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Hey gang welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I wanted to go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to Evanescence Amy Lee and the
song’s called “Going Under”. I have a special attachment to this song because
I just did this song this week with one of my students Xiomara Crystal so we’re
gonna release it actually I think this week. I’m not sure when this reaction
will come out probably pretty soon and so what I’ll do is I’ll put our version
in the description text so you can see how we did. Now Rock AM Ring. I haven’t
seen this video yet but this is where they did their performance and it’s a
big festival over three days in like Newburgh Germany. In fact Nuremberg Germany is a special place too because they have this thing called the Nuremberg ring, it’s a it’s
a driving ring where they test you know Porsches and Mercedes and stuff and
there’s this chick Sabine Schmitt. Holy cow you guys got a YouTube this chick. She’s a taxicab driver was, I don’t know if she
does it anymore and you could hire her to take you through this crazy ring
where she is just killing it. People are literally crying you know they’re freaking
out cause she’s just this absolute monster driver. I think she holds the record for
the speed at this Nuremberg ring but anyway that’s where this area where this concert is in Germany and I have a lot of German stories cause I actually
lived in Dusseldorf for a while, a couple times and I’ve tour Germany a gazillion
times in fact we had a couple if I can I’m gonna relay some funny stories here.
I’ll tell you.. let me get started on this and then if I can remember I’ll relay
some fun German stories for you from some touring days but I’m gonna go
ahead and move this video up because it looks like there’s a long intro here. So I’m gonna try to get it right up to where maybe she comes on stage so around a minute and 21 seconds so let’s fire it up and take a listen and see what’s going on here,
here we go. Okay right up front you can’t hear her
vocals at all and that’s a very typical thing to happen at a festival so and
but in fairness it’s not necessarily the band’s fault um I have played so many these different festivals in fact one time up to okay
here’s the German story for you. When you do the changeover between bands at a
festival you get like 15-20 minutes sometimes 30 minutes max, I mean they’re
just trying to change your band after band and the larger festivals like this
they give higher-high–end professional bands a little bit more time but it’s
really tough on the sound guy to have done a sound check and then to try to
come back and match and reduplicate who knows how many instruments are going on
and in their case you know they use tracks and not tracks to hide the fact
that they’re not singing it’s just part of their sound because they’ve a real
industrial sound and they bring up they implement a lot of other sounds too
it. So right out the gate you can’t hear her vocal so one of my stories is I
remember running out being rushed by you know a stage manager you know come on we gotta go now we got’s to get this moving you know. So I ran out with no shoes on and as I went
to go plug in my guitar and the microphone was here I got arched with 220 and I just hit the ground and everyone came rushing over and I remember I was
shaking and I was just like I didn’t even remember where I was my heart was
pounding through my throat I’m like you know just trying to remember. I was just
like this going oh my gosh what happened. Well everyone said they saw an arc from
the microphone hit my lips and it’s like my hands I guess weren’t grounded and I
wasn’t wearing shoes on because I was trying to hurry for the stage manager
for this changeover for sound sound check. So I relate to this you know this
dilemma that she’s got right now you can’t hear her audio so let’s let’s rock. Still can’t hear her. Ew those keyboards are out. Still can’t here her. Now she’s coming up. It sounds good. Now right there you can tell she’s
coming off the stage. She’s singing live because she’s a little out of breath so
you can hear you know there’s no tracks running on her lead vocal. I know they’re
kind of bringing a bunch of stuff in because they always do but she’s rocking
man and she’s just a force. This girl she sings great live, she writes great songs.. haunting melodies and she’s one of the few female
vocalists that get to write negative songs about their ex and make their ex
play it like the earlier guitar player that was in the original lineup. Which is
kind of funny I.. you know it’s kind of like Stevie Nicks writing songs for Lindsey Buckingham. The hate breakup songs and they gotta
play them anyway oh that would be Amy but anyway let’s continue. That’s a big stage. She sounds great. Great energy. The track is a little loud. Wow look at..there’s guys out there. I’m
looking at the audience here like I don’t see any girls at all. I’m at like
2 minutes and 50 seconds in. I don’t see a single girl in there maybe it’s cause it’s the Rock AM Ring I don’t know but I’m not seeing I would think that she would draw a lot of, a lot of chick singers cause
she’s certainly been inspirational to a lot of. Speaking of which, she has a very
unique sound like Tarj and some of the other you know kind of more operatic
singers. She carries (sings) and it’s a very round sound right. It’s not very pointed but it’s it’s kind of more along you know like I said
