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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I’m coming to you live in Greece at the Apollo, Temple of Apollo that is. Anyway
come join me for my next reaction. Hey gang welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I’m gonna go ahead and react to Guns N’Roses the song is “Patience” obviously
the singer;s Axl Rose and haven’t seen it yet so I’m just gonna dive right in and
let’s rock here we go. He’s got a double neck. I used to have one of those they’re
nice. I was a Jimmy Page freak so I had to get one. Good whistler. I like the shirt so long as it’s not sac-religious. Look at those pants he’s wearing. Oh my gosh. that looks like Richard Simmons doing a Zumba class or something. Oh my gosh. Look at those pants. Dude kind of reminds me I had a friend of mine of he’s European from Belgium and I used to live in Southern California. We’re in a place called Laguna Beach and we used to go out to this area called Shaw’s Cove and he comes down and he’d been going there for
years and he comes down and in speedos and he goes speedos are back and I go they
were never in. That’s what this looks like. I think I’ve shared that before but it’s true look at that guy what a what a
get up only Axl right. Maybe Freddie Mercury coulda gotten away with it. Least Freddie
Mercury could have sported it and it’d be ok. He was a lot skinnier back then. Live background. It’s a little pitchy but they’re live that’s cool. Okay I’m not trying to be sacrilegious
but I think Jesus on the shirt with the crown on the head is going oh you’re not gonna wear that are you. Sorry ok I’m done bagging on his shorts ok.We’ll get to the music. That lick kind of sounds a little bit
like the end of “Freebird”. Ew, someone was out of key there. You know it’s kind of like Aerosmith man. They’re just a good rock band out there just you know playing live. Like I said I just.. I’m
trying to choose a lot of stuff..I mean we have some stuff that’s not quite so
live and making comments about it too but it’s just nice to have just a
great live rock band just out there enjoying themselves. Tempos a little
different every night and change it up a little every night you know whatever. They might change their clothes differently every night but hey I said I wasn’t gonna say anything else. Get a couple of those in there. Doesn’t that kind of remind you of little bit of “Freebird”. Hey in his defense for you guitar
players out there I had an SG double neck like that and that sucker I think it weighe’d like 40 pounds. I mean but if you try to do that
like all night long, your neck is killing you and it’ll look cool you know you kind
of drop the guitar a little bit so by the time you get down to the sixth
string your so low it’s really uh arduous to play that and it’s you know it’s not that
easy so I’m gonna give you you know I’m gonna give him some slack for being a
little bit tough to play that thing so Jimmy Page kind of struggled with it too
sometimes. We got a guitar solo coming up or what. Nice tone though. Oh here comes the solo I guess. Solo on a double neck let’s see what goes on oh maybe not let’s see here okay. Oh guess not. Like I said I haven’t seen this yet so. I think twelve strings, the twelve strings sounds really good on this thing. Got the whole audience singing, that’s nice. I can’t watch. I can’t watch. He’s doing a good job man. You know. Cool. That was a nice long note. Thought he was gonna pass out. Good job man. Alright you guys. Thank you for joining me. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the
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This is from Tokyo 1992, the first time I saw this, I was like: "Wow, an electric version of Patience, cool."

The whole show is amazing. Tokyo 1992, I recommend everyone reading this who have not watched this show, you can get it on DVD (if you can get one still). It is an amazing show

I had only ever heard the studio version of this song and always loved it. But man….live, it’s a different story. I’m sorry Ken, but I have to respectfully disagree with you, when you said: well done. Still, an experience having witnessed the Speedo’s🤭

Was along time ago.. i walk out of his show as of late.. horrible voice.. the cigs have won and voice is gone.. and no he wasnt eating a donut on side of stage..

You should react to the actual singing, Ken, and talk about what he is doing. I feel these videos has been us watching you watching live clips.

