What Is The Best Microphone To Use For Youtube Video Cameras

Hi! Tyrone Shum here from Outsourcinglive.com.
What I want to share with you today is exactly what microphone that I recommend to use when
using video to record. Now there’s two different types of microphones you can use and it really
depends exactly on what you’re doing. If you’re using a camera which right now I’m talking
on the camera, sharing with you exactly what I’m doing or if you’ve got something hooked
up or if you’re using a video to do a screen capture which you want a different mic for
that as well. So first thing I want to share with you is
exactly the lapel mic that I use to be able to clip onto me. So if you can see this little
– I don’t know if you can see this right here, but there’s a little mic that’s clipped onto
my shirt and this mic goes directly straight into the video camera. And make sure that
the camera that I’ve recommended, there’s another video as I shared with you in the
past is exactly what camera to use. So I recommend the Canon T3i camera or the
Kodak Zi8 camera which is in another video which you’re going to have a look later on.
Okay so coming back to it, this is the mic that I’m currently using and it’s just basically
a wired mic. It comes with a switch and this is what we call a condenser mic and the switch
just turns it off and on. And then what it has is an extension which just clips on like
a little mic that you just clip onto to your shirt like this. And then it comes with a
3.5mm jack or jack socket that you plug straight in to like a male to a female. And that’s all you need. Something like this,
I’ve picked up from Tandy and also Dick Smith, Dick Smith here in Australia for around about
30bucks so it’s a really good quality mic. It comes with a battery so there’s a little
lithium battery that’s in here, or not lithium but small little battery, I can’t remember
what they call it. I should know because my family just change or watch for their business
but yeah, inside there there’s a little battery there which keeps the mic running and also
too it produces that nice quality sound. So if I actually took out the mic right now which
I’ll do in a sec, so I’ve taken the mic right now, and you can see that it sounds very echoey,
it’s a really bucket type of noise. That’s the reason why I wanted to share that with
you to show you what it sounds like. And now the mic’s plugged back in. So you
can tell that it makes a huge difference to the quality of sound and I highly, highly
recommend to whatever video you’re doing to make sure that you do have a sound. It doesn’t
matter if the quality of the video is not too good, you know you can get away with that
but the sound is very, very important. Special effects, adding on sounds, stuff like that
is the reason why a lot of movies are successful is because the sound is very, very good quality.
And you don’t see the behind the scenes because usually they’ve got mics at the top, they’ve
got mics on the side and stuff like that and they’re trying to capture the best quality
sound if possible. All right so that’s what I use currently for
the cameras that I record on. Second thing is as I mentioned, you can also
get what we call a condenser mic which I currently use to record all my screen capture software
– sorry screen capture videos. And the mic that I currently use is called the Rode Podcaster.
Rode Podcaster is very, very good. It’s made in Australia and it’s of high quality but
the sound quality is absolutely amazing and I’d recommend if you’re going to spend some
money on getting a good quality of mic, that’s what I would get for the computer when you’re
doing screen recordings, whatever you’re doing, even for podcasts. So definitely check that
out. If you can’t afford something like that which
is quite pricey I understand that, check out the Snowball Mic which is also a relatively
priced mic that’s about half the price. Quality wise, yeah it’s not too bad but it doesn’t
have all the extra functions that you’d be looking at for a particular mic like that.
And it just sits there on the desktop so if you want to lean down and talk into it you’ve
got to talk relative close to it to get and pick up the quality. Whereas the Rode Podcaster
mic, it’s got short stand and you know all the she bang which is what it’s got as well.
And I’ll show you a setup of it you can see actually it gets setup in my office and that
way you get idea of how it is. So anyway, as I said it’s very important to
have the right equipment and the right mic to go with your camera. I’m really, really
tongue-twisted today but I do my best. Excuse me for that. But get the right mic and make
sure the quality of sound of your videos are of high quality because it really makes that
extra little bit different to make your video stand out. All right, if you’ve got any further questions
and you’d like to add any further feedback to it to let me know what you think about
these videos and also let me know what you think about the microphones I recommended.
Feel free to leave it down below, I’d love to be able to answer any of your questions
as well. Well, thank you very much for watching this
video. My name is Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing Live and remember, just outsource it. Now, if you like more resources like this
one, you can find them inside Mass Outsource Mastermind along with video tutorials and
step by step instructions showing exactly how I use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial
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wish you success in your quest for outsourcing.


Kodak Zi8…check
Audio Technica Lavelier Mic….check
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