Exercise number one Lip roll Exercise number two the aeh sound Exercise number three Yah sound Exercise number four the short ah sound Exercise number five mum Exercise number six Ah sound


Been doing this warmup and 30 mins of other exercises on this channel for a week now and and I plan on going for 4 months singing for an hour a day no exceptions. So far I feel slightly better control over my notes while singing songs, will try update once a week

I usually practice at 4.30 am and it’s hard to hit these notes for warm ups.
I sing Indian classical and we are asked to practice base notes as warm ups in the morning. I usually do this video after an hour of low base note practice.

This is really helpful before singing, but if I'm doing it my voice automatically cracks like yodeling and idk what's happening😂

i have no privacy at home so what i do was i put my pillow in front of my mouth for the higher part so its gonna be less sound

Thank the developers who support their new work for a new job of a day or so long and I 💕😔💁🏻u


Lol I‘m alone at home and doing this warm up. I can literally hear my neighbour imitating me while screaming the scales in the most terrible way possible. I guess she must really hate me… Still won‘t stop practicing though😂

This is an All-Time Favorite Warm-Up for me. I can read my e-mails while doing this Lesson and before I know it, I’ve completed this lesson. I can only speak for me and the results I have had and continue to have ow have me singing songs I Never Thought I Could Sing. I’m now a Huge Lifelong Fan of The Jacobs Vocal Academy and I will Never be able to thank them enough for sharing these invaluable voice lessons with me and the rest of the world:)👍🏾🤙🎶🎵💋🥳♥️🥇🎖💕🏆💜👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

my mom told me to do this i thought it would
boring and skip to the song but i did this vocal and i'm good .But these stupid ads keep coming up
wish me luck for my performance

I do love using this video to do a vocal warm up❤! It's superb. I also made some covers and sang my own song. Let's check them out and tell me what you think. Thank you very much 🤗!!

One of the best vocal academies! Keep on the good work. Well done! GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🏻👍🏽👍🏼👍🏼👍🏽👍🏻👍🏽👍🏻👍🏽

Que esse canal cresça cada vez mais porque merece . Por disponibilizar um conteúdo tão excepcional .

do i just need to just follow this or is there any kind of technique (like breathing or using a particular type of voice) to make my singing sound better

I’m not scared to let people here me, I’m just scared that I might ruin my voice and I’m scared for damaging it.

Hey, are you also reading through comments while doing vocal warm-ups?
Let me give you something to read:

Tips for better singing:
– Stretch your tongue and your chest.
– Do not drink milk/eat anything with milk in it [ Ice cream etc… ] 24hr before singing.
'cause it's gonna clog your throat which will make it harder for you to sing.
– Use vocal fry and vocal riff and runs. Not only it sounds better, but it also makes you sound like a professional
– BE CONFIDENT flat singing voice and cracks are mostly 'cause of insecure singers who are afraid of anyone hearing them.

Tips for soundproofing.
If you're afraid of anyone hearing you, make your room more soundproof.
– [ FOR THE WARM-UP / EXERCISES ONLY ] Put your hand above your mouth so your voice can get warmed up while doing the vocal warm-up, it won't make much of a sound.
– Put carpets on the floor
– Use thick blankets and put them on the door. They should cover the door.
– Put a lot of furniture in your room, so the vibrations don't go any further.
– Put thick blankets over your head. It sounds silly but hey! if you're alone why not?

These tips help you make your room more soundproof. The vibrations of your singing voice won't go any further if you use one of these techniques listed above. It won't go any further 'cause the vibration will lose energy over these elements.

“🧐 exercise #1..”

This guy’s voice makes me think he thinks he’s better than me.. like who does he think he is..? Making me a better a singer everyday 😒

Im singing 1 year and thought that i am good untill i decided to make these excersises. I feel like i use diafragm first time i think i was singing with my neck because i had my voice cut after i sing for some hour

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