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I wanted to do a vocal coach reacts to the band Chicago and it’s just a
phenomenal band just spread over decades of crazy, great music produced by David
Foster who’s also went on to produce the singer Peter Cetera I’ll talk about
that in a second but just amazing hits you know “If You Leave Me Now” you know “We Used To Love Me” all these different crazy, great songs “25 or 6 to 4” which I’m
going to cover here in the video and ecet.. ecetera Peter Cetera the lead vocalist
actually went on to put out some great hits with David Foster as well. You
probably remember “The Glory Of Love”, “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”, “The Next Time I Fall”,
You’re The Inspiration”, “Stay The Night”. He was actually replaced Peter Cetera the
lead singer, bass player was replaced by Bill Champlin and then they kind of
degenerated into a lot of other different singers along the way but I
know Toto’s done that but Toto at least has had.. replaced it with a lot of really
great talent and unfortunately you know I don’t think Chicago is quite done it
we’re gonna see that in a minute but anyway I want to go and do a vocal coach
reacts to the band Chicago. This is really early stuff guys check it out,
here we go. Remember this song. This is Peter singing here. The band had other
people singing at that time also. The band was known for their horn section. Okay now so again a band that’s
just phenomenally talented players and stuff and as I mentioned this again I’m
gonna say it one more time back in the 70s man there was this vibe for everyone
competing for uniqueness and greatness, good, good songs, good performances ,good
you know, good band members, good players etc and again Chicago is no exception.
This is Peter Cetera singing this here let’s check it out. He used a lot of good mixed voice. A little flat there. Good mixed voice this guy. Great song. Here he’s got that (sings)
mixed voice so he’s not like forcing again a bunch of chest up into the sound and
ramrodding that up into his head voice. He’s actually mixing it and has a real
sweetness. Michael McDonald used to do this too in The Doobie Brothers and a
lot of other guys like that but he was actually a master at doing this so
listen for that as you’re going along to how well he mixes his sound. Good song man. Very unique sound. Nice change. See that mixed voice I’m talking about. See, he takes it up a notch and he’s still mixing. Ok cool um great song man. Now this is a
song, it’s kind of a sad thing way back when this song came out which was just “25 or 6 to 4”. Just a great hit I wish we could hear the original. I wish there was a
great recording of the original version of this because you’d love to hear the
original guitar player remind me a lot of Alvin Lee actually he took his life I
think backstage at a show or something. He shot himself I forget the.. how the
whole story went but anyway it was just a crazy, great guitar player and sort of
set the tone for a lot of that fast you know again if you listen to ten years
after and some of the Alvin Lees and some of these other guys playing fast guitar
back then, he sort of set the precedent and lit the torch for that and he left
us way too early but anyway that’s this song revisited later. Let’s check it out.
I haven’t seen this yet. Remember they were known for their horn section so it’s kinda like tower of power a bit. Some new guy I don’t know who this guy is. I should. He’s not Peter Cetera that’s for sure. He’s doing a good job though. There’s that guitar. Ah so they got the guitar player singing.
There’s two guys singing that’s cool all right. That’s the guy that was playing
lead I think a second ago. Different guy. No there’s 3 guys singing. Four with the keyboard player singing backup. I’m gonna loan that guy a comb for the top his head. I’m one to talk right well actually everybody thinks I have long hair but I
really don’t their extensions check it out. No I’m kidding. I’m weird sorry about that. Alright let’s get to the guitar solo the
more important thing is the guitar solo here we go. The guitar players shredding. This solo goes on and on like green
grass and high tides or something. So anyway I’m gonna back this up a little
bit. So you know “25 or 6 to 4 “, grew up on this stuff. Now the the next tune that we’re
gonna hear is more of a David Foster you know composition that kind of thing and
they continued to do that and like I said Peter Cetera went on to write a lot
of great songs with David but let’s move into this next tune let’s check it out. Oh I wanted to add one more thing. As much as I thought the playership was great and all this stuff is great, I can tell
they’re hired musicians which isn’t a bad things necessarily but it’s not the
original band so though they’re parroting and performing and mimicking
you know a lot of the parts from other players and stuff it doesn’t quite have
the same spirit of the band when the band was together as one unit. I don’t
know if that makes sense to you but it does to me let’s continue. Okay definitely not Peter Cetera. I’m not sure who the guy is, sorry dude if you think I’m
dissing yeah but that was definitely not at the caliber and quality of Chicago.
Like I said you bring other players on, you bring him in and maybe there’s a
little bit of money, maybe there’s some greed, maybe there’s some personality,
issues or whatever but this certainly is not at the caliber of Chicago sorry guys. You owe it to yourself
to hear Peter sing this song not this guy. Eww sounds like okay no offense I’ve seen mediocre club
bands do this song better than what is being called Chicago here. Okay sorry
guys but it’s just the truth here we go. Very thin sounding. There’s no punch to it, no.. No soul, no energy. Nothing. YIkes, maybe it’ll get better. I’m sorry I’m gonna protect your honor
you guys. I’m gonna protect Chicago’s honor and turn that off. I was gonna try
to make it to the end I can’t. Yikes like I said when bands start you
know losing players and bringing on hired guns and then trying to get guys
that are less expensive because they don’t want to pay the original guys in
the band or whatever conflicts worked out. I couldn’t imagine the Eagles going
out and Glenn Frey just hiring a bunch of players and it being the Eagles. It
just wouldn’t be the same and so it is true with Chicago. So anyway you guys
thank you for joining me we gotta take the good with the bad again just a
phenomenal you know I praise the early stuff I love Chicago always have. This is
just less than subpar to me at the end here what I saw. So with that said I have
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