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Hey everybody welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof continues to be in the actual singing
and I wanted to do a vocal coach reacts to Rod Stewart and I chose “Maggie Mae”.
Now Rod has a special place in my heart cause my older brother used to take me to
all these concerts when I was really young and I mean young young I think I
was like 11 when I first saw him at the Forum and what impressed me so much
about Rod Stewart wasn’t only that you know it was a great performance of course
the band was killer but I was into soccer at that time and he had these soccer
balls and the Forum is a big arena and he was kicking these soccer balls from the
stage like all the way to the end of the arena and we were catching these and
they’re pretty expensive soccer balls and he’s just quite the soccer player so
it’s that pretty cool. I almost caught one and it kind of tipped off my hand
and some chick behind me got it but anyway so I want to go and do “Maggie Mae’
Rod Stewart and just another icon by the way he has a lot of really great performances. Some of the more recent ones were live at Albert Hall and they
have a lot of view counts on them which is super cool but his voice wasn’t as
robust and as powerful and strong as it was back in this day and in fact he
takes it down a key or two so it takes away the tension in his voice. So I’m gonna.. I chose an older piece which yeah we’re gonna dive into now, here we go. One of the original raspy voice guys. This song is so melancholy and brings back such memories you know. Great songwriting, great lyrics man. Again talked about this a lot right about a singer that’s not just out there just performing a bunch of licks
or showing how high they can sing. He’s telling his story and if you really
listen you know you’re in the story with him. I know I’ve said this up a lot of
times but man these are the songs where you know he takes you for.. he brings you
into his world and he showed you his life in this story in this song that
he wrote it’s really cool very interesting. It’s higher than the album. Now I’m gonna bring this up again. I’m
not sure how I’m gonna release all these videos but I talked about the Traveling
Wilburys and we did a video on ELO and we did a video on you know Paul
McCartney just all the kinds of stuff and then this kind of you know easy
strumming thing you know “Take It Easy” by the Eagles you know and and and it’s
it’s this, it’s this simple songwriting with genius melodies and just haunting
lyrics and haunting haunting melodies I should say that are timeless and they
have this real sweet just in the pocket strumming groove. So I’ve always said that
if you have a song that you could just get out your acoustic guitar and play it
on acoustic, it could be a hit on an acoustic, it could be hit you know as a
pop song, it could be hit a hit as as a metal song it doesn’t matter, a great
song is a great song and in this case there is no exception so let’s continue
to rock. Great natural live band sound again guys. It’s surprising. It’s obviously off the BBC it says to be on a TV show and sound this cool and be live cause a lot of
times this stuff’s pre-recorded. This is obviously not but it’s just really
great engineers that are able to great job about what do have going on here. He barely made that one. You gotta admit it’s just a great song man. Even if you don’t admit it, it’s still a great song. It’s like the cameraman don’t know where to go who to follow. Follow that guy, looks like he’s playing guitar. Looks king of messy. The videography doesn’t look real clean like they know what they’re doing. I love this mandolin part. In fact..in fact this song inspired me to learn how to
play mandolin so I bought a mandolin when I was like eleven years old and I
was like you know noodling on it. It’s a cool instrument man it’s really fun, it’s
it’s a very folk instrument but you could do a lot with it, you can see a lot
of unique things with the mandolin that you can’t necessarily say on the guitar. What kind of dance moves is that. Oh they’re playing soccer. Is that what it was. Wait wait wait. Hold on. Oh yeah they kicked the soccer ball over there. Look at that see I told you guys he was good. That was awesome. They’re just having fun man, that’s what’s
best that’s what it’s all about is just having a good time and inspiring people
and you know I just want to encourage you singers out there, by the way thank
you for joining me you know if you like what you heard
please like and subscribe to my channel blah blah blah but I want inspire you
singers out there man you know you have a unique story to tell and everyone has
a unique story to tell and believe it or not you know the world could use really
good stories, a good positive influence right.. especially right now. So you know
don’t be discouraged, I mean get out there I a coined a phrase a singer is only a singer because they have the guts to be one. Let me say that
again a little slower a singer is only a singer because they have the guts to be
one. In fact if you guys would do me a favor I’ll put this in the description
tag it’s called Can Anyone Learn To Sing. I have a video out on this and I just
like you guys to check it out cause I list all the people like you know Bob Dylan
for example, the guy can’t really sing to save his life but he’s done more to
influence other artists then maybe any other artist I know of and you wouldn’t
believe the amount of people that have covered its music. So don’t let the
music business or the Internet or people with their you know lousy, hating
attitudes you know bring it down. Just get out there do what you do and what you love and have fun with it like these guys and chances are that people are
gonna want to come around and hear what you have to say okay. Again if you like
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