Vocal Lessons Pop Filter will Improve Singing when Recording Tutorial

Hello Musicians thank you for joining us
my name is andrew mercer and in this very short singing lesson I will give you some vocal
techniques adversaries say is that uh… many
subscribers two-minute videos that they have asked
about how can we improve their vocal techniques and to be honest uh… you really need to be happy with
what you have an surely voice sounds a lot better than you think it’s be patient first of all cuz i’m sure you
get a great sound the second thing is that this is the at
how we improve your vocal technique is is really exciting is a lot of things
you can get as many many many things you can do to improve your vocal technique and
we’re going to talk about one thing today which is very simple thing
concerns although closest when you’re recording so pollsters the cons like it or p_r_ b that uh… stops before the race for
second and pop seven so both closest microphones hate them they make the diaphragm microphone pop and that causes your recording to
clipboard to distort so you want to take it away from his
closest now the way you do that is you use a pop
filter now this is a pop filter and try to make insistence he clearly uh… you know so pop tilting see this
is just a screen not much to it now pop filter goes between the your
voice your mt and the microphone and what does it it stops a forty-year
from sitting directly on the microphone it is good it diffuses through the popular first and you’ll notice in uh… me when you
seen videos of singer singing in studio seven of the microphone in front of the
mino always have a screen that they’ll be singing through the screen and that’s the part of town so that when i just showed a little one
you can also use one saying i don’t know where that this might have for a long
time this this is a little phones sock and uh… uh… it’s uh… it’s just
phone an idea it goes over the microphone them
using uh… no matter what is the the guy began condenser or whatever it
worked really well also upon using something like this uses
a lot um… this is a little eight-year-old
recorder by roland and uh… door like uh… because you recorded in each for or whatever some
whatever deedrick were using he decided not filtered down over that the delivery pretty but you know i
really works it also if u recording inside it helps ah… div mix up the
wind noise from blowing on the microphone so now i’m all about cheap i’m all about
doing things on the cheap so i a m i’d know that a lot of damage musicians that
there are uh… and maybe you don’t want to perches atop filter maybe you can for
first pop filter where maybe your microphone didn’t come
with one so i i think in a conspiracy so this intuit you just take a wider
uh… coat hanger and you put into shape you want like a flower or uh… circle
that whatever you want to do make into shape and then you get a p_r_ nightline’s you
know the nylon secure we’re willing to be on what some people where um… and
you pulled a nylon down over the uh… the circle of the uh… the coat hanger
you’ve made and then making duck tape it to you at
the front stand serbian between your voice your email and the microphone city too is a nightline so you-know-what in maine every very
pretty what it will it works it’s really good
technique i think the pluses minicomputer methods
at pizza shoppe of year like uh… like i was a good like a gun so you don’t
want to aimed directly act the uh… the the capsule the diaphragm so you know maybe just a little bit off
so you’re not firing at castle time and uh… and that you know that that
will help you to now this uh… if this helps you know if this can you help to
hit up there was a thumbs up big envelope thumbs up people like and uh… also uh… this question came
from any of subscribers have had an answer and waste into it now but emma’s discover that had this
question so out you have a question put it in the comment section below and i’ll
try to answer your question and insurance describe to glad to be
honest taking these guys i’ll see you next time


What is the best way to come close to "studio" quality full sound vocals (not just bass boost) along with the usual different vocal effects that singers generally utilize?…Is their a particular microphone or effects box that would make a big difference?

Hi Lbfent2,
Good question. Keep things as simple as possible. Most excellent vocal recordings are 2 things: a great vocal performance and clear accurate recording. If you have those 2 things then anything further is colouring or flavoring.

If I were you, I would work on those 2 things. Practice your singing craft very seriously and try and work on technically making as accurate vocal recordings as possible.

I hope this helps or is at least food for thought

Be sure to sub and like

Sorry that didnt make much sense. Like I want to cut and fix my vocals that i record without cutting the instrumental beat i put on audacity. does that make more sense?

Sure. If the audio is on separate tracks (voice on one track, backing music on another) then you can edit them separately. As you do your saving you need to save as a project. If you export as a wav or mp3 then you lose the ability to separate the instrumental and voice tracks.
Hope this helps.

Hi Andrew i have a Pop Filter on my Headset. But i still hear pops.. The first pop Filter you showed did'nt fit. So i used the second but he did'nt work.. Can you help me please??

You're welcome Ryan. For more info on Audacity be sure to check out my Video Guide to Audacity on my site MakeAndBreakEducaiton (link is in the video description).

Hai man I am new audacity and I just wanna know that how to clear my own song after noise removal and want to give in to a good effect and good echo and load sound and I won’t use any music instrumental for my song need help.  Thankyou

This might not be commonly asked, but how come singers don't use the pop filters at live performance? Or the one that covers the mic?
Thank you

Uhm Mr. Andrew Mercer, may I ask something please? Thing is I sing really loud and when I record with my mike, it sounds scratched. Nothing changes even if i sing farther, it still sounds scratched/ crackled. When i sing softer notes, it's fine tho. I dont use a filter, but i dont think it is quite necessary. My main question mark is can pop filters lower down my loud singing so it doesnt crackle in the sound recording? Please reply asap 🙂

You have a great voice to listen to. I just started to get into getting my own stuff. I always sang in groups, or solo at home. But never with a mic I owned. I am getting one next week and was searching for info about pop filters. thanks!!

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