there’s you know Pat Benatar used to do stuff like that too but it’s just a real
nice warm sound. In Opera they call that Kiara or Spiro or you have the warmth
with brightness in the center and so she uses a lot of really cool mixed voice.
Now I cover all this kind of stuff in my singing course called How to Sing Better
than Anyone Else. In fact again if you look at the description tag and you look
at you see how I did it with my student Xiomara, we corrected some stuff and
we’re still working on some mixed voice stuff but we try to kind of stay within
you know the spirit and the nature of the original vocal and then you know
only move it around a little bit to suit our own personal artistry. So
let’s continue here we go. You can’t hear the low vocal. I wanna hear that. She’s always great live man. Great energy man. She’s great. There’s those tracks going on in the background. Cool I mean you know just consummate
professionalism. Every time I’ve seen her, quite a few times and even all the live
stuff on video and whatnot. She’s always spot on man she’s just you know. Like I
said she’s a great songwriter. Now let’s you know let’s do the math of this I
mean early on when she first came out they first came out, they were doing some
stuff there including rap that really wasn’t that you know dominant in any
kind of rock music at all. There was a band here and there but they really kind
of owned it. She was using a lot of industrial stuff kinda like Nine Inch Nails
and some other stuff. You know incorporating that in rock, she was doing
these really haunting melody. She’s a great songwriter, a great lyricist you
know and great performer so she’s the whole package man no wonder she’s
inspired so many people for so long. So I know this is an old show like 2003 but
she’s just really held the line for a long time so I really respect that. So
let’s continue to rock here we go. You hear that (sings). It’s real tubular and really forward
sounding so that’s awesome. This area when I talked about Sabine and the
the rock the the Newburgh ring, it was funny we.. I was in my own group at the
time. We were touring from Frankfurt throughout the south of Germany and this
is kind of around that area and we were not doing so well financially and fact
we were broke and we’re.. but we had produced this album that we were gonna
sell just out of the back of this Sierra minivan that we rented. We were you know cruising around all over Europe specifically Germany and so we couldn’t
afford the cost of doing the album cover art and we’re just trying to think and
the name of the album at the time was called Caught In The Act and so we’re
like brainstorming and and I had about a year earlier, I just gotten this ticket
in this or actually around the Frankfurt area leaving the Frankfurt
Airport driving too fast thinking I’m on the Autobahn when I’m not and so I was saying to myself you know Caught In The Act hmm wow you know I got all the guys to come up to the front of
the window and I remember right at this spot I got in the flash Bach went off you know and I thought alright come here come here guys cause this guy this uh this photographer guy wanted
like a thousand at time.. this’ll date this was a thousand Deutsche marks. This is before the euro and so he wanted a thousand Deutsche marks to do
my album cover and so I got the band to come up in front as we’re passing this
place where I got a ticket the light went off and we’re all up in the window and they sent me the ticket and it was a picture of us getting busted and getting and I
think the ticket was only like a hundred deutsche marks or something and we used that as the album cover to sell our live show so Caught In The Act anyway more Tamplin stuff but
when you’re on the road you got to find crazy things to entertain yourself otherwise you’ll go crazy. Let’s continue we’re almost done here. Little pitchy there..little flat. She’s forgiven. Little pitchy again. Little under. She’s losing a little steam at the end but again I can’ tell if she can’t you know hear. It’s a festival. Uh you see her walking around uh and I don’t know.. there was a bunch of songs in this set. I assume that was like the first
song she came out on. So that’s pretty hard to do too to come out and pick off a
song like this boom right out the gate and just hit it and be able to perform
that well. So alright you guys if you like what you heard please like and
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want to do. Alright so until next time God bless all of you and peace out oh and
don’t forget to check out Sabine Schmidt on the the Nuremberg ring. Man there’s some crazy videos on there but anyway peace out. Hey guys if you like what you heard
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Hey Ken loved your face reaction to the intro of the guitar which is awesome love that electric guitar your right you can't even hear her singing at all hardly I still can't hear her either she's great love the band and this song she got louder the crowd is all guys don't see any girls either usually if your jumping up and down or running across the stage your gonna get out of breath the lower singing she does you can't hear her but the high notes you can it gets louder but yea she's great awesome band love the song to Ken she is pitchy sometimes but for the most part it's great good stuff love it

