“Vocal Posture And Balance” – Quick Singing Tips Ep. 5 –

♬ Hi singers! I’m Justin Stoney the founder
of New York Vocal Coaching here with you for
another episode of Quick Singing Tips. Today we’re taking
a ride together on the
New York City subway. In New York,
things can be bumpy. It can be hard to
balance your work life, your social life,
and your vocal life. But it can also be
flat-out hard to keep your balance as
you ride the train. Which leads us to
today’s question from Rob B. Pierre, South Dakota. Rob writes, “Dear Justin,
my singing teacher always tells me to
feel the ground beneath my feet
when I sing. What’s that about?” ♬ Awesome question, Rob. Well, what your
voice teacher is telling you is pretty great advice. How we stand when we sing
can really make a difference in the freedom of
our vocal production. Now obviously there are
times when we need to sit down or move around
when we sing. But, the majority of times,
when we practice, take a voice lesson, perform,
or go into the recording studio, we’re standing! So, how we stand
really matters. In the future we’re
going to talk more about posture overall. But, we’re just going
to look at the feet and how they balance. When you stand to sing
you want to think of your feet as a tripod. With the first two points
being at the front of your foot and the other point being at your heel. We want to stand
with the weight distributed in a two-thirds one-third relationship. Two thirds toward the front and one-third to the back. So, ideally your weight
should feel slightly more forward than backward. Why? Well, your spine aligns
a lot better when you’re not sinking back
into your heels. This affects your breathing. Are you skeptical? Well it’s not that
hard to prove. Let’s try it. Stand with the weight
totally back in your heels and take a breath. Good job. Now, stand with the weight
more towards the front and take a breath. Great! Did you feel that difference? [ Applause ] Not only does distributing
your weight like this help with breathing
and alignment but it also puts your
feet in a position where you’re ready to
move at any time. I suppose a great
rule of thumb is that you should stand
like you’re riding on a moving subway train. Ready for any
starts and stops, ready to get
where you’re going, ready for an exciting
day in New York, ready to breathe,
ready to move, ready to sing,
ready for action. Here are some other ways
that you can take action on your vocal journey. For voice lessons or Skype
lessons with the NYVC staff visit us at
NewYorkVocalCoaching.com. If you’d like a vocal course that you
can do at home check out the Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course. This twelve part program
takes you on a singing journey from beginner to master
level vocal exercises. You can find it at
VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com. Or, if you’d like free vocal
tips sent to you each day sign up at
DailyVocalTips.com. And now, here’s Justin with
this week’s vocal benediction. Singing is really the
great art of balance. Balancing your posture,
balancing your breath. Balancing your registers. Today, as you
feel your feet firmly planted
into the ground, ask yourself a question. Is there anything out of
balance in my life right now? If there is, remember you don’t
need to clutch on so tight. Sometimes all it
takes is a little shift. Well, here’s my stop. We’ll see you next time! ♬


Same advice was given by my teachers – today I know why 🙂 Thank you beloved NYVC, beloved brother Justin. God bless and reward you for all the knowledge and energy and inspiration and love you offer to all the singers!

My Dad first said: 'You're high notes didn't sound well.'Later he said: Maybe singing isn't the right thing for you.'hell that broke me .,.

I am loving this new series! Entertaining, great pace, fascinating backdrops (people, haha), good editing, great instruction! Thank you!

Surfers do seem to make good singers, subway-surfing or otherwise, although I'm back to surfing the web for now. Greetings from your fellow subway-surfer.

Hello justin.
Please can you explain how charlie puth sings what techniques he uses..and what should i do to be able to sing like him(i mean i want to master his singing techniques)….or anyone any tips? 😥

Justin, these videos are so beneficial. I have a question about yoga practice and tightening the upper abs in order to be able to sit with spine straight. I'm starting to return to singing after years of not focusing on it with commitment. Meanwhile I've practiced yoga and I feel as though my tight upper abs may be in the way of singing. Any suggestions? Thank you for all the amazing techniques and upliftment. I love your confidence. Nina

Hey singers I m here bcuz I need little help I m from country where ppl doesn't even know bout english music in future I want to be a great singer like ariana or selena these are my idols and here's problem i can't afford any singing lessons I searched alot about online singing classes but there's no schedule or good system u know I want learn singing through our God sir justin Stoney now tell me this YouTube channel or series help me to be good singer 🎤 as I want I hope that you understand my problem sorry for bad english this is not my first language please reply anything what comes in your mind if you read this whole comment now you have to reply me I am in trouble guys help me

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