Vocal Coach Reacts to Kylie Minogue ‘Your disco needs you’ Royal Albert Hall

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, my name is Georgina. I’m the honest vocal coach I Teach singing all day every day when I’m not making videos like this one if you want me to react to your singing Oh indeed Work with you learnings descale about Amp patreon are down below So today we are looking at Kylie. It’s probably been the most requested person along with Florence and the Machine 2 for me to react to so we’re going to have a look at Kylie. I was obsessed with Kylie in the early years the hold PWL thing and Kylie and jason and Sonia and rick astley and all of that And I loved her music it’s anyway as she has changed over the years I Think she’s managed to stay successful the whole time So I’m gonna have a look at your disco needs you and this is from the Royal Albert Hall And as far as I’m aware, and she is singing live, let’s dive in The spread we see willing Precision Scrabble Okay, sounds awesome so far she’s got a really distinctive tone, it’s quite nasal And there’s nobody else with this voice apart from Dannii Minogue. Obviously, it’s quite a unique tone She’s very tiny So she’s gonna have small vocal folds meaning that the sound is relatively high-pitched that kind of what is why she’s got the high tone that she has it is a voice that not everybody appreciates And don’t you know some like it some don’t But let’s keep going So let The Oh This is pretty epic isn’t it royal alcohol all of that are costura? They’re all of the extra voices. It’s oh my god. How awesome would that be to be Kylie? It’s just cool We sold You put salt Vocals are very good. Actually the way she’s used in her range. They’re all very strong. There’s not a lot of light and shade here So that This is giving me tingle moments, this is really entertaining our goodness, it’s brilliant. It’s really good I don’t rate Kylie’s like an incredible singer, but as a sort of performer Just this is great Some really unusual Choreography Charlie says don’t you think I’ve been watching the dancers as well thinking what are they doing? Such a mixture of styles My rebellion engine that was vocally really good There was an effect on the very last note though You know when she went up suddenly the harmonizer came on and there was more of her That was a really good performance from Kylie. I proper enjoyed that. It’s a good song ties I thought the staging and everything was brilliant is so entertaining just imagine the energy of actually being there at your guard must have been so just Huh? So what do you think of Kylie? Anyway, do let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching me I’ll be back with so many more videos or see you guys later Give me a thumbs up and subscribe bye laughs


I think she shows every Selenas, Britneys and Madonnas out there how to handle a thin voice with all her performances. You don't have to use playback or singing over the track. You can also train very hard to become at least a singer to enjoy listening to them. I saw her multiple times in Germany. She's amazing.

Kylie in the late 80s will
Always be my fave. As a little girl
I had a video of her videos and I used it watch it in the late 80s and I loved it!

Thank you. She is IMHO the most under rated singer. She can sing ballads : Flower for instance. She got an arts award from a French academy; she has done an album in French. Also she got breast cancer about 10 years ago and she described the chemo as "like a nuclear bomb". So her voice is good in spite of that.

I've seen her perform this live in front of me on two occasions. Second time I was right up the front. It was outstanding. The in person experience of this track is phenomenal.

I really love your video and your reaction. I never follow her so “deeply“, but more Madonna fan (since 1987). But have to admit that I started look more at Kylie from 2011 and bought her live concerts and really enjoyed it. She is so cool. Hope that you will make other videos of Kylie. Thank you. Best regards from Milan.

I have heard Kylie sing this live and every single time I watch it back the hairs on my arms stand. She is absolutely phenomenal. If you can, watch Confide In Me from the Golden tour. Epic vocals!

One of the few Kylie sings that I've never liked. It's like a concept that's probably done before….that being said the live vocals are far, far better than I would have expected.

not only she's a good singer, and an awesome performer, but she is such a classy, well educated, well mannered lady! Love her!

This performance sums up years and years of live performing and hard work. She makes it look effortless and looks like she is loving every minute of it. It is great to see you breaking out in smiles throughout your review 😀

I have an unusual request. What do you think of Sarah Brightman as a vocal coach? I'm her fan for many years, but she is quite controversial when some people try to compare her to opera singers. She never sang in an opera, only in musicals, but has several strong operatic pieces in her discography. What do you think about her genres mixing, how does she stand comparing to a real opera singer or pop singer to your mind?

Kylie always was accurate with her singing (don't even know why people try to compare her to Madonna). But it took me a while to get used to her style and form of vowels, as it sounded too wide open to me.

I've seen Kylie live many times over many years and she puts on such a great show- so reliable and consistent. She does sing live and very well at that! My friends I took to her last Golden Tour in Manchester were SHOCKED at how good she was! Thanks for reviewing her.