He had performance of Patience on the MTV awards I believe that was a simply unreal performance but slash quite underwhelming . Love axl one of my favourite singer a free bird i wish we had more people now

My favourite singer right there, such a special voice. But he never sings with that rasp constantly anymore. I saw Guns N' Roses in Oslo last summer, and the only place in the set where you could really hear it, was at the beginning of Welcome to the Jungle.
When I heard it tho, I was like "OH MY GOD". Because that sounded really badass. I guess he just didnt want to "screw that up" considering that intro is such a unique piece.
Anyways. To all the…I don't want to call them haters, because I believe alot of them are fans too. I think he still sounds pretty good, just different. The man is doing shows that lasts 3 and a half hour. I think he needs props for that. (It would certainly not be Guns N' Roses without him)
I heard that the way he had been singing in the 90s was actually unhealthy and that he could lose it permanently if he kept going like that. Well I don't know, cause I have no experience about stuff like that.

I was pleased that you finally did a reaction to an actual live video, since the Paradise City one was the official video. So thanks for that Ken.
I still watch your videos regularly and enjoys every bit of them. (Still havent got the course tho, because I feel like it's something I'd want full commitment to, which is something I just don't can right now)
You have even turned me on to artists I didn't know I liked, through these reaction videos 😀

you have been my inspiration to keep on trying singing https://youtu.be/jfRyT5YE0RA

And world's best master Im dont have effect ok it me and my computer and this microphone ,it costs 3 US$ lol

I sure Jesus was happy That many people seen a shirt with Jesus song on it I do believe Axel Rose Christian and he is entertaining i’m sure he Thanks The Lord for his fame and fortune.Thank God I can sing his song safely now thanks for your course Ken

In contrast to the swim wear giggles… the American puritanical beach wear has always baffled be; too much cloth when you actually need less to swim and/or sunbathe!

I wanted to see AC/DC. Went to a concert, but instead of Brian Johnson there was Axl Rose. That is exactly why I hated 90'ties rock and had to rediscover 70'ties rock; that man (Axl Rose) can't sing at all, nor is and never be a replacement for Johnson

Guys, sign up for Ken's emails. Got this one today and must say it's a real gem. Thanks Ken for inspiring millions and all of your hard work!
Please, NEVER do this in your singing career…
One time, early on in my career when I was still just a guitarist… I had managed to book a show at Gazzarri's, on the sunset strip in Hollywood (The Doors and Van Halen were featured house bands there for long stretches, before being discovered):

I had posted flyers advertising the show in EVERY place in Los Angeles… where I thought there might be even just a few saintly souls, who would have some sympathy to come see my band play.

I had called every friend, every relative, and every dog/cat/fish/parakeet of every friend and relative… trying to sell as many tickets as I could, to "earn" that spot at 11 PM on Wednesday at Gazzarri’s.

So I drive over to Hollywood. I arrive at the venue.

No singer.

All the other guys in the band have now arrived.

No singer.

… and then, at 10:15 p.m… the singer calls me, and lets me know that he isn’t coming because his throat is a little sore.

Okay. Now I know that sickness is nothing to make light of… and that we should all have compassion towards people who are sick. That’s a given. However… this was not the first time this had happened with this guy. Far from it. And if he’s gonna call out sick, he could at least give us a day to figure out how we’re gonna replace him!

Another time, I spent two weeks booking a show at Radio City Music Hall, in New York City (home of the Rockettes), playing a show with Leatherwolf, if you remember those guys…

The show is about to start.

I’m there…

… and the lead singer walks in the door, SO stoned… that I asked him to just go back home.

And then there was another time, when my band was starting to get better shows. We had booked a tour in Europe. The day of our flight comes, and so I head on over to LAX to board the plane that’s gonna take us to Europe. I arrive at the plane. No singer in sight. I'm looking at my watch, frantically… asking all the other bandmates if they know where he is…

… and the guy never shows up.

And he didn’t even bother to call.

Unfortunately, I have a LOT more stories like this. And they led me to believe that — while good drummers are hard to come by… and while good bass players are hard to come by… and while good keyboardists are hard to come by…

"Good, skilled, kind, professional singers? Well, they’re practically nonexistent!"

I started to believe this, because almost all the singers I knew were guys/gals who showed up late to shows, with lots of great excuses, a crappy attitude, and nowhere near the blood/sweat/tears/time investment into their musical craft… to what you’d invested in your craft. And while you were busy tearing down your rig, and helping the bass player schlep his gear into the van… and while the drummer was still tearing down his set, and putting symbols in his bags…

… Mr. Singer was already long gone, off with his girlfriend, praising himself about how it was because of HIM that the band was succeeding.

