Vocal Coach Reacts To Metallica – Nothing Else Matters – Live – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I wanted to go ahead and do Metallica “Nothing Else Matters”. There’s a really
great performance here that I wanted to get catch it’s an HD video and it’s kind
of interesting because this version of Metallica is not the Metallica we know
with like the really heavy stuff “Inner Sandman” and you know all the other you
know heavier tunes that they have but what’s cool about it is it’s got you
know a more of a mellow laid-back vibe and some of it kind of even reminds me
of the way David Draiman maybe from Disturbed would treat a piece or or even
Ivan from Five Finger Death Punch to so it’s kind of cool to see these bands you
know branch out and do different things instead of just what they’re known for
heavier stuff and so with that said let’s get rockin here we go. Look at that audience man. Geesh. Looks like a giant football arena. Little pitchy but. Everyone knows the lyrics that’s good. Everyone’s got to do that man
you’re doing Metallica songs we’ve got to do a few of those put those in there, here we go. I love the expanse of the
audience it’s you know older, in between and younger. lot of generations represented, it’s cool. This guy’s been at it a long time man. It’s good to see them still out there
rocking. That guy looked like he wanted to get up
on stage and help out there didn’t he. I love that. What an amazing stage. Hey man for their age and I don’t mean that in a bad way, they look great. Good shape. Lotta rock guys that have been around that long haven’t fared so well. Man his singing style is a pretty unique. He
doesn’t really use any vibrato (sings) right everything’s really really
straight and it’s hard to do that and maintain good pitch. Now there’s a lot of
singers out there Sting all kinds of people that really have no vib.. John
Anderson from Yes of a lot of singers do that and it’s very hard to find a really
rock solid pitch. The reason for vibrato and again I have a singing course called
How to Sing Better than Anyone Else and I walk you through all this all of these
principles on all these steps but the reason for vibrato. Let’s talk about what
vibrato is compared to non vibrato. Vibrato is having a strong supported
whole tone or a note that you’re singing with a relaxation response in the chest
the neck and the throat and what happens kind of like a heart monitor you know what happens is is that vibrato
oscillates so it’s called oscillation and it oscillates into a state of
relaxation so that when you get a note that is relaxed it starts to wobble or
starts to vibrato right starts to oscillate with that oscillation it turns
out is a relaxation response and what that relates relaxation response does is
it creates resonance so I go (sings) and it starts to relax and it resonates
throughout the room so that the sound gets bigger without more force or strain
or having to push into a sound you can relax into a state of oscillation and be
able to get a lot more freedom in the throat. So singing this way is actually
more difficult to hit straight tones like this and stay in pitch and not have
that same benefit of relaxing okay. Not sure what you’ll do with all that
information but now you have it. It’s really interesting to hear their
guitars with very little distortion right now. That’s a big stage man. You guys hear the David Draiman kind of sound in there, little bit of the Ivan Five Finger Death Punch Like when uh Five Finger Death Punch they did the
ordinary man or “Simple Man” “Simple Man” I guess it was or who is it that did that no
I’m sorry that was that was that was Shinedown it was Brent from
Shinedown sorry but they did “Simple Man”. You know similar like there’s all this
kind of monotone vocals. Shame on me I should have remembered that but
anyways so Shinedown out did “Ordinary Man” “Simple Man” ah the lynyrd skynyrd tune
I’m like having a brain fart right now but anyway it’s got like, it’s got a very
similar feel to it and similar attitude laidbackness to it. There’s our second rahhh. Little pitchy like I said it’s hard to do
that core pitch. So yeah now we’re getting now we’re gett..oh
love that hair man. Now we’re getting in through some throwdown stuff and we’re gonna hear the Metallica that we’ve come to know and love. Just the end. Not the whole song. Great audience, great performance, great stage, good sound. Everthing’s great man. There’s Lars. Big ending. Alright you guys, thank you for joining me
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Sorry, I don't think James sounds good on this song. He was good for the low bits, but he lost it when he raised his voice. I stopped liking this band a long time ago. I'm sorry to see that this song justified walking away from them.

I stopped listening to them at "justice". James sings with a talking voice, in the early albums, his screaming rage was very effective. The guitars are the only real "tone" in the band……. This being said, I know when I was younger studying compression and grit and distortion, and especially air…. Full air flow or breathless.. Belly (think..om), chest, throat, and head voice ……. I was hopeless….. A natural bowie/bono voice, but I love hard rock and really good metal. I needed singers like james and dave mustaine and chris Cornell…. Early days of soundgarden to learn to rough it up a bit. I have a pocket full of sand when I NEED IT!!! I still sing clean and love the purity, but opening up the arsenal, I can shape it how I want…. Bringing the drama to the song….. Whatever I write!!!
I would love to hear you sing Silver, blue, and gold by bad company, and jungle love by the steve miller band.

