Vocal Coach reacts to Sober by Tool

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Patreon request. It is by Tomas. Hey Tomas! I’ve never heard this before, so I think
it’s gonna be a bit rocky. So Tool is an American band, a 90s rock band. I think
at that time I was probably listening to S Club Seven. They looks much too cool
for my musical tastes at the time, although it does seem like they have
been releasing albums pretty much up until now. I’ve also just read a really
interesting thing about them. In that they don’t release the lyrics with the
album so you can’t read it in the little sleeve. Do they still do that on a CD?
The little sleeves where you can read the lyrics? Anyway they don’t do that
because they don’t want the lyrics to affect your perception of the song
without hearing the melody with it as well. Which is really interesting because
melody and feeling can really change the meaning of words. Oh! I like it. It’s like Muse People are going to hate I said that I was a massive Muse fan Very cinematic I wonder if he’s going to sing in this position I bet he will. It’s part of his persona. Wow! That sounds so easy for him. That lower
stuff was so speechy and I love the dynamics he’s got going on. It’s super
quiet in the way he’s building it. And yeah, he is hunched over. People will
say and you’ll hear this from voice teachers everywhere, that posture is so
important to singing, in terms of it allows your lungs to work properly,
allows your whole body to work properly. You can sing with bad posture, I don’t
want to promote it. However if you’re setting everything up right then it is
possible. Obviously this man is proving it and can sing with bad posture, I mean it is
bad posture. For example on the West End you’ve got singers doing massive
high kicks and dancing all around the stage and singing at the same time. Now
that it’s not the easiest place to sing but if you have trained enough and
you’ve worked hard enough and you really understand your voice enough. Then you
should be able to do pretty much anything. I mean there’s that video of
P!nk hanging off the ceiling and doing silks and stuff while singing. It’s not
easy but it’s possible. Wow. It’s As He’s embodying the whole song. I love these driving guitars I hate even stopping this in the middle of this
but I’m so amazed. It doesn’t feel pushed in any way at all and these top notes
are so easy to make sound like **SINGS** It’s, he’s got so much control over
that. As he’s getting higher he’s keeping in quite a similar place to
his lower stuff. He’s keeping that feeling the whole way up and it’s
becoming a really kind of balanced mix. He’s not thinning it out too much or
keeping it too heavy. It’s perfect Mm and I like that Yeah that shouty sound. So harrowing. So those notes, they were As again, very
high. They were controlled but they had the kind of slight growl behind them
which made them feel like a shout. It felt so desperate. This really gets you in
the soul and I know they don’t like you to think too much about the lyrics or
they like you to feel the lyrics with the music but I’m assuming ‘Sober’. It feels
like it is about addiction, it feels like someone is wilting away Oh I love… the drums and the guitar underneath this building The way he’s singing it is like he is
just almost speaking at a pitch and really kind of that’s what singing is.
You’re speaking at pitch, you’re expressing emotion and words at pitch. It feels like
a monologue from Trainspotting or something. I really
loved that bit where he came back and made it whispery and you can see how close he is
to his mic. When he is singing those and screaming those big notes, it’s
really far away, so he’s got really good mic control there. It makes sense if you
put the mic too close to your mouth when you’re shouting it can just distort. That
whispery thing was nice because he kept it going for a little bit longer that I
would have expected and lt the guitars, he’s working with the band as a
whole. It’s not just him. It’s the whole band, so he let them build up behind him
and then punched in with that big note and that big desperate A. These closed vowels So sorry. Back to that **SINGS** if you were
singing it in a technically correct way or you wanted to do it Musical Theatre or
Opera or any other style you’d be like **SINGS** Really open. But he is all about the
expression, so it’s **SINGS** and he’s putting a bit of purposeful tension and I don’t
mean like tension in your neck. It’s emotional tension that he’s putting in
there. He’s closing his mouth, he’s not allowing a big space for the sound to
resonate because he doesn’t want that sound. He wants a squeezed tight, I’ve
said it before, desperate sound. Wow!
That was powerful. I had no idea about this band before and I’m so glad this has
been a request because it was really powerful, really powerful stuff! It really
felt like the bottom of a human soul. I don’t know what more to say
apart from thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one! I do videos
every single day apart from Sundays. Bye!


Sure, bad posture, but most of it is because of the song and, I may be mistaken, telling the story of any song they do. If you listen to their lyrics (of any song), they are highly complicated. I believe his posture is more of a representation of the song and what he is feeling, not for full vocalization. You can see that in the way he performs.

You're right. I'm not happy that you compared Tool to Muse. And I'm sorry to hear you're a Muse fan. To each their own I suppose. 😉

Picking up on Muse was astute, in my opinion. Muse has a cinematic style (Stockholm Syndrome immediately comes to mind), and Tool has this same characteristic in some of their work. I have listened to Tool for many years, and it's great to see a new generation appreciating the standout bands that originally formed decades ago. I truly believe that's why today's sound hasn't changed much because we've already reached the pinnacle of this genre because of and thanks to bands like Tool.

