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Ciao my beautiful people my name is LUCIA SINATRA I am a singer songwriter performer and vocal coach but first of all I am a
singer if you are new here welcome thank you for clicking on this video you made the right choice please don’t waste your time and subscribe right now if you know me already you know that I love beautiful voices and one of the most
beautiful voices on the planet is the Queen mrs. SO HYANG, so we are going
straight to watch and react to her high notes and climaxes so the best of the
best, let’s supports SO HYANG all together, you don’t have to miss one
second of this video, and comment down below which one is your favorite song! if you want to see my full playlist of reaction or So Hyang click this link
after the video ! this is my tribute for you So Hyang I love you!! okay this was one of the most beautiful
rendition of the song that I ever heard in my life,
here SOHYANG is not only showing off her vocal ability, but also her stage
presence, she’s huge on that stage a little bit sultry she looks like a real
diva! MAMMAMIA that B5! I just want to talk about her stage
presence and most important the feelings that she gives to us, personally I
receive a lot from her, she have a lot of inner energy that she gives me every
time that I listen to her, I already know she’s great but every time is like the
first time! So here we are with ARIRANG okay this song was one of the most
beautiful song I heard in Korean, is a traditional South Korean song for those who doesn’t know, I suggested to watch my full reaction of this song, will gives you incredible goosebumps all over your body I’m fully blown away from So Hyang beautiful! She is so beautiful here! she’s so graceful and in the same time
powerful, here is my full reaction where I ended in tears because I was very emotional this song performed in this way
destroyed me, especially the part when she was singing
a cappella, let’s see! I love this part! isn’t that something outstanding and
unreal? she’s a tiny girl like me, I’m a tiny woman, but I love myself! And most of the things
she does are very inspiring to me, so sometimes I want to practice something
new and different I go directly to So Hyang : my queen! look at her face! Wow she works with her body and her soul,
technically she’s perfect, she’s not nasal here, she’s using the TWANG
technique when she go in the highest mix register, like she’s doing right now, she
is like a wave and she moves with a sound I feel her in tension but her face
is always perfectly relaxed. When she opened that mouth, she put down also her chin, because the important thing when you sing and sing notes like this is be
very well trained and open the mouth proudly! Not like 🎙🎙🎙 but she do: AAAA🎙 something that I used to say to my
students: is that you need a lot of space to do high notes! so let’s go on and watch this other song which is.. Bridge over troubled water! Jesus! for the vowels like U : she’s not doing 🎙🎙🎙 but she’s is doin:🎙🎙🎙
she using the position of the E! here’s my reaction of So Hyang of this song! also here 🎙🎙🎙 Watch how she put that smile on her face,
chicks are very high, and she put this sweet sound outside.. I will not stop to say you need a big aperture of your mouth to do high notes! Mamamia this part gives me chills.. okay I have to show you! This was the first reaction ever I did on my channel in Italian, so I think I’m going to do a full analysis in English of this song
very soon, I’m Italian that’s why my English is not perfect! So please be kind
with me when I do some mistakes! I love that face 😍 she is so sweet! I have to show you! I hope you can see my
goosebumps!! wait So Hyang wait! I hope you can see my goosebumps!! she’s still killing it! I never heard “Dream” and I heard here
that she had the switch to the whistle register because that no this super
high is a D6! she was not flat she made a glissato on that last note! Slower than the original, here with this
dress I see her so tiny, and desperate for this love, she’s kinda telling me “I have nothing” for real! I truly believe what’d she saying! Trust me you need a lot of breath to do
what she’s doing! she’s perfectly well-trained! I read somewhere that she
improved a lot during her career! 20 years ago she didn’t sing like that,
so means that.. with a lot of will and capability you can go wherever you want : DREAM BIG! Don’t let others underestimate yourself! Be yourself! Improve yourself! And stay strong! I didn’t make a reaction to this one, let’s see! She’s incredible.. 😍 She is the queen of b5 in mixed register, talking about women! “It’s only my world” (I love her white) wow …. (!”🙈🤩🤔🥺😱) ..nothing to say let’s go on sorry! wow This is class, this is what we say in
Italian: FUORICLASSE she had this incredible capability to switch, with dynamics, from a strong energetic punch in your face and then a sweet caress like this notes she’s fluid like water .. Mamma Mia 😍 doesn’t she looks like a princess? I know this one! I know already if she can do all this
things, but still she captured my soul! This was the very first song where I
discovered So Hyang and I was totally .. That was the day I decided to started my YouTube channel! I love her chin, she she’s perfect! so sweet.. a breath. I love when she do this airy sound, she’s so stable. She doesn’t move a wave of frequencies! “Lean on me” with Kirk Franklin okay you know what? when you are in concert and you are free to do whatever you want and you can improvise some notes I think she totally go wild! That gospel choir and that orchestra gives you more chance to express yourself, rather than on TV shows, she can feel
herself more confident, to push herself over the limit all over the top so she mades here a C6 in mix register! Micheal Bolton!! okay after that Michael could not do
anything else, she had finished a song like this 😍 This was my special tribute
to So Hyang please if you want, share this video as much as you can! and don’t forget to put a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE right now!! I will see you on the next
video! ciao 🎙 ciao 🎙 ciaoooooo

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