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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I’ve always wanted to do a
vocal coach reacts to this singer it’s none other than Janis Joplin and the
song is called “Piece Of My Heart”. I did this with one of my clients Alyona Yarushina a while back and I’m gonna do it again coming up with another
one soon but I want to go ahead and do a live version of this. Janis wasn’t around for
a long time but she definitely did a lot to influence an awful lot of people so
with that said let’s hear from Janis. She’s so cute, she’s always so into it. I’m not sure if it was the drugs or if she really liked it or both but. It’s pretty fast. Now the fun thing about shows back then
and I know I’ve shared this before and I’ll try to just make it quick but my
brother used to take me to a lot of shows, God rest his soul he actually
od’d eat a little over a year ago. Drugs he went for gosh 20-some odd years without doing drugs and he got back into crack and then BOOM
but anyway he used to take me to a lot of shows when I was younger in the 70s and
man you know I saw it like a lot of different artists from you know everybody from Rod Stewart to you know Blue Oyster Cult to I mean you name it
like a lot of.. America, a bunch of bands and they and I saw them more than once
and they never played the same show twice it was really interesting. It was
always something different and a lot of that depended on the energy of the room,
you know how the band was feeling, you know a lot of the mood and just the
passion and just you know being on the road where they tired of this is that
but almost every time a movie just leave it all on the field so they gave them
gave it their all and this is certainly no exception and it’s very different
than music today where you know it’s all exactly to one click and maybe there’s a
bunch of stuff on tracks or whatever and the show is exactly the same every night and I know there’s a lot of bands like Phish and you know John Mayer and there’s a lot of
the groups that are unique and do different shows night after night but
certainly the 70s was an era where it was just pure, beautiful, music, mood
entertainment, passion you know everything went into just that moment in
the night and that was what what made the artistry really cool and then the
other thing too is you know like I’ve said this before, you know you’d hear the
record and it’s kind of like tight tight rope walking you know are they gonna do
what the record did, are they gonna take it to another place like Led Zeppelin or
you know. Will they be able to match up to the album and in most cases they more
than met the expectation of the listener, they exceeded it. So Janis is
certainly way up there in that food chain. Love that tone. That is dangerous man. I did that once. I was at this concert in
Chicago and I invited a song called “Dancing Around The World”. I know I’ve shared this before so I’ll make it quick but I invited a bunch of people onstage like that and then there was a bunch of people that started jumping on the stage
I didn’t invite and the stage had just been built that day for the shows and I
don’t think they anticipated that much weight on the stage and after a while
you felt the whole stage starting to move and you just knew man that stage
was going to collapse so I had to like really quickly usher people off that
stage before a lot of people got hurt and this doesn’t look like the case there but again this is kind of.. have you ever seen the movie Slumdog Millionair,e
whenever I see some of these videos if you guys have seen Slumdog Millionaire
it’s a it’s based on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire the TV show but it’s this kid from India and he remembers all these things that have happened in his life
and somehow whenever he’s asked the question on the TV show he had an event
in his life that gave him the answer to the show and they’re trying to figure
out, you know they think he’s cheating and there like you know putting him in a
interrogation room and stuff you know where did you get that information. Well
actually these cases where I get like these stories and this information is
Slumdog Millionaire. You lived through this stuff. You go I remember when that happened, ohl I remember when that happened you know. So anyway it’s just kind of funny – funny
story stuff alright let’s continue. The love era. Hey at least no one is logging on to her. Did you see that guy she went wahh and he went. You gotta get the swag in there. Go Janis. Look at the guy on the left. He looks like an accountant from the 60s dancing. That’s awesome. Sing it with. There’s a lot of people out there. She’s gonna like. She’s getting them to move now. Was that..sounded like someone else’s scream there. Man there’s a lot of dudes here man, where are the girls. I would think some girls would be up there singing some of this stuff too no. My cheeks are hurting from smiling so much. He is so into it. He has a peace sign. Definitely on something. Some of those guys man. Ah the 70s, 60s the 70s man that was where it was at. You know speaking of which having a whole bunch of different things that
have happened in touring and whatnot I remember we’d just come up for back from
another show like this where we’d invited a bunch of people up and there
was a couple singers that were really fact they kinda out did me on a couple of things that new our material and it was.. we
were playing in oh gosh it was Colorado somewhere. I’ll think of it in a second.
I’m actually trying to.. oh it was just before going up into Vail, that’s right
because our bus broke or didn’t break down we were…we’re going up through Vail Pass and as we’re as we’re driving along the bus was kind of an ailing bus and we
just did a 60-city tour across the country. We were on the the tail end of this tour and the bus had been kind of breaking down over and over again. So
we’re going up through the Vail Pass and the bus driver.. the bus is getting slower
and slower and slower and slower and the bus driver and there was three bands inside the bus plus we’re pulling down a 2,000 pound trailer with a bunch of equipment and he goes, hey guys I hate to say this you know but you guys are gonna have to get
out and walk cause we don’t have enough it was too much weight in the bus to
actually have the bus make it up through the pass and we’re like what you know. So
I’m in leather and it’s freezing cold outside and snakeskin boots. Colorado
Springs that’s where we were and we’re gonna go over into Vegas our next show
is in Vegas. So anyway so we all get out and and the bus is just chugging it like
1 mile an hour and we’re huffing and puffing I mean this is altitude right
we’re in boots and leather and and the bus is just not making it gang I’m sorry.
So the driver comes out he stops he goes hey guys come here come here come here. So
we go up to the door he opens up the door he goes I think you’re gonna have
to push a little bit just to get us up we’re almost at the top you know and
we’re.. otherwise we’re just not gonna make it, we’re gonna have to turn around and go back down. So we’re all behind this bus, greasy, grimy bus from the diesel we’re pushing this thing and we’re just you know and these two silver buses go (sounds) right and right at the top of the pass and we get back in the bus and we’re starting to go back down the
hill and we get on the CB are.. we had CB for those of you that remember what
those are and we hear this haha I remember those days boys and so we saw the buses go by and they had this red j-b on the side of these stainless steel looking buses and we’re like who the heck is that. He goes I remember those days boys remember them, you’re
gonna they’re gonna you know last you a lifetime again Slumdog
Millionaire right. Come to find out it was Jimmy Buffett laughing at us as he’s
got these pristine buses scream. Dude you could have helped us like tow this up
over the line but no you wanted us to enjoy those days but anyway guys
millions of fun road stories and hope you enjoyed it and if you like what you
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