Killer song, Can you do a reaction video to Edguy Sands Of Time Tobias Sammet is another great singer with phenomenal range.

Great review! I liked that you took the setting in consideration when giving your review. Outdoor performances are much harder than indoor ones. She did a great job!

I love Amy. But personally, I wouldn't want to go to a big festival like that. Too many people, too large, not personable as a smaller venue is.

Men love her too though, so I'm not surprised by the mostly male audience. If you look farther back, I bet you would see more females. They may not be into Amy enough to get so close to her.
Just like Styx has close to a 60% female fan base. It's more than just about the music for many fans. We like to "look" 👀 at our favorite musicians, as well as hear them… Whenever I go to a Styx concert, I always try and get close to the stage, because I want to see them better. But, I wouldn't do the same for female musicians.

I once saw Heart in concert, having second tier seats, where the nosebleed seats were just above me. But I was fine with what I had. But I wouldn't have been, if that had been Styx or Triumph…

I always look forward to hearing your touring stories! 😂 Keep your shoes on, Ken! 😨
Love Amy!! Yes, she's the whole package!
Have a great day!

Ahhh I really love Amy Lee- I sing her songs all the time- I gotta new mic 🎙 a while ago and love using it- I’m still watching all your videos to be a better singer 😁

Thanks for the live video. I agree with you she sounds amazing live it's on my bucket list to see her live in smaller venue with a piano with her singing her heart out.

OMG Ken, thank God you are still here!!!! That sounded nasty! 😱… As ever thanks for the great review Ken and love Amy's voice!!! 👊

Wow. I wonder what she eats to have all that energy! Love your Germany stories.. such an adventure! Will check out the other videos next .. Guten Tag! 🙂

I found your channel a few weeks ago when you covered "Separate Ways from Journey" Such an awesome cover. I got instant goosebumps. Your personalty made me subscribe since I'm not interested in learning singing or actual can sing haha.
Regards from GERMANY 🙂

She’s definitely tracking the backing vocals. But that doesn’t take away from her amazing singing. Also I think the keys need to dial it back a notch. Absolutely piercing instead of blending as a counter point.

Well guys yesterday i comment on that cover that they made …Maaan is awesome!! The best i ve ever heard!! Its worth to listen to it !!Dont lose time guys go check it!And beyond that…I personaly asked for an another reaction on Evanescence and here it is!!Thank you very much for that and thank you for everything that you are trying to teach us through the internet!!Even that i dont know mr.Ken Tamplin i bet he is a wonderfull man ,i can feel that..And i hope we will see more Evanescence ,the new Evanescence and her voice like it is now!!Thank you very much again with all my heart!!

A perfect example of a true singer. Who hasn't been manufactured and dressed up by a record label. Amy Lee is the kind of woman you wanna bring home to mom but, at the same time you would to go to confession and pray for your sins😉

there are no girls in the audience because they are jealous.. as for Xiomara we should hope she gets such a massive airplay one day

And about that last comment that u did about the song that it was the first and its hard to go with it as first song , i have to say she does that almost everytime…She picks the hardest songs to start with and actually i was wondering about that…Why is she doing that like everytime?Haha !! How??She is great !

Ken, Evanecence she's a power house really strong vocals, great sound really puts alot of strength and effort into her sound and amazing live as well!!

Ken, let me start by saying, you are great!
I want to know your opinion about guturals, metal screaming and stuff, are you familiar with the technique?
Keep on rocking dude!


Yesss Ken!! Thank you thank you because u are playing my girl!! Your student did an exceptional job singing this song!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Cool song. She sung under difficult conditions and made a good job. Xiomaras Version is pretty cool. She's a very talented singer. Who's her teacher?😉
Sabine Schmidt is pretty. But do you know her German secret? She is in Incognito and in reality Greta Thunberg who would like to really step on the gas. 🙂
Greetings from Germany

Hi Ken! Being electrocuted seems to have given you the super power to sing any note. Was your hair standing straight up from the shock ? Seriously, I am glad you were o.k. afterwards because getting shocked is really painful. One time I was using a wet vacuum to empty my flooded basement and it gave me a shock that knocked me on my ass. Getting shocked is really painful. I am glad you were o.k. Great video. Keep rocking!

Ken there is a current Dutch TV show called Beste Zangers (best singers) and floor from nightwish is on the show. It is a great singing show because it really isn't a competition as such. It is more about the singers singing to one another . You should check it. Out and let us know what you think. I wish our country had such a nice show instead of all the competitive negative garbage stuff we watch over here. Floor is incrediblebe and so are the others. If really like to get you thoughts on it. I think you'd like it.

Guess its ok , Some people like dark theme , makes the light theme brighter. Its all in the mix. Turn your love around v/s what a wonderful word. Or Dont do me like that v/s Love Shack. Have a good one brother. Prior comments are of the deleted type now 😊🐼

Ken, YouTube should react to a Brazilian singer, Andre Matos, especially in his famous band Angra.

I recommend the muisic Make Believe.

But many people like another one too, called Carry On.

Sabine Schmitz appeared in several episodes of Top Gear. At one point she raced a van against Jeremy Clarkston and nearly won.

Hi, Ken. I'm a big fan of your work. My request is kind of funny because I only like a few of his songs (I mostly like 80's & 90's rock), but since I've heard you talking so much about tone in the singers' voices, I'd love to see you react to a John Fogerty song, hopefully "Rock and Roll Girls" or "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?".

Amy Lee is my Ann Wilson of this generation, absolutely the best🎤

Ken happy you took the shock in stride, did you have a nice set?