And yet, he was also the one hailed always as the "gifted one."

Well, one day I simply decided…

“Enough is enough.”

Instead of brooding in my frustration at all the singers around me, I decided to actually DO something about it. And so I made the decision to take the plunge… and become a singer myself. A different kind of singer.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, since becoming a singer myself I've found that not all singers are bad apples 🙂 I've also learned about the unique pressures, and struggles… which singers face. And so I've come to be more understanding of their plight — of our plight.

But THIS remains true — and it's something I want you to hear & heed:

As the singer, you wield a lot of power; you’re probably the hardest guy in the band to replace. Your performance will affect the audience’s experience the most. You get the most credit… for the good, and the bad. People are looking to you, and your presence, more than anyone else in the band.

So as you step deeper into that role, more and more with time… wield your power well.

Remember that just because your audience THINKS you’re “the guy”… well… it takes a team to make a truly great band, and to play a truly great show.

I think of the recent film “Bohemian Rhapsody”… and how it showed Freddie discovering that he NEEDED his band mates, in a really profound way. Yes, people saw him as “the” star of the show… but in reality, he was a wreck without his mates; without his family.

So be responsible. Show up to shows on time, and SOBER 🙂 Share the credit and the glory, when things go well. And go be a different kind of singer.

Trust me, your life and musical career will rock way more, if you heed my advice here. 🙂

To your singing,
-Ken Tamplin

Could you please review Tina Turner especially her performance of Be Tender with me Baby live from Birmingham in I think 1990

I wanna hear what you have to say about Justin Hawkins (the darkness). Specifically, whether or not he's doing his high notes right.

I've always heard that gnr and motley crue was usually bad live but why? they both sounded amazing on the albums. how can you sound good in studio but not on stage? cause they were drunk or what? I dont get it. somebody please explain.

I love Axl for being able to run around the stage, almost in every song, it's like he loves to explore it :v. What a huge amount of stamina!

I just want to tell you that your techniques and lessons are the only one which work. I can see the results! No tension, and it doesn’t hurt. You are a quality vocal coach and a veritable gift on YouTube.

Axl has got the same hair color than you… He realy need some jeans but he's a good musician… Great! A enjoy the rock music… Though the people enjoy pop music… In my opinion rock is more easy for practice than pop.. the lastest It could be hard.

Hey Ken ! I enrolled your course+pro pack …and I'm doing the volume 1 twice a day about 15 mins and It has been a while I'm doing it .But I can't go higher than F4 though i use the correct posture, diaphragmatic support, vowel modification. Whatcha gotta do?😫

Honestly Ken you were too kind to Axl, that last note sounds like he's passing a kidney stone. Love your vids, and enjoy Greece !

Big fan of appetite, did not care so much for the use your illusion era.

Ken thanks as always, safe travels my friend 👍

Omg your laugh is so contagious! I love his voice in this video. He's got such a mischievous smile 3:32 Tfs.

You are just such a nice guy . You always have a smile on your face , seem happy and have such positive energy .
The world could use more like you !
Excellent musical expertise as well ..

Patience and Civil War are the only two songs in which like axl's voice. I think he's got fantastic skill and talent as a singer, just don't like his timbre.

Hey Ken, I recommend you to do a video reacting to Don Dokken, I know he already lost his voice but choose a song where he hits those high notes. I know there isn't a lot of live videos of the band

Hey Ken , My favorite song by them is PACIENCE … GREAT SONG. I COULD SING DUET WITH HIM JUST AS LOUD N CLEAR NOTE FOR NOTE. Actually many songs. Im amazed he chose to go with AC/DC , Its ok but he really doesnt fit the shoe but who does. Only the original man does. I know not his name. Axel tries to be good but hes a bad boy. Oh well many hard rockers are and we love em anyways. Peace Brother n Peace out !!!😊🐼

Useta love singing with the superstars on good stereo mic mic systems and headphones. People would listen to my recordings and ask me where are you ( me ) in it. What I was doing was vocal over ride and it was me they were hearing , I was so good they thought I was the lead singing band member … Fact. Many songs. I also sang with many female artists. I love every minute of it , especially when I finally got it to recording level of near perfection. Rock On Broham !!! 😊🐼

This show is actually considered one of their weakest shows from the UYI tour. If you want to see some of his singing that is even more amazing, Ritz 88, Saskatoon 93, Paris 92, Chicago 92, Oklahoma 92 are much better

Please please please:
React to The Warning.
A fantastic young independent band that needs the help of reactors like you.
The first song to react to is Dust to Dust (live at Lunario).

