Voice Teacher Reacts to Phantom of the Opera – Sierra Boggess & Ramin Karimloo

Hey, my name is Sam Johnson and I am a voice teacher I’m going to be reacting to and analyzing Sierra Boggess and ramin karimloo singing Phantom of the Opera sang To me in dremas he came that voice which calls to me and speaks my name Nice so she’s singing a song that’s generally done fairly classically But she’s letting it move down into her chest voice That you can still sound like the classical singer if it moves into your chest voice especially when you’re doing Classical ish musical theater type stuff and do i dream again for now i find She’s lightens up like crazy at the top the phaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is there How she pronounced that phantom (fon – tum) the Phantom of the Opera that’s one way to make things sound a little bit more classical so if she went the (fan-tum) Phantom of the Opera That’s not as classical sounding traditionally as the Phantom of the Opera it it almost sounds more pretentious But that’s kind of what they look for inside my mind sing once again with me jeez so much pain to his voice our strange duet my power over you grows stronger yet and though you turn from me to glance behind the phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is there So now we can contrast how he said it compared to how she did when he said it he went the Phantom of the Opera the resulting sound was a little bit more straight tone It had some whine to it a lot of ping He has a lot of vocal cord closure in this it’s not a super light sound. It’s very forward It’s together. He’s not wasting very much air at all. And the vowel is helping him get that kind of ping It’s it’s almost creating a Bell type shape with his mouth rather than just ah ah It sounds more like a horn when he does it like this To be honest, though I actually kind of like how he’s doing it and I think that the classical world is moving towards that where they aren’t afraid of Having a little more presence in their sound and a little bit more ring. The classical world isn’t all about backspace anymore Those who have seen your face So this is softer than the last time he was singing It’s not like coming in really really hard, but it still has the same amount of vocal cord closure Which results in the same sort of tone? It’s not like this part when he goes to a softer volume ends up being completely out of the piece it sounds like it’s consistent with the rest of the piece because he’s keeping his vocal cords together at the same amount and resisting the same amount of air My That sound as a traditionally Classical soprano sound it’s a very round vowel it’s fairly open because at this point in their range, they’re just tracking a Fundamental harmonic, they’re not trying to do a higher overtone. It’s just fundamentals and Finding that round very open sound is good for that. It’s the same reason that people pull chest voice up It’s just tracking it at a different point So it’s interesting to see her go to this place this very round classical place. Where through the rest of the song it’s been classical and Round but it still has had a little bit more vocal cord closure a little bit more Hang on when she goes to this voice. It sounds almost like a separate voice up at the top of her range The effect is just a very traditionally sounding classical sound Actually as she keeps going I she has court closure through that she’s not just leaking a ton of there I think that she could connect that back down to her chest voice. She’s not giving a ton of cord closure It’s a very small thin sound but it’s definitely together she spent a a lot of time stand up there It’s a lot of time spent up there and usually if you spend that much time on a high note You’ll start getting tired. The reason that she’s not is she’s not increasing the volume every time that she comes in She just found oh, here’s a volume that works I’m gonna start there and keep it like that through the whole phrase and then when I come back in on the next one I’ll onset right to that volume rather than increasing every time because if she started doing that she’d reach her limit really quickly and when you’re up at about that see That limit comes very quickly About the HEPA thing See how big her mouth is at that point. It still is actually a pretty thin and connected sound It doesn’t sound breathy at the top. It sounds controlled Her mouth has to be super super wide in order to track that Harmonic as it goes up because at a certain point there’s only a few ways that you can keep Changing the acoustic space so that it tracks that harmonic and one of them is just opening your mouth wide so she starts by opening it down and then when she gets to that point where Like it can’t go down anymore and be comfortable. That’s when it starts opening wider, but it’s not like she starts. Hey Going up to it. She starts here. Ah And then only gets to that place at the very very top. Thank you for watching Please like and subscribe share with your friends If you think that they like this video go check out my website vocal e’s net if you’re interested in signing up for voice lessons and Leave a comment below of anything that you’d like me to react to in the future. Thank you


From certain angles you remind me of Patrick Wilson. e.g. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/51b3dc8ee4b051b96ceb10de/t/5b6b6f79f950b7be9596c231/1533767551961/?format=2500w

I have watched 2.43 minutes of this video and I have already learned ALOT. Usually when people talk about voice and technique I generally zone out because of, well, boring. This can be very awkward at solo boo lessons. But this. Well this is MAGIC!!!

React to Jackie Evancho please! She has a beautiful voice, but I'd love to hear your opinion on her technique and the changes in her voice through the years.

The woman did nothing for me, she sounded like any generic musical singer, you wouldn't find her voice instantly recognisable like other singers who've done it better. Ramin tho…. Masculine, sexy, power & range.

Hey Sam! Love your videos! Do you think you could do some reaction videos to Pentatonix? Particularly "Hallelujah" and "The Sound of Silence"? 🙂

I am surprise you missed the change on the sound in Sierra's initial Phantom is due to the position of the larynx it's set lower and creating a more open space.

i've never really been a fan of sierra as christine. a strong operatic vibrato is great but hers was overkill tbh

OMG u really have no f&%ing idea what you're talking about :S But I guess no one's health is in your hands (hopefully) so there should be no further issue

Oof, this is really not a pleasent Version to listen to. Not bad in a artistic way, but oh Boy does it Sound not nice.

