jenner- rose
Hector Elizondo- skeleton
Toni Braxton- spider
Nelly – new monster
Chrissy Teigen- tree

Celebrities on the masked singer
1 Antonio Brown- hippo – season one
2 tommy Chong – pineapple – season one
3 terry – deer – season one
4 Margaret Cho- poodle – season one
5 tori spelling- unicorn – season one
6 Ricki lake – Raven – season one
7 la toya Jackson- alien – season one
8 Joey fatstone – rabbit – season one
9 Rumer Wills- lion – season one
10 Donny Osmond – peacock – season one
11 t- pain – monster – season one
12 gladys knight- bee – season one
13 Chrissy Teigen- Christmas tree – season two
14 Dua Lipa – flamingo- season two
15 Brendon Urie- leopard – season two
16 Kirstie alley- butterfly- season two
17 Hector Elizondo – skeleton- season two
18 Willie Nelson- eagle- season two
19 Michael j fox – fox – season two
20 Toni Braxton- spider- season two
21 David Hasseloff- egg – season two

Not just Robin but ALL the judges were "thicke" with their guesses regarding the Lion. And her clue package gave EVERYTHING away. And I was kind of clueless about her but had absorbed enough to know the clues.

They Eagle is John Schneider, Fox is johnny Depp, Thingamajg (monster) is Wayne Brady, butterfly is Miley or Fantasia, Flamingo Paula Abdul or Pink.


I honestly can't believe people liked the show. It's just too awkward and cheesy watching the judges trying to guess and understand the clues. And then the audience reactions seem too ingenious. I don't know, I just didn't like it. I'm not going to want to watch it, but I'm sure my boyfriend will try to drag me into watching it. :/

Flamingo – Gloria Estefan
Panda – Jack Black
Blossom – Mayim Bialik
Penguin – Robin Lord Taylor
Leopard – Bruce Jenner

Rose is probably from the Big Bang Theory, Mayim Balick. Her clues so far are 3.14 (her background in physics), "Big Bang," and I forgot the third. Those first two however matches Mayim perfectly – and she can sing.

1:44 "like somebody that might be from London is doing a southern drawl when they talk or do clues.. " Well, that would honestly line up with the theory that Freddie Highmore is the Ice Cream man…

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