Thanks a lot!

I love your reactions.

Ken can you try to do a cover on solway firth a good metal song by the band slipknot of course the lead singer is Corey Taylor and his screams are just insane

I feel like bringin those shorts back, ok maybe not. Axl is probably the only one able to wear those and still kick ass.

It's funny how you have made believe that singing in the 6th octive isn't super impressive even for a baritone.

And that's an amazing thing! It allows me to believe that literally anyone can do it… So thank you 🙂
(Btw I don't doubt it's hard and comes with practice… but it's possible with practice and effort)

i love axl i love guns i love patience and i love you man ❤❤ waiting for your album of covers or originals or mix of both

That opens my heart. You're at the Apollo Temple in Delphi. Whoa!

Plato wrote in his Dialogue (Apology):

Chairephon (a friend of Socrates) asked the oracle if anyone was wiser than Socrates.

Here the oracle Pythia spoke in the name of Apollo to Chairephon about Socrates :

No one is wiser than Socrates. . . and so, after Plato, Socrates, in the name of his demon Apollo, began to find out and question all the wise personalities. He noticed that their wisdom was very ill-considered after all and he got his interlocutors into trouble.

Socrates learned from each of his dialogues.

As is the case with the people, Socrates was later sentenced to death for it. But after 2500 years we still talk about Plato and visit the cradle of our occidental culture.

Say hello to the sun and have a good time.

Hi Ken, thank you so much for your work! If I may have a request, I think a CSN(Y) reaction would be awesome. Maybe a comparison, like now Vs back in the days? You rock!

An interesting song to analyze off the last album would be "This I Love". Vocally, the song covers quite a range and would be interesting to break it down piece by piece in relation to technique. Keep up the great work and enjoy Greece.

Hey Ken,

When are you going to react to some Gord Downie?
When is SOMEONE going to react to Gord Downie??
Seriously man, I know you're inundated with requests like everyone else but this guy gave it his all up unto his last day.

Please, think about it at least. Show the world.

People can say what they want about GnR (and most of it’s likely true) but man they could write some good songs. The only reason that some of them are considered cheesy today is just because they haven’t left the radio in 30 years. Songs like “Patience,” “Coma,” “Yesterdays,” and “Civil War” are just absolute masterpieces and I think some of the greatest songs ever written. I can’t say I exactly support their behavior over the years, but you’ve got to give credit where it’s due and these guys are due a ton.

Do singers like axl and say Adam Lambert or elvis…is it all natural singer or have they all been trained. Esp Elvis??? Btw love it when you chime 8n the singing!

Watching this I realized that I'm still bitter that I wasted money to go and see them live way back in 1991! Worst concert ever! They were 2 hours late taking the stage. Slash was obviously drunk, staggering around the stage knocking equipment over. They kept leaving the stage. Axl threw a diva tantrum and began cussing the crowd because we began voicing our displeasure! We were in the 3rd row from the stage and it got kind of scary! I was so excited to see them too! Years later when I learned there was some substance abuse issues, it all made sense.

I do love your channel…. It makes me better on singing…. This videos as nice as always…. And it's nice to see you wear that BATIK…

In 80s- 90s had really good vocals and sometimes a broken throat I really like guns but I always hear the original band in 80s Axl's voice sounds less tired than 90s. ( That loooong tour) Actually I only hear when izzy was in the band… 1991 his guitar sound was so cool (when he had a nice volume). I can hear matt but I preffer Steven on drumns

Thank you so much for a GNR song! Gosh I love this band. I appreciate you making me look at and hear music differently now. I agree with the others who've asked for you to critique a 2019 GNR. Much love, Ken!

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