What is a Boundary Microphone?

Hey, and welcome to HowToAV.tv, my name is Tom Coleman and I’m a senior applications engineer at Shure UK. We’re
gonna look today at some boundary microphones. Boundary microphones are
designed for spoken word applications in AV and conferencing based environments.
Firstly, they’re designed to be placed straight on the table about two feet in
front of the talker. They vary firstly in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from big
ones to small ones, ones that sit flat on the surface, and also these ones that can
be flush mounted within the desk, as you can see just here. They vary in polar
pattern, which means the direction they pick up sound from. The typical polar
pattern will be a cardioid, which looks a bit like that, so they’ll pick up sound
from these directions here. Super cardioid is a little narrower, and
omnidirectional is much much wider and picks up sound from all over the room.
The cardioid boundary mic should be used one per person, but an
omnidirectional boundary mic can be used in the middle of perhaps a small,
circular table. Boundary mics available as wired, or Wireless options too. The wired options make sure the audio gets straight back to the mixer straight away
so can be processed. Whereas the wireless option allows for much more flexible use
in multi-purpose rooms


Would like a recommendation on a mic that can sit on table for small panel of speakers without having to mess with a mic being handed around. (small organizations- small budgets)
Also would like more info on wiring and how that looks from a setup point of view. Thanks for the video.

i am from india. i plannig pur. microphone . boundry microphone akg product is good .? or which microphone is good for namaz

We're looking for a microphone for our Pilates studio to record teachers during class and get a clean sound. We have an open studio, meaning we can catch multiple teachers speaking in a video, making the clip a little crowded in terms of sound. We don't want clip-on mics to be in the way as teachers conduct class, so we were wondering if a device like this one placed closer to the desired class (on the floor or a higher surface) would work for us. Thanks for your guidance!

The Pilates Workshop – SF

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