What Are R&B Singing Techniques? | Singing Lessons


Beyonce sings in the hight range … yeah right! :-
Beyonce dont do it to keep it POP!
Usher does, Chris Brown does, Loyd does but not Beyonce, please!

I think it also would've been good to mention the heavy use of blue notes in R&B singing, that along with syncopation and either jumping ahead or falling behind specific beats (like you mentioned) for stylistic purposes. I think those are 2 basic but highly important parts of r&b.

illustrates one point nicely. why bother to say 'there are different techniques depending on background or range" if you're not going to compare/contrast in demonstration?

she knows the science behind this like musical notes and singing like a instrument in that way she cancel the so called color factor in singing(which by this time shouldn't exist with the likes of Michael McDonald,Teena Marie,Jon B,Robin Thicke, Boy George, Darryl Hall) .

just my opinion RnB vocal blends with the music differently, it is sometimes slightly flat and vibrato kinda makes up. for it making it that district RnB tylpe vocal

dont forget to be realistic – you will need to do some work whichever method you decide on for becoming a singer I've been studying how to play singing and discovered a great resource at Bens Singer Blog (check it out on google)

First white people told me how to dance hip hop now they teaching me how to sing r&b whats next how to use chopsticks the proper way XD lol jk

I just dislike how you used an african american woman for your photo to lure people in to this "RNB tutorial", and then you don't even showcase her. Why not use your own face? Idk…..i just found it offensive to the beautiful black woman you used as your thumbnail photo……I watched the whole thing and waited for her to maybe be the student or something and she was no where to be found….I didn't like that….just saying.

Damn, you're all a bunch of racists: how sad. My sister is black and can't sing or dance to save her life ….. how do ya'll reconcile THAT? You are all perpetuating the myth that only black people can sing and only black people can dance because only they have rhythm.Talk about pigeonholing and stereotyping – it's outrageous and absurd, about as absurd as saying only white folk can sing country and only white people are accomplished ballet dancers. Can't you all see how damaging these stereotypes are and how much they stop the forward momentum to END racism and prejudice? You are all complicit in continuing these horrible and sad stereotypes by contributing to the 'white men can't dance' ideology. Grow up and take a step forward to end these destructive notions.

that was nice singing……dont know why so many losers are giving off negative comments when youve hardly heard her sing.

It's a feeling from a cultural experience beyond technique which is conveyed when sung. And everyone cannot do it, because everyone does not share that same experience. But, everyone can enjoy it without limit.

No one should be offended that people r asking why the teacher is white. R and b literally used to be called noir music or negro music

What the heck. why’s is there not a black teacher the last time I checked white people didn’t make R and B

Why are so many Americans race obsessed? She has a beautiful voice even though the thumbnail was misleading in my opinion but it doesn't matter.

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