What It’s Like Teaching Music in New York City

hi there on YT. Hey what’s up everyone
this is Nick Sanders coming to you from Brooklyn New York and today’s vlog is
gonna be about my experiences with teaching music here in New York. I’m
about to go post some flyers and then after that I’m going to come back here
and play for you all a piece by Claude Debussy entitled Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum. I think that this is a fitting piece to play given this particular
episode so let’s go! So I’m out here posting flyers I did this every day for
two months I would post like 30 Flyers a day and after a while I started to get
students and that has become a really great source of income for me so I can
live here it’s gotten to the point now where I get most of my work through
word-of-mouth for teaching at least which has been
really really great I got really lucky to where I moved in Brooklyn this is a
really great neighborhood because it’s super diverse and so there’s a lot of
people that are interested in learning music I began teaching shortly after I
moved to New York City it was a great way to make a stable income and it has
allowed me to live here as a composer and pianist for that I am extremely
grateful along with that though there comes this tremendous sense of
responsibility with teaching kids music the first time that this sense of
responsibility really hit me was when I gave my first recital seeing all the
parents and kids who were there in support of music education was an
extremely gratifying experience these kids are in an extremely impressionable
time in their lives and it’s my job to not only be a good teacher but to also
be a mentor and positive role model as well it’s a wonderful honor to be able
to expose all of these people to such amazing music and that I am essentially
shaping their lives in a really deep way teaching has completely changed my life
it’s been a privilege to be able to share my knowledge of music with so many
people seeing so many people progressed
musically and to not only learn how to play well but how to read music and
appreciate it from a theoretical standpoint as well as an emotional
standpoint is an incredible thing to witness alright so now I’m going to play
this piece by Claude Debussy entitled Dr. Gradus Ad Parnassum it was
sort of a satirical piece that Debussy wrote that’s based off of an exercise by
Carl Czerny think that this is a really fitting piece given this short
vlog entry because gratis add part awesome literally means steps to
greatness so it’s this idea of constantly getting better and
progressing which is obviously the goal behind people that are learning music
they’re striving to get better so I hope you all enjoy it.

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