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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I’m loving doing these vocal reactions because it gets me to dig into a lot of
older stuff and newer stuff too but stuff I haven’t gotten a chance to see
in a really long time or have never seen and I chose Michael Jackson and the
Jackson 5 and we have “Dancing Machine” and “I Want You Back”. These are old TV
shows and I have not seen them through yet. So I did have someone do an edit for
me because I wanted to shorten them but I actually haven’t seen them so we’re
gonna do this together and let’s let’s pop with Michael Jackson here we go. Kind of makes you grove already. Kind of love those outfits. Cool guitar man. Looks like an old 335 or something. Look how young he is man. So cute. You gotta have those moves. Those are like super seventies grove
moves it reminds me of you know like the Dick Clark hour or some of these old TV shows that we’re on back then. You know where they get to see like a lot of the
bougie stuff which was really fun. Look how young Michael is and those outfits
are to die for. You got to admit they’re pretty cool. He’s obviously lip-synching by the way. Wait what’s that. I got a backup what’s that outfit that guy had on. Check it out was that Jermaine. What is that it looks like looks like a
Superman outfit or something that’s kind of funny. That’s at like 56 seconds in 58
seconds in…59 seconds in. Ok can you.. imagine you guys you know your… have a choreographer and
she’s in her room or he’s in a room or whatever and they’re getting you guys to
do all these moves you know right. I don’t care man if it was the staples singers. I
don’t care who it was back then, they all had these really cool moves. Someone had to do all this orchestration so you’re seeing like not just you know the singing part
and all the talent that goes with that but also again the choreography and the
stage presence and stage moves so imagine doing 10 11 12 13 14 15 songs like that, it’s a lot to remember to get all those moves, be in position and then you got
Michael just throwing down in the front. He had such a great voice back then man
was crazy. His smile is contagious. Look at that outfit man on the left. I wonder if he ever gets caught up in that stuff. You cannot go over a microphone stand
with that stuff. Now another side note to this, there’s a
really famous music producer, his name is Quincy Jones. You can look him up, he went on to do you know Michael Jackson’s later stuff. He did some great horn
arrangements like in the 50s and whatnot and he was predominantly their producer.
Their stuff was produced to the hilt. I remember.. in fact I’ll put it in the
description tag. I did “ABC” the Jackson 5 “ABC” with one of my students Sara Loera. We did a duet of it. Check it out, it’s pretty cool but but the the
orchestration of it and just all of the arrangements of it are really intense and
they’re really hard to do. So these songs right here are no exception so let’s continue. Cool hair. Now it’s just kind of a family rivalry sort of question. I wonder if the brothers were kind of jealous of Michael
for you know the little guy, you know the younger brother to have the spotlight up front
we seen a lot of stories like that and I can see you know some sibling
rivalry going on you know them some jealousy and some other thing. I know
Jermaine Jackson went on to do some other stuff and obviously his sister
Janet went on to do some other stuff or whatever but you know that’d be kinda tough you know to be played backup to your little brother but the guy was just so talented you know what can
you say, you know what I mean so. Plus they wouldn’t look as cool in those yellow pants he’s wearing. Nice. Cool. Awesome. Ok so before we get into this. Now notice too they have a you know someone again has has really packaged this in a way where you know you’ve got
the visuals, the outfits you’ve got the dance moves, you’ve got
the type of orchestration and the type of producing for the songs themselves
are very consistent and very coherent. So it’s not like they’re all over the road
doing a bunch of different things, it’s pretty consistent and the songwriting was
just absolutely off the charts. Catchy, fantastic. So let’s do this one
here we go. He’s older here. Now if you see him going back and forth off the mic, again you can tell it’s
definitely a lip sync so and they did a lot of that back on these TV shows back
then fact even today they do a lot of that too but anyways so but I mean
it’s kind of the nature of the beast out here so but appreciate it for what it is
and we’ll continue. Look at those moves. His dancing was that good. Look. See he was a good dancer back then. So I didn’t know I didn’t remember that.
I guess he was doing like moonwalk stuff way back then so when he got famous for
it later, the guy was throwing down like way earlier in
these videos doing that what is it the robot or whatever but anyway so man he had some moves, guy’s got it going on. The whole band now. I love this part. Look at those moves. I love those outfits man. Those bell bottoms. There goes that mic. That’s cool. That’s part of it. I wonder how many of these moves were actually
his that he created or that he learned or saw someone else doing it you know
on like one of these you know dance TV shows that they had back in the 70s too
but the guys throwing down.. pretty cool. It’s also really hard to do those
kinds of moves and be able to really truly sing at the same time because you
man you gotta be almost anaerobic which means in the absence of oxygen to be
able to you know move like that and then also perform also. I think we’re coming to a close here. Awesome. Cool. Alright you guys well again Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing and by the way I have a singing course
it’s called How to Sing Better than Anyone Else so when you check out in the
description “ABC” and you see what I did with Sara Loera, kind of how we went
after and matched this song, check out the original of “ABC” and then see how we
did because this is the kind of stuff we do around here at Ken Tamplin Vocal
Academy. We do takedowns of songs etc. You know we do, we work up a lot of different
kinds of things but we take on some of the most difficult to sing songs in all
of pop, rock, country you know and other different types of music as well just to
prove out and test out the method. The other thing I really love to see is I’d
love to see other vocal coaches proving out their talent, proving out their
method, with them singing and taking on these epic pieces to see how their
voices do. Be interesting to see again how their voices fare out with the
methods that they teach to prove if it’s legit or not. Anyway thank you for
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