#suggestion vocal coach reacts to Steve Whiteman, or sing Dont close your eyes or Mighty mouth, i think Kix is such an underrated band , i believe your voice is perfectly suited for glam metal …

You’ll definitely have to react to something from their upcoming S & M II when it’s released πŸ‘πŸ€˜

Thanks for reviewing Metallica. I didn't have a good first concert experience with them. They were playing with Guns N' Roses. The show I happened to be at a riot broke out and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I still like Metallica. They're a great S.F. Garage band. I don't know if many people know they were a garage band at one time.? Great review Ken. You're always fair to the bands/artists you review.

Live8? This is a while ago.. Het doesn't really sing like that anymore watch some of the latest live performances. They changed the tuning to Eb to better fit his voice these days and he does use a small amount of vibratos. Watch Nothing else matters live from the July 21st of 2019 show in Moscow

That's Wembley Stadium
there. So definitely a football stadium(what you would call soccer). I had the chance to go see them with a friend at Twickenham this year but, after buying me a ticket, my friend reneged and sold the tickets so I couldn't go unfortunately. But hey that's life, he was skint and needed the money.

I don't know what your view on 'mashups' are but here is a brilliant mix of Nothing Else Matters(instruments) Mixed with Led Zeppelin's Ramble On(vocals). I quite like it.
If you get the chance, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


Love and sausages

I actually wonder if 5 Finger Death Punch and Disturbed were actually influenced by this as Metallica recorded this in 91! I think James is a better singer than he's given credit for. I love the newer modern era of the band, but I always thought his vocal tone on the Master of Puppets album is one of the best metal voices. I've always been curious how his voice changed and got so much lower towards the mid 90s compared to the Master of Puppets era? Is that normal?

I Ken! I'm 19 years old, I'm from Portugal.
My vocal range is: D1- F#4 and I can do some high notes up to F#5 (feeling almost confortable) but only full on head voice and i'd like to know what's my voice type (?)
Also when I try to F#5 with mix or chest I just can't. I try to open the throat and stuff but my voice crashes and I feel much pressure on my throat and I've only tried it a few times because I know I can get hurt. I'd like to know if it is possible to reach high notes in every voice registers (in a healthy way obviously) or if it is just normal and I don't have to worry and don't need to try it
Love your voice and your job!

Ken, I like that song the singer has really good tones especially at the start and its much contrasted style compared their other tracks!

Can you please react in the future maybe at something from Guns' N Roses live? Much respect! Have a good day!

Cool shirt! Ken, I’m always in awe of how you can match the artist note for note, regardless of the artist/style and I’m not one who is easily impressed. For me , singing has been on the back burner for years (having a family) but I have to say when I watch your videos it lights a passion and gets me excited about singing again. Thank you πŸ’™

React more on Whitesnake live in London(Live in the still of the night). David sings there his best i think! Great video btw πŸ˜€

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, I never noticed he had no vibrato, what does it mean when you say β€œpitchy”?

I used to do some four-part Barbershop singing; straight-tone is pivotal for those tight harmonies and delicious overtones. 😍

Love this song! Saw them twice over the last year…they still draw a huge crowd! From little kids to people in their 70s and older

People say Hetfield is not one of the best vocalists but he's one of my favourites -along with Dave Gahan. Just the tone of his voice is amazing. πŸ™‚

As a guitar player, Metallica has always inspired me to practice and keep striving to get better as they have mastered the craft of music. Metallica's music is as complex as music can get both to write, record and perform. Watch Kirk Hammett playing guitar solos and then watch Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry or Taylor Swift lip syncing and dancing to pre recorded music or all the current artists that don't have a clue how to play instruments so they rely on computerized noise, and it shows the unfortunate decline in artistry and musical talent. Ken, Dude, thanks for all the great videos and lessons and thanks to Metallica for all the years of amazing music and performances.

Hey nice video as always Mr. Tamplin ! πŸ™‚ can you please react to Nightwish – the islander live at tampere?

It was so cool that he mentioned shinedown I got to meet the guitarist Zach Myers and I got a picture with him!

Hallo Ken! One of my favorit rock ballads. Great guitar Solos,! I alwaysI Like your reactions, pleasant voice and speech! LG

5:44…is there any differences between Shine Down and Five Finger Death Punch anyway?
…I'll get slaughtered in the comments on that one…😬
Well, thanks, that was fun…and probably the most Metallica I've listened to in maybe a year or more. (hmm…I guess that's not really true). Since I'm not vocally focused I never really thought about the points you made, and it's interesting.