Hey Ken checked out a lot of your vids
Very impressive…Now a full fledged subscriber…Any chance you could do one on the great vocals of Love hurts by Nazareth?? Thanks

Love your reactions, always so fun to listen to your anecdotes. And your impeccable taste in music… appreciate so much your love for Amy and Evanescence. Just couple of things to reflect on: The negative song about ex wasn't about the guitarist Ben Moody, as you mentioned, it was about her ex Shaun Morgan (Seether singer). And regarding Tarja, her name is pronounced Tarya. Ok, enough smartassin… Rock on bro

The sound crew must have been freaking with no volume on the lead mic it took a while to figure out but Amy kept going like a pro in my humble opinion one of the best artist in the world. Thank You for posting love all the stories you throw in 🙂

I've always been fascinated by her unique and haunting voice. Too bad they didn't came out with so much stuff through the years to appreciate it fully.
However we must give her and those few female rock/metal artists of her time, the credit for making girls approaching the metal and rock scene.

Greetings from Germany. I am living near Düsseldorf. I like Evanescence but in my opinion her performance at this concert was not so great.(this song and performance is so much better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKOS6sC8oyM ) If you wanna see a fantastic live performance, check out this. This song is blowing up your mind. This band is rocking the stage. So much passion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbTpM1lso7Q thx for your vids. 🙂

this is so nice, luv Evanescene and I relly enjoy watching your video reactions to several singers as well. Btw, I just want you to give a reaction to Carrie Underwood's voice and her vocal range as well. .. This is a video taken by her fan on Carrie's recent Cry Pretty 360 'tour in nashville on 27 Sept'19 : 

Or you might also want to see Carrie cover GnR Paradise City on CMA Festival.in 2013 https://youtu.be/XWK_FR0umww
.. You rock 👍

Everytime I see her perform live, I can't believe how good she is! She is killing it and her stage presence is fantastic! The whole show feels like a faitytale. The band is at its finest as of right now. Can't wait for the new album they're writing and also seeing them in April on their tour with Within Temptation! I'm sure Amy and Sharon will do a song together, so looking forward to hearing their magnificent voices together! I would love to see you react to her really good performance at the Nobel Piece Prize concert 2011 of "Lost in Paradise". It really captures her talent.

1000 Marks you have in Nürnberg ! Must be maybe 16 years Ago in Times d – Marks was good ! Merkel is afraid of town This whats the reason 🤔 haha haha hah ! Well Ken girlsinger Name vorgotten makes a good Job ! Maybe few influsing with gothig ! But End End now! – all best to ! My phone belongs in a trashberrel !😫👏👍👋💤

Yea, the sound was horrible for that show, at least in the videos it is, but it shows through that it made the band and Amy struggle hard.

To be honest, Amy is great live but I have recently discovered Nightwish and the singer's name is Floor Jansen. She is amazing live. She can sing her ass off and she headbangs all nite. They play like 2 hour long sets man and she keeps it up the whole time. They are a phenomenal live band. The band behind her is extremely talented also. If anyone hasn't heard of them you should check them out. I don't think you would be disappointed.

Ken i can't hit G#5 my highest falseto is F5, but if a try very Very very Loud i can hit that G#5 811 my question is just if this is safe?

Evanescence is great, and Amy Lee's voice is so beautiful. She improved so much over the years, you should check a recent video of them, her vocals and musicality are even more refined!

It sounded like she wasn’t to happy about the sound and she just did that “uhg” at the end in frustration. She may have even been pushing herself vocally a little harder so the audience could actually hear her (due the poor sound) which was why her vocals started to go away a bit at the end.

On a side note, I really appreciate great singers like Amy.

I used to sing all the time and was in a few bands. I started singing out of boredom. A few weeks before 3rd grade I crushed my right arm (long story but I made a full recovery), so when I was in 3rd grade I couldn’t do much during recess, so I started bringing in my Walkman to listen to while I was at recess. Eventually I started singing to songs I was listening to and even after I recovered, whenever I was alone, I sang. Learning to sing from Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, 50s pop/rock groups, and other rock bands from the 60s and 70s (my dad started to record his record collection onto cassette tapes for me). Even learned from 80s and early 90s pop stars as my Walkman also had a AM/FM radio on it and I’d end up listening to the same stations my mother listened to (as she likes that type of music).

Sadly I lost my voice during an argument in my mid-20s and I haven’t been able to sing very well since.

She's a great singer and her voice is beautiful, but the insanely awesome songs count a lot too hahah It's scary how her songs still give me goosebumps. And they do because they are not disposable, they are truthful and not just trying to "sell me stuff" or sell me a caricature of something that COULD be truthful. I think they manage to be very commercial and very truthful at the same time. Plus, they sound very Resident Evil industrial metal and I love that hahah

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