Always loved Kylie, master of pop. It was when I heard her sing The Crying Game that I realised she really could sing amazingly well. Hugely polished.

a great song and a lovely lady performing of course singers like Madonna and Kylie have a back-up singer who sounds like them….having said that, Kylie has actually invested in singing lessons throughout her career and she sings on pitch, unlike Madonna who when singing live is off pitch.

Yeah I agree, her natural tone doesn’t do much for me either but she is reasonably consistent live and doesn’t rely on playback, if you compare her with similar artists to her (Madonna, Britney) I think she’s the strongest singer. I do think her head voice is impressive, it’s beautiful.

This would have made a better half time show at Eurovison (rather than Madonna)…and camp as hell!

Kylie always thanks Madonna for this type of show. Madonna opened so many doors for amazing singers. Kylie is so candy and talent!

Kylie Minogue is a clone of Madonna.  A good one!  She is good but Madonna has done this for many years already.  If Madonna is too old and bitchy to entertain you now, then Kylie Minogue will most definitely suit you!

Kylie Minogue is still queen
I’ve been a fan of kylies since neighbours, never stopped supporting Kylie
I like her voice

We all know that she's not conquered the world with her vocal abilities…I don't understand anything of voices BUT:this is a very strong song!I perceive the extraordinary  power of the orchestra,the vocalists and I also perceive how weak and not significant she's voice for this song!She's visibly afraid to move in order to breathe to sing.She appears mulched ed embarrassed just like my english…

This is really good and when you compare it to Madonna's recent Eurovision performance. No comparison

I don't usually like reaction videos, but your channel is a gem!
You are very polite and very real, and you always comment on the vocals as well as staging, dancers, etc. Love it!
I hope you will react to other Kylie videos. Maybe Confide in Me (live in new york for example) or some of her earlier performances – I'm interested what you will say about her nasal vocals from 2000-2005. Not sure if they are good or bad 😀

I think the only pop star with a worse live vocal is Britney Spears, but Britney has so many more hits and catchy pop tracks!

Video and tv performances doesn’t do this pocket rocket justice. U have to see her live to understand how talented she really is. Yes ur right she’s got a unique tone and she’s an amazing performer live and she looks so good.

I like Georgina's videos could you do a review of Cher on her we go again tour. Or P!nk maybe some classic performances of the 70's comparing artists through the years x

All together now!!! WE LOVE KYLIE!!! How epic was this performance!!! So good vocally. She is such a talented performer and from what I've seen from her participation as a judge on talent shows she is also a very good hearted person!!!

She’s not the greatest singer overall but she has one of the most beautiful head voices in out there.

Saw her at the O2 last Sept… she was awesome live… I'm sure she'll smash Brighton Pride next month… unlike Britney who lipsynced the WHOLE performance last year… I was in the Gold Circle so I saw it all😂😐🙄

Absolutely agree – it's not a sound that everybody will like but Kylie is certainly a very decent live singer with an instantly recognisable voice. Listen to her 'Abbey Road' album and you can hear that her voice can also be very expressive. It's not a 'one-colour' pop voice. One thing the vocal coach didn't comment on is that this performance is in a lower key than the original recording of this song. Possibly to give enough 'headroom' for the high finish?

Saw her in concert she was fab although I’m not actually a fan I was dragged along lol. But really enjoyed it.

Agree with your assessment of Kylie. Have seen her in concert and her voice was much better than I expected. But you go to a Kylie concert for entertainment and she always gives 100 %

I saw Kylie live on her X Tour 2008 …. I was blown away …what a great Performer ! And her voice was strong and clear ! Love Kylie forever ! ❤️

This is very interesting. I have subscribed! Kylie gets a lot of flak for her voice but i think you are right. One either likes it or not. Personally I do and her voice sounds especially good also when harmonising. I always love the vocal effects on her records. The Abbey Road sessions with the stripped back versions are a chance to hear her voice presented more simply and she sounds very effective. Some of the best past singers like Marlene Dietrich did not have the most outstanding voice but they were wonderful performers and their tunes are legendary. As for Kylie she is the complete package

This is why I am proud to be an Australian. I'm only 13 but EVERYONE knows Kylie, like she can sing, she is so underrated it's just sad, luckily she is not as underrated in Australia

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! The first and most relevant pop princess of all time. Kylie live is unbelievable !!!

But sometimes on YouTube the videos just end up not matching up completely even if the person is singing live.

Love the Honest Vocal Coach – you look like my sister. Kylie is seriously undervalued BUT talent gets you everywhere… She is still in the business 32 years later. Oh BTW honest vocal coach there is an artist named Elin Many I who sounds very similar to Kylie. Check her song Alien.
I am Soooooo glad you liked My Queen Kylie!

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