I love your videos although I have no idea of all of this but the version of Sierra with Ramin is my absolute favorite one I'm watching and listening to for days now. All the best for you!

Not to be hating on Sierra but she pronounced things really weirdly. As a classical singer myself no one would pronounce things that way.
I get that she is trying to make space for higher notes but the modification almost seems lazy 🤷🏻‍♀️

Correction . Top E above high C in the final note in the composition of this duet sung by the soprano. Good analysis throughout however .

Apparently Ramin was never classically trained? In a video he did with Seth Rudetsky in 2014 he said he didn't know how to read sheet music which is WILD to me. Props to him for being able to have a career and not murder his vocal chords without classical training.

Another amazing phantom performance comes from nick pitera one man phantom of the opera. You would have fun with this one. His range is incredible and his Christine voice is smooth and clear falsetto…you should check it out.

For you to say that classical singing is moving more toward pop/music theatre "forward" sound
is truly ignorant. While these guys have mics down their throats, they could never fill a theatre!

Found out recently the Ramin has no training at all. This made me go “MF!!!” At the same time giving me hope that I can ever be as good as him. Je adore both of them. 💕

As a vocalist training myself (with Youtube help) I found this very useful. Thanks for posting.

I love this clip of John Rawnsley performing the Barber of Seville. What are your thoughts on it?

Hi Sam! Randomly revisiting this; you are wonderful, as always. I must say I am not a fan of Phantom or Andrew Lloyd Webber, despite being a huge musical theatre buff, but I think these two performers are superb. Webber has said that Boggess is the best Christine and (for once!) I find myself in agreement with him. I would love your reaction to Sierra Boggess on the Today Show as Ariel in the original B'Way production of The Little Mermaid. Again, not a favorite of mine, but Sierra Boggess completely wins me over with her performance. Very interesting to hear her use her voice in such a different way, especially first thing in the morning after a show the night before! Thanks again for all you do!

I’m a little confused when he says “the classical world isn’t all about backspace anymore”, like any of the bel canto teachers of the mid 20th century were all about “ring”, listen to singers like jussi bjorling or lily pons and they have very bright voices. i guess singers of the last 20 years have put a bit more “scuro” in the “chiaroscuro”. Ignore me.

I fkn love Phantom of the opera, grew up watching it over and over. I'm so glad you reviewed this, the performance was epic as hell

I prefer the way Nicole Scherzinger sang it with four Phantoms for the Royal Variety performance. Check it out if you haven't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE6SRBnDHx8

I’ve never been interested in this type of music but phantom of the opera really just hits me. I’m really obsessed with it.

This song has been covered by so many great metal bands ! Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Iced Earth (Phantom of the Opera Ghost). Even Lindsey Striling has a run for it ! Please check them out !

No one will ever be as good as Crawford imo and this guy just doesn't work for me. The phantom is supposed to be this figure of power and seduction with the way he sings and this guy sounds like he's doing a power ballad

Angel of musical il listen to you angel teacher of voice i lisent i come to you my beautifull angel

Ramon is my favorite singer and I saw an interview with him recently where he stated that he cannot read music and has never had vocal lessons. Blows my mind!

He said that ramin doesn't waste any air and that he is very forceful with it. Heres what I said: "well that's ramin karimloo for ya" like just listen to him at the end of the show. Another youtuber once put it a great way: "he's just got a lot of feelings ok?!"

Also it kind of bugged me that you said f at the end. That's an e that high note at the end of the song


Hey Sam fans! I know this is a shameless plug but if any of you are into Phantom of the Opera and want to support new aspiring musicians, please check out this video of my best friend and I! Enjoy!

Oh also there is a new thing called, “Love Never Dies,” there is a really shitty recorded version of it on YouTube right now, you can watch it. I mean the recording isn’t that bad and you can tell what’s going on, but it’s definitely not professional.

The Phantom of the Opera it's a musical not an opera (so ironic) the vocal technique it's not the same. That's why their voices and the music doesn't feel completly classic.

Ramin has a certain characteristic in the way he sings. He often does this little thing where he kind of cries out the end of a word, like here with the word "stronger" for example. And can be heard a bit on the o in "over" just before that and many times on the rest of the song. Is there an actual term for this or a word you would use to describe that.. thing?

How can you even dare to judge and post this? What have you achieved in compare to these legends.? Like a cancer spread all over utube these ridiculous "voice teacher's" videos. Shame on u, parasites. God, do you see this?

Would love to see you react to Ben Crawford as the Phantom! You can find him singing Music of the Night online. Saw him live as the Phantom a couple of weeks ago on Broadway and he was spectacular!

You are a vocal teacher and say things like 0:50 "You can still sound like a classical singer if it moves into your chest voice…? Maybe your realm is pop singing but in classical singing it is absolutely desired to sing with chest voice and lift it up to the point where the head voice sets in and create a mix of both then. You seem to be a good example of someone whom to avoid as a vocal teacher has priority.

Colm Wilkinson will always be the Phantom for me. I took singing lessons as a kid cuz I wanted to be Christine after seeing the show in Toronto. I can still sing the whole thing word for word.

Something about this couple just bothers me. They both over – enunciate their lines. Doesn’t flow. They have awesome vocal range and strong voices but just seem awkward. Maybe cause I grew up with Michael Crawford and Brightman, Wilkinson and Caine. Regardless, hope this musical continues for much longer.

this show is kind of classical, BUT it is also a musical theater piece and so mixing the two styles is expected. it’s more a broadway style

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