Vocal Technique & Voice Training : How to Make a Mid Range Larynx Voice

JAMES MENY: So let’s give an example of the
Oh vowel, the world good, you could say that slowly. Good, good, good, good, good, good,
good, good, good. If you’re saying that word correctly and you don’t’ change it to god
or gud or something like that. Good, good, god, god, god, you might hear that or god,
gud, gud gud gud. Those are different words than the word good. You have to make sure
that you’re critically listening and saying the word good. Good, good, good. good. good.
good. good. good. good. That is an experience of what your voice will sound like when it’s
balanced. 50 percent chest, 50 percent head. Anything different than that, you’re changing
the ratios. Remember you can purposely do it for your style of music that you’re doing,
but when training, you should be looking at 50/50 as much as possible.


quite amazing – he's supposedly a "teacher" and he can't sing on pitch – his entire example was flat.

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