Maynard is singing and performing in his natural vocal range very well. Which is tenor. Amazing performance up front by him despite his preference to perform in the back.

Never having listened to a Muse tune, I went and listened to one of their songs after your referencing them in this vid, and I'm subscribing to your channel in spite of the noise I just listened to on the Muse channel….lol but seriously, Muse is the complete opposite of Tool as Muse sucks….badly….whereas Tool does not…..lol love the Trainspotting reference though 🙂

Raw emotion. Maynard is spilling his soul out here. look at him. He is absent at the fact that there are thousands in attendance. He is lost in his emotion and is sharing this song, experience, with those who have an ear to hear. This is masterful art beyond basic comprehension. This isn’t music. He’s soul is bleeding through.

I always thought this song was not merely about addiction, but the moment in sobriety when one realizes that the substance was not the thing making one awful, it merely facilitated and masked one’s awfulness.

In and of "Sober" … The !Tool! was FOUND! AMAZING. …….. Do you think they were 'sober'?…. Sober is the song about what a 'psychopath or demon ' does intentionally.. So tortured within.

What makes Mayners style so cool. It's like he wasn't influenced by anything. Before him there was nothing like him.

Maynard is an absolute legend. I would be seriously hard pressed to find anyone who can convey very raw, very complex emotions using only their voice. Actually, the only one that immediately comes to mind is none other than the late, great Layne Staley. Obviously Maynard's lyrics are a huge part of the message he's relaying but the true test for something like this is to just imagine him humming or singing nothing but made up words. He's one of the few people who could forego the lyrics altogether and still make the hair on the back of your neck stand up so naturally, when you include the power of the lyrics along with the excellent band and the next-level songwriting, you end up with a song and a performance like this.

This isn't an "oh yeah, I saw Tool that one time" sort of show. This is an "I saw Tool live in 93 and I still get chills just thinking about it" sort of show. This is what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. Performances like this stay with you forever. Something about it just sets it head and shoulders above the rest.

Can't find a better place to put this so please forgive… Just hoping you are making time to get into the new Tool album. Fear inoculum. ..I think we can all enjoy and benefit. Please and thank you and god bless

he is a theatrical performer…I ask you, when has Maynard ever been apart of anything that didn't have cool music, without any kind of textured visual effect!?

I'm just so happy you felt it instead of analyzing it. I'm pretty sure that's what they want. Also, his dad was a preacher and if you ever see them live and not at a festival or whatever, you will be shocked at what he can produce with "Bad" posture. The man may not BE a human! Sorry if this sounds like fanboy bull, but I love this band, and I love when someone else discovers how emotionally expressive they are. You can listen to their music and have 100 different interpretations of the same song depending on YOUR mood that moment.

Seriously??! Comparisons with Muse and Pink ?? However, she is quite beautiful, and I greatly appreciate the super professional, attentive, and expressive in the information that passes to those who watch the videos. Maynard is a unique person and an excellent singer.

I really hate it when people compare Maynard James Keenan to God. I mean he's alright and all, but he's no Maynard James Keenan.

It’s not bad posture:)everyone has to find what’s the best to succeed for them, and that’s his posture to succeed awesomeness!!!!

Why of all the recordings of this track would u pick a live version where it would be more difficult to listen to his vocal range? Imo

Another super fantastic side note about the lead singer of Tool, Maynard. He also has a very keen sense of when to stop singing and let the music do the talking before dramatically bringing his voice back into the entire musical picture. He is an incredible artist and amazing singer indeed. I'm glad you covered this.

I'd hate to say it but he kinda looks like a crack head in the video

I do love tool tho they're an amazing band that have so much meaning behind each song

You are cute & I love the first exposure to MJK! May I help? Studio or Live, there is hardly a variation in this powerful delivery of this lyrical DYNAMO!! Unassuming persona/Decisive Voice…enjoy your TOOL catching up & nevermind the crickets ..ha😊

He doesn’t have to use good posture for this song. He’s in 2nd gear vocally (5th for feeling). So it’s a non-issue. He was classically trained, I’m pretty sure. Went to West Point too.

Awesome video. Excelent Word. IF you alow me to do a sugestion, i would like you to analise the vocalist of a-ha, the Music summer moved on haver a part where he sing in one breath for more than 20 seconds. I would like to know is this technic

Hi Beth, I would like to recommend you Laboratorium Pieśni – Sztoj pa moru ( https://youtu.be/04fEWQOwUD4 ) ; I have a feeling you will like it a lot. Hoping for a podcast with your reaction!

I’m going to see Tool live next month here in Houston. They are filling stadiums.
Tickets are sold out and being easily sold for over $2,000 right now. As the date approaches, they will go even higher.

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