Wallows “Are You Bored Yet?” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Cole Preston: ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ happened after my very good friend, Paul Chiba
spilled a bunch of wine on my computer, had all my demos on it and stuff. But I was lucky enough to get a new computer
because of Apple Care. And then the first demo that like I put into
my brand new Logic Pro X was the seedling of like ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ And then these guys came over to my house
when I was living at USC and we put it all together. Dylan Minnette: The sort of inner workings
of your emotions and things you go through in a relationship, especially as someone like
I’m younger, you know? As a young person, if you’re in a very serious
or kind of extensive relationship the kind of thoughts that you go through are is that
person bored, are they afraid that they’re missing out on things in their life? Like if I’m I alone in this? I’m sort of thinking that like. If we extend this years and years and years,
are we going to regret it if we end up breaking up when we’re like 28 years old? It’s those kinds of thoughts that I think
you go through as an 18 to 20 year old in a relationship. That’s sort of what the song is about in wondering
if your partner, this other person, feels the same way. Cole Preston: If you imagine the scenario,
literally, like I… When I wrote these lyrics, I imagined a couple
like laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep, and one of them is like, “What’s wrong?” Other person is thinking and they don’t really
know what to say. And, to me, they do know what they want to
say but they’re just going to lie until… Just kind of shove those emotions, the general
emotions of the feeling of the song, way deep down because they don’t want to cause problems
and they’re just confused. Dylan Minnette: This relationship has already
taken up a big amount of time, especially for us being young and that’s a big portion
of our lives. And, if this goes on and we don’t have other
experiences that we feel like we should have, we eventually realize that we want those experiences
and we end this further down the line and we’re farther into our life. We feel like this was all a waste of time. Cole Preston: I remember in my first few relationships,
when it feels really intense, you feel really in love with someone. You know, when I was young, I would say, “Man,
I wish we met when we were older. Because then I wouldn’t feel like… I wished we met when we were 25 or I had my
life more figured out or something.” Which is really sweet. That’s a really beautiful sentiment. But, it is that feeling of just like, “What
am I doing? I feel such strong love for this person, but
it’s just poor timing or something.” Cole Preston: Stalling and then head start. Like it kind of is contradicting itself. So, it doesn’t really… It’s like a weird paradoxical statement. But, what it means to me, like when I was
writing it, is that you have all these insecurities in a young relationship about the future. But, you can… and you stall it and you stall
saying things and you stall ending it or whatever. But, secretly, if you find yourself interested
in somebody else at some point while you’re still with this other person, which is a very
selfish thing to do, that’ll make that process of exposing whatever feelings to like let
this person go. And, you’ll feel more comfortable in a relationship
instead of just confronting your feelings ahead of time on your own completely. Like another relationship…like that’s
the head start. Someone else. Someone new. And then stalling, it’ll be possible because
you already have something else in the works. Dylan Minnette: It’s like we could do this
very mundane thing, or we could do this most cliché like, romantic thing… no matter
what, which is… So, the mundane thing is stay at home. Romantic thing, that we could do is watch
the sunset. I wanted that to be sort of a cliché right
there, and I feel like, those two… It’s like, we could do whatever, but, I can’t
get this question off my brain. Which is, “But I can’t help from asking,
are you bored yet?” Dylan Minnette: I think that really, what
this person is asking, in the song is what he’s not sure of, in himself. Like, he’s like, “I’m”…I think that,
from my perspective, in the song, it’s like, “I’m feeling lonely. I’m feeling bored. I’m feeling nervous of the future. I’m feeling this is nearing it’s end.” And, it’s sort of like, “Are you feeling
this way?”, and it’s sort of, hoping that they feel that way, too. Because, it’s like, “I really hope you feel
this way, so, it’s not just me, and I don’t have to keep pretending.” Braeden Lemasters: To me that line means like
you’re already going to break up with this person, regardless. Like you’re already so far gone. Like, this is already over, so why keep going
for six months more? Cole Preston: I’m definitely in my relationships,
of the past guilty of doing that. Where, I project my own feelings onto somebody
else. Whatever, they are. And, also, just being lazy, and not wanting
to hurt someone’s feelings. And, caring about someone, while simultaneously
wanting out of it? It’s a weird juxtaposition of emotions. Dylan Minnette: That line used to be, “Can’t
shut it out with a goodnight kiss.” And then, Braeden was like, “Dude that line’s
cheesy. I don’t like that line. How about something you’d say, like, ‘Some
shit or whatever.”” Like wasn’t that your idea? And I was like, “Ah, too young to think
about all that shit?” And then I liked that line so much more. It was just Braeden thought my old line with
bad. So that’s good. It’s true. Cole Preston: We’re very honest with each
other. Braeden Lemasters: Tough love. Tough love.


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THIS SONG LITERALLY EXPLAINS MY LAST RELATIONSHIP. And what's funny is that it popped up on Spotify a few days after we broke up.

It’s like they’re making it up right when the lyric comes up like hey it could be this it sounds right so we’ll see that’s what it means 😂

This song reminds me of this short story by Ernest Hemingway called The End of Something. It’s kind of beautiful y’all should give it a read

i was going to click on this and say wow i didnt know Dylan Minnette made songs as a joke cuz i dint think he made songs.but turns out he does wow
(KIck ani off season 4 if u know what i mean)

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