Vocal Coach Reacts To Donna Summer – Hot Stuff – She Works Hard For The Money – Live – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I got asked if I could do some Donna Summer so I had a friend of mine edit
together a couple pieces. I haven’t seen this yet but I trust him and I just want
to go ahead and dive right in. So vocal coach reacts to Donna Summer.
Let’s rock, here we go. Let’s disco. She left us way too early. She died of cancer when she was like 63 or something. Something’s up…the audio sync is off but that is her singing. Spot on vocals. Good band. Okay that’s obvious a seasoned
professional. Just killing it, audience in the palm of her hand, notes are spot-on
just like the record, her tone is great even in her older years you know she’s
just flawlessly perfect which is awesome I love that. I just love people that
continue with their craft continue to work on it and maintain it over the.. over time Ok I will. I’ll treat her right. Big audience man. Good intonation. Notice the (sings) Doesn’t it just seem effortless for her. In that (sings) She’s got all these cool little you know
inverted scales. She’s singing the perfect intonation, she doesn’t look like she’s
breaking a sweat at all it’s just like really easy for her. That’s kind of
really where we want to be when we sing unless we’re singing growl but aside from
that she’s just doing a fabulous job. It’s awesome. I love her smile too. That’s my version. Oh what do we got. Oh “Hot Stuff”. See I didn’t see this. It’s obviously earlier in her career. I’m waiting for YMCA or however you do the sign language for that. It definitely looks like
the Village People as her background background band here. So anyway that’s
probably deliberate I’m not sure. Are we… I think we left the concert and we’re now at Chippendales if you ask me I don’t know but I’m just saying. TMI..TMI Good dancers though you gotta admit man those guys are on their game. Oh wait a minute. I think we just left Chippendales and
now we entered Hooters or something or maybe it’s just the Dallas Cowboy
Cheerleaders at halftime. Maybe that’s what it is. Here we go. That was awesome. Alright you guys Ken Tamplin Academy where the proof is in the singing. If
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actually. It’s when she first started singing and we covered this song in that
but we covered a plethora of songs, a big montage of songs. I think you guys
would really like it and maybe I’ll try to put it in the description tag also
but it’s Ballroom Blitz cover band. I used to just for fun go out and do these
corporate casuals and stuff and it was a good band. In fact everything…all the
players were great we had Grammy winning horn players and you know just just a
fabulous band. So check it out it’d be a lot of fun. So thank you for joining me and
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