Think about it what convicts him is his own security monitoring system. Amazingly stupid. One thing his cronies are amazingly entertaining.

why did he say we are idiots for voting in Trump?? we as a country DID NOT elect Donald Trump… Bought and paid for APPOINTED (not elected) members of the electoral college voting against the wishes of their districts and hiding behind money & anonymity voted Donald Trump into office…. but HE WITHOUT QUESTION LOST THE POPULAR VOTE and that will always be the part that matters after he is gone and everything he did is overturned by somebody with more sense and competency than he has ever been able to muster up in his whole life… this countries ppl never voted Donald Trump into office and every moment of his time in office from election to resignation/impeachment was a SCAM and a SAD attempt to abuse the power of the office to enrich HIMSELF, actually i believe his shrinking finances and back taxes was his entire reasoning for running for office in the first place… he obviously had no interest in the the offices power for the betterment of this country ,only what it could do for him personally

If you think you've to heave no one I will be your friend. Can you do me a Smal fevor lend me a million Mr, President Trump? I will be grateful.

Trump’s next call to Zelensky: Hey, Vlad, can you please say that it was a good call on live TV? We’ll give you that aid we already promised.

Honestly, I feel a little sad for Zelensky. He used to be a comedian, poking fun at politicians on stage. And now he’s forced to play nice with idiots while fighting a war.

Oh look! It's another late night host regurgitating the same thing as the last one I watched. Go Team blue! Hopefully your dream of impeachment because you don't like him comes true 😉

Trump is an extremely flawed person.He just spews verbal diarrhoea all the time! He’s LOSING intelligence daily.

I don’t believe for one second the transcript released by the White House is the ACTUAL transcript. The recording of the conversation reportedly was moved onto a Private, top secret server. Also Ukraine won’t release the transcript because they know it’s incriminating!

Orange Julius must’ve learned to keep repeating himself as a brat child thinking that if he kept repeating the same story over and over again ppl would begin to believe his lies.. NOT!!

So we know America's time is up…….nearly half of this country not only voted for, but support a well known six time bankruptcy expert, ex-game show host that is a sociopathic narcisist. IQ's are actually droping by the minute and most people don't care.

No sir not we yall elected a idiot in the white house. Or collusion in the office and they got dapper don on rico charges. Yall have enough rules and evidence to go through with the impeachment.

It would be so weird if people would just wake up one day and not comment or argue anyone on these political videos and just be silent and wait patiently for what the future holds.

I have this suggestion. Just mute or fast forward when lunatic Trump speaks. That is what i do because i and you should too NOT care of what comes out of his filthy brain and mouth. But if you do then don't be surprise of the b.s , lies and distortions because that is what he is. Hell his whole administrations are like that. Full of goons and cronies and enablers that lie, cheat, distort, confuse, twist the truth, the fact and continue to stonewall and obstruct any investigation by the Democrats. We do one thing wrong we go to court or jail. These bastards particularly Trump have done 100 by now and NO consequence for any of them. No wonder business as usual for these fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let see that will last with this FORMAL impeachment inquiry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to imitate "Saturday Night Live" in production value, and humour of "Conan". Failing at both… You Americans have too many channels and don't know what to do with them.

Biden is a corporate stooge has no clue how to tackle corruption…. BECAUSE HE NEVER HAS!!!!!!!
HELLO!!!!!! Wake UP!!! "Anybody but Trump" is just as bad as having Trump forever. You're giving your powers to discern the truth right back to the corporate media. Literally the first thing Biden did after announcing he wouldn't take corporate donations was attend a fundraiser for his campaign that was put on by a Comcast executive.
I haven't heard Biden say 1 word against the MIC (military industrial complex).

Неймовірно!! Я вважаю що це що зараз відбувається це просто неймовірно!

He has to have an agenda sombdy told him to stick to. Theres no way lil jimmy can be THAT stupid. But proof is hard to deny, unless ur him

When the delusional orange self-aggrandizing turd says "A lot of people said…" guaranteed, it NEVER happened except in one of his wet dreams.

Just like Daddy said… keep them dumb, keep them drugged, keep them distracted. We'll get there guns and rule the world!

Ohhh JOE! Tell us how strong and tough you were w the Ukrainian President! Tell us how you leveraged millions of dollars and missles for the Ukrainian President to end the investigation on your son. You know… your coke head son that ran off with his dead brothers wife. The one who you got a job on a Ukraine energy company for $50,000 a month! MMMM that war machine

That hunchbacked PRICK (Guliani)should really thank the heavens, that the other guest wasn't in the same studio. Personally, if I was ever confronted by that idiot, and he told me to shut up, I'd be doing time for whipping his old, decrepit ASS!

the thing is, there doesent have to be any pressure or quid pro quo. The very act of asking for help from another country aginst a political opponent is illegal..peroid.

no pressure from joe to join him as a traitor on your show what that cost him? traitors all of you. you will all pay one day. mark my words the joke is literally in you

When he says "A perfect conversation" he means it was perfectly written and rehearsed. They 'think' they have written a script that was perfect in sending the message but nobody would get it. Just like so many other people in jail.

It’s horrible that these sheltered, entitled far leftist can’t even leave politics out of a late night show!
Jimmy is also heavily protected by ARMED guards yet us citizens according to him have no right to defend our loved ones!
Typical LA thinking!
The only people dividing our country is the extreme left, there’s not enough racism to supply their demand so they create some smh …
Shame on anyone who agrees with this entitled moron.

The USA has become a total joke,, which I have to admit is entertaining and makes me personally to be more grateful for my flawed but not nutcase leaders

All you who know that this is a Clinton based deep state takedown of a brilliant president you need to help in this fight for truth to win over the lies that millions of Americans have fallen for. Go to the CNN and MSNBC coverage videos on youtube and start writing the truth in their comments section as all those gullible fools are only hearing the lies, they've been successfully brainwashed. Stand up and be counted and help your president!

The president of the United States has the full right to ask information to other state leaders about fraudulent and corrupt actions made by politicians in his own country.

They really try and spin Trump to look unhinged and out of control. This is really all a scramble by democrats to attempt impeachment, because the democrats can't win 2020 with who they have running.

Why do I believe the whistleblower:
The whistleblower has an answer on what was on the call
The president refuses to say what was on the call….aside from the word perfect

JFC that loud laugh guy is so distracting. Sounds like a plant. Nails on chalkboard. I can't even finish this video bc of him

i hate the way Trump will stress that "A" in the word "AAAAbsolutely" (it reminds me of how he says "AAAAfricans") 🤷‍♀️ why the emphasis?

Just in case Impeachment isn't enough. Ah we can remember back in the day when the idiot's ( TRUMP ) time was up they would yank him off the stage with the hook.. remember the hook oh boy couldn't we use that now. Ah yes the greatest invention on Broadway, who wouldn't like to be able to use the hook today.. a beautiful, perfect way to get the idiot off the stage.. just in case Impeachment doesn't work…

Talking to himself and looking orange.
His suits never seem to fit
Walking around,
His polls are going down
Ukrainey Days and Trump Days always get me down

as far as "rudy" goes…..historically, he almost single handedly ran the italian mafia out of NY and shut down the 2 major familys. somewhere along the line, i think after inhaling fumes from "grnd 0" he started getin whacky……..sad, more than anything else.

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