Voice Lessons with SLaS Studio Founder Tricia Grey, MM

Sing Stronger….. Sing Higher….. Sing like a Star! Voice lessons with Tricia Grey, MM, one of the music industry’s most
powerful and effective vocal coaches. (Laura Wright) So since I worked with Tricia Grey, I was on American Idol Season Five….. Sing in any style- rock, pop, gospel, R&B,
musical theatre. Our students have gone on to American Idol, X-Factor,
The Voice, and Broadway! ” I’m Tricia Grey, founder of Sing like a Star Studios. Let’s
take a look at some Sing Like a Star success stories from the past……” (Lewis Ray) “The biggest thing that I’ve learned from working with Tricia is how to really expand my vocal range. When I first started with Tricia I had a limited range, and I was able to really
expand my vocal range by about octave and a half! That was something I’ve
always been fascinated with, and she just really made sense of all of it and
really helped me get there really fast. So that’s probably one of the biggest
things I’ve learned from her. I mean, she has so much to offer but I think that’s
that was my big thing, and she helped me to achieve that……” (Ashley Parker) ” I’m a performing artist and I’ve been so for about 15 years. I’m a singer/songwriter. I have professionally
acted since the age of 9 years old. I’ve learned so much from working
with Tricia. I’ve actually been studying with her for about
probably about eight years now and you know throughout working with her my
voice has just completely shifted, from my range to my abilities, and of course
those environmental factors they play a major major role in in what a vocalist
can actually do. So I’ve seen profound and enormous growth in myself as an artist
and as a performer as a result of working with her.” (Vera Okoro) Maybe I’m a poster child for Sing like a Star, but that’s ok! I
literally am now able to sing stronger and longer, and not lose my
voice! I just recently had a concert a couple days ago.
I’m not hoarse, I don’t feel hoarse. I knew I needed to take vocal rest days but like I’m not like you know exhausted or fatigued
vocally at all. In fact I could probably do another concert! But it was the foundation I got at Sing Like a Star- just how to pace yourself, how to
navigate the bridges, how to apply the vocal technique. I love it that we have
our consultation sessions where you can kind of, you know, try each other out so
to speak and there is that time for you to observe: okay what are my
lessons going to be like if I continue here? Whether you are a beginner who’s
never sung before and maybe this is something you’re interested in, we can
take you from there. You might be an experienced singer who has had years of
experience. Maybe you want to try a different genre; a different style. We can
work with you at any level that you’re on…..” (Rob Simmons) ” You have a technique with what
you’re doing here that vocal coaches in general do not possess! (They are mostly just) teaching
people how to sing a couple songs….. I’m not afraid to let people know that I
consult with a professional voice coach. I just really like what we’re
doing here and I very much appreciate something that is technique oriented, goal-driven, and results in success. Honestly, from the very first lesson that you and I
had together I have seen a very consistent improvement, even with not being able to throw as much time in, as I would I’d like to. This is going to be something that’s
a part of me forever and ever. The foundation that we have here could help
absolutely anybody! I like to see people become more than what they used
to be. When people look at me and they’re like ‘man you used to be like a crappy
singer and now you’re a really good singer’, I’m like ‘yeah but I didn’t just like develop that
out of nowhere’! I would like to herald what you do! I think that more
people could be happy with themselves if they spent more time working on things
that they cared about! Everything that you do, you
qualify: “If you don’t have time to practice, you need to readjust your schedule…. if you can’t readjust your schedule you need to really
look at your life!” I really value this time I have with you, because I appreciate and
respect who you are, and what you do so much!”

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