Wow Ken. I'm really loving this one. So many memories of when I saw them way back in Woodstock '94. It was raining but that did not stopped them and they sounded amazing. Also, I love your long explanations it shows you know your stuff. Lots of love.

This is exactly why my favorite Metallica song is "Turn the page", i know its a cover, but James does such a beautiful job on it.

Love your content and analysis πŸ‘πŸ‘. But there are way better versions of the song. Rock am ring for example. Goosebumps version πŸ˜…

I won't ever fault James Hetfield for how his singing sounds in albums from Black on. Honestly, this song & Unforgiven were revelations. I love the slight sound "lift" he ends his phrases with–that's straight up from his original growler style as are his growls/yeahs. That's just him being true to himself. I can respect that.

Hi all Dears are waiting for your reaction to Dimash's Ogni Pietra he sang in both male and female opera voices. The reaction would be priceless can't wait to see it

I got the opportunity to see Metallica earlier this year in Tulsa. James’ voice sounded surprisingly good! Other than being tuned down a little bit, it sounded like Metallica! None of that Elvis-y singing and tele guitar tone. Thank god! πŸ™‚

React to Angra – Make Believe live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMB6GyTB5JY (It has to be this version)

Hi Master, I absolutely loved this reaction, I was waiting for it actually. I want you to check out and react to Rascal Flatts performing "Bless the Broken Road" at the Grand Ole Opry, the lead singer Gary LeVox showed some fantastic vocals.

Heey Ken! Could you make a video reacting to Mouth for war – Pantera ? I really would like to see a vocal coach reacting to phil's techniques

Hey can you react to Adam Lambert's Whole lotta love at fantasy Springs – that's the version you want to reaction, This will change everyone's mind that Adam Lambert is "just" a pop singer, when really he is a glam rocker. Please thanks:

This was taken from Live earth 2007 as they were playing the following night on the Sick of the Studio Tour they decided to do this The venue is Wembley Stadium

The biggest metal band on the planet! I saw them live in I think it was 2003 and it was one of the best concerts I ever saw!

Still haven't done Pantera Live 101 Proof This Love

But by the way, I loved you explaining the vibrato because I always thought it was harder without vibrato and now I know that I'm not crazy AND now I know why so thank you

I know everyone bugs u 2 do reviews of their favs, so I h8 2b a pain Ken, but when u get time would u do Miles Kennedy reaction? He did vocals on a song called " words darker than their wings" with his band ' Alter Bridge' [email protected] Albert Hall in England. It was a 1 time thing & an absolute masterpiece! I think u would really enjoy. Thanx Ken, Luv ur reviews!

Love your videos. I was really into the oasis, brit pop genre in my younger days, so i loved your Liam Gallagher reaction vid. Everyone loves Dimash but i really like his , as he said , idol, Lara Fabian more than Dimash so i wondered if you could react to her songs Adagio,dimash covered it, or je suis malade . Best regards from Norway

I love your videos! they're awesome and even though I can't sing I love listening to your wise words and passion for what you do!! Can you react to one of my favourite artists? I'd love to know what you have to say about him.

JΓΈrn – Something Real:


JΓΈrn – Out to Every Nation:

Hey Ken! Lovin these reaction videos. Ive got a question though. Is singing with out Vibrato wrong, unhealthy, dangerous in anyway? Or is just as ok as having with? Just curious. πŸ™‚
Not sure if youd answer but thatd be really great!

It's great to see you react to this, you're honestly one of my fav reactors and you also give some amazing tips. Keep it up Ken! I would love to see you react to Devin Townsend's 'Spirits Will Collide', there's no live version but studio version itself is really cool.

I might be biased but James Hetfield is the greatest frontman in music history. Long live Metallica 🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘

Thanks a lot for your reaction to this AWESOME song!!!! I still love it after all those years!!!
How about a reaction video to Cradle of Filth? I don't know if you know them, but they are a band from England performing since the beginning of the nineties. After listening to some of their songs I was allowed to see them live at a festival and they amazed me a lot!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Not sure when this performance was from but his singing is much stronger this current tour than in this performance

Great video! But for the love of God please react to Alter Bridge – words darker than their wings – Live at the Royal Albert Hall and let me die in peace πŸ˜€

I've read and heard that vibrato was developed by singers in the beginning of recorded music (early 1900's) to help mask the unreliable tempo of record players at the time and as a side effect developed into a technique for better control and resonance. Much like if you want a line to be level you draw it with oscillation and the end result will be averaged out and the line will be perfectly inline with the plane you want to achieve.

For what its worth, the info on vibrato was really helpful, I’ve heard the word a hundred times but was too lazy to read about it. Thanks much.

I find vibrato hard to maintain. It is hard for me to do it consistently and I find it easier to just hold the note.

The hardest notes for me are long sustained notes with vibrato added at the end.

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