Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Phrase Words When Singing

Larisa Lam here on behalf of Expert Village,
where continuing our series on practical singing tips and vocalization. Well a lot of people
ask me how can I sing Better. Well it takes a lot of years to build up to the point where
maybe you can be considered professional. Some people are born with a natural talent,
but even if you?re born with a natural talent. You still need to learn practical basic breathing
techniques that are important to have proper singing. This is a way where going to be singing
called phrasing. Now keeping in mind phrasing, it just means where you breathe, at the beginning
at the end of each phrase or verse or sentence in a song. You have to breathe at parts that
make sense rather then in the middle which is why, some people run out of air maybe half
way through a verse and have take a big breath and it sounds really choppy. So I’m going
to try to help you phrase properly in singing. Where going to take Twinkle Twinkle Little
Star. ”Twinkle Twinkle little star How I Wonder What You Are?? So the natural phrasing
is. ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” take a breath ”How I Wonder What You Are” take
a breath ” Up Above The World So High” take a breath ”Like A Diamond In The Sky” take
a breath “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” How I Wonder What You Are” now you can also change
it up a little bit get a little fancy. ”How I Wonder What You Are” So you can a breath
for stylist reasons in between a phrase, but more importantly. It should be in a natural
phrase. ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” So that was all one breath and I was expanding
my diaphragm when I breathe out or breathing in as you say with your lungs, but breathing
out with your diaphragm. And then as I’m singing the phrase, I’m contracting my diaphragm.
Hopefully you can practice those phrasings and you’ll improve your singing style.


i have a Good question than any body here…. uhmm…. is a professional singer will let her audience hear her breathe co'z i dont get use to it… is that just ok? …. coz i hear many singer breathe in theyre album …. i dont know if its right ^..^

No, if you use your common sense, she said START because she cant control her breathing, so when she ended the the phrase, she left some air to keep coming out, and it produced a sound, that its too close to a T (you need your tongue to produce the t, but still anyone will recognize it as start, even more if STAR ends with an R, which makes the point of the tongue go back, and with a soft sound)
Ya, and blabla, thats what I asked, cos she not only cant sing in tune, she cant follow the lyrics


I remember when I was was 7-10 I wasnt scared to sing infront of people but now Im scared to death to do it and it pisses me off cause I really wanted to be in the choir does anyone have any tips of how to get out my shell?

expert village lady person
dont say chew when u sing what u are u say what chew are
its not that hard to pronounce what you while singing 😀
and if ur afraid to sing in front of ppl look at the exit signs or a wall or look at cars passing by if ur outside or sumthin 😀

you are still very young, you have all the time in the world…. try to find a decent vocal coach and avoid expert village tutorials by all means…. cause they are all but experts, they are more like bullshit village

don't care about what people say. if you want to join quior, and you think you're good, then go for it! they are probably much worse than you!

it's not "obvious", it's very different and not simple. Phrasing or chunking words/phrases in singing is different from the normal ones because BREATHING should be managed.

It's cool that she's teaching us singing lessons but who's going to teach her correct pronunciation? I'm just saying lol.

She said "Twinkle, twinkle little start" it's STAR .Lady you're teaching breathing but you're not using what you teach and you're running out of breath and running the lyrics all together. I'm just saying lol

Well people do say that and i can say that people say to me.
That's my only hobbie and best talent.. Everyone says so to me.
I can even hit high notes which and very high and sing opera and very hard songs.
So im not really big headed.. Im just saying what i can do.

she should put the belt on her stomach so everyone can see her diaphram movement!!! The red shirt isn't helping us see it move..

what happens when the song is really fast for example:
ldn by lily allen?
where there is no time to take a breath what could you do to not run out of air?
please, please, please reply

@shanaz091 I just checked out that song and Lilly Allen actually takes her breath after each phrasing:
"Riding through the city…my licence" Breath in quickly (or out for the diaphragm) "It doesn't get me down…priceless" breath and so on. Actually you can even hear her taking her breath if you pay attention,
hope that helps

great question….shanaz091…i sing tooo and some songs are really hard to find the right way to take breaths…

Thank you so much for all your expert, clear and succinct teachings.I'm just beginning voice lessons and wouldn't give them up, but your lessons will be a greatly appreciated adjunct.

@sissy769able i know right! i want my voice to bounce but idk i just cant do it. i always wondered how singers have a wavy singing sound

@sissy769able haha thats funny 🙂 true that. and i have been praticing every day to make my voice vibrate. u have to do something with ur stomach. and now it sounds wavy 🙂

@OHitsRANDOMsarah24 cool 🙂 yeah ever since i was 4 ive always wanted to sound like singers. i always used to wonder how the "wavy" part came out of your voice. i was watching some african show one day just to pass time and there was this lady who was singing and her lips was just going crazy! her stomach was not even going in and out! then i started wondering that i was doing it all wrong. othersingers like demi push in and out their stomach really fast. thanks for the tip 🙂 add me as a buddy

@shanaz091 There is always time to take a breath. Take shallow breaths more frequently and/or ensure you're actually expelling all your air – you may find you have too much air, not too little. Do exercises to increase your lung capacity, like singing straight notes as long as you can. When you feel out of air, "lean" on your diaphragm (push it out a little, feel it just at bottom of middle of rib cage with your hand) and expel even more. Also, be careful you are not wasting air on the letter H

@truebeliber1000 You shouldn't aim to be moving your stomach to achieve vibrato. It's supposed to be far more subtle. It's a variation in pitch and air expulsion. There is a vid on here by Singing Success on vibrato – very informative on the different kinds of vibrato techniques.

Hi, Im 14 and singing has always been my dream. I unfortunatly wasn't born with a natural talent and I think I may be straining my voice. I think I'm forcing it. I also have trouble breathing between phrases and holding out a long word. HELP!!!

Add some light and that would help, also it is not "what Jew are"., Its "what You are".
Thanks for trying.

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@shanaz091 You cannot take huge breath as Larissa does here. But you can take a little amount of breath quickly as Lily Allen does in this video: 7Vmj9pebXJY (I hope, you know how the youtube links work)

Don't listen to the style of her vocal and her enunciation- listen to the breathing tips.

Conserve your air use when you are singing and use it optimally. Practice breath support AND control (and capacity)- there are plenty of exercises online!

I have noticed that Jackie Evancho breathes alot more than I do!

She doesn't "sound choppy" either. So it is a trick she has and it really helps not to particularly take a breath where others expect one to do so. She has a unique breathing pattern and it is in breaks that are seemless….but allow
her to still have the air needed for those soaring high notes.

Awesome singer!

woow she went against everything my music directer tells me not to do..how i wonder what chu are and ur not suppose to breathe that much. she made it sound choppy…..like if u agree

you fool.. each minute is 2minutes long.. so it would probably take her less than half hour to record all teh videos

amazing i have many techniques learned from you… it helps me how to sing a songs properly… thank you… ^^

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