Voice Lesson on Vocal Tone

Hello, I’m Steven Childs of virtual voice
lessons.net and I would like to welcome you to our
video lesson entitled understanding your vocal tone. Tone is probably the most important
attribute for any serious singer to understand and to fully develop in their voice. I would have to say that a developed and
controlled tone is far more important than how high you can
sing or how dynamic you’re riffing is and so
on. There are many fancy singers out there who can do
some pretty amazing things i’ve heard many singers who can build
extremely high whip up and down scales like they were Mozart on steroids but if actual tone of voice is not
good the singer’s not good. If someone’s voices not sound pleasing or
interesting then what is the point? All the extras to not make up for lack of good vocal tone. It would be like looking at a really awesome
birthday cake with all kinds of beautiful colors fancy decorations but when eaten tastes like garbage. I think we all could agree that what’s
important with the cake is not so much the decoration or the icing as it is the cake itself. Tone is a very difficult word to define. It’s similar to defining words like life or love. Words that we may use all the time but we have to give a description for
them we find ourselves faltering and why not using the actual word in the
definition itself. So,what exactly is the singer’s tone? Before I answer this question i would like you to pause this video for
a moment and quickly write down what you feel the
definition of tone is especially when it applies to the voice. Many people answer this question the following ways. They believe that tone is the note tone is the attitude of the singer tone is how deep the voice is tone is how clear we are or tone is the
sound of the voice now i’m here to tell you that if you had
any of these answers you’re absolutely correct but just not fully you see ton is all of these things and not any one of them. Let me explain. Webster’s defines tone as the quality or character of sound and this is the very definition that i
give to any of my students as well except i beelieve tone to be the quality and character of sound because it is impossible to have one without the other


lol, when I clicked the video I thought he was gonna be all metal about singing but he's like the most delicate and devoted teacher ever.

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