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I got a lot of requests for this one and that’s Adam Lambert and gosh he’s got
such a smorgasbord of so many choices of songs to to do a vocal reaction to but I
thought it’d be kind of cool to go all the way back to the beginning of the
American Idol days. He did one piece on there that um man it was really cool and
you guys are gonna remember, it’s called “Mad World” and for me that was an old
Tears for Fears song and I never really liked the original but man I really love
the way Adam’s approach to this and his interpretation of it. So let’s go ahead
and we’ll do it first we’ll talk about it through it like we always do, and let’s
rock. Okay you can see a couple things
he’s you know he’s a little pitchy, he’s a little shaky on the sound, could be nerves he’s
a little out of breath but you know he’s a newbie on on American Idol so but he
picks it up a bit you know as we go on. I love his breath control,
I loved again his sensitivity to the song, he’s really done a great
interpretation of it so let’s continue. I love the melody. Good breath control. NIce. Did you notice how long he sang those
phrases. He has great breath control and he was able to compress at the glottis and in
the lung so he had this run-on phrase that he sang for a really long time, he
was able to compress it all the way through, maintain good strength, good
stamina, good power, good pitch, good tone and he’s able to kind of pull this off
as he’s going through. He’s a really young guy on American Idol, it’s really awesome
let’s continue. Little pitchy there but that’s alright. Little flat there but still sexy on tone. Okay now that’s kind of tough (sings) he goes (sings) He’s right square in the lift of between
the end of his call register, right at the register break. He’s able to mix in
that sound and then roll right. (sings) So he’s able to go right in through that passagio
seamlessly which was really nice. That was a little pitchy (sings) you know you got just a little you know but he’s young here man come on let’s .you know, hey this is awesome. And by the way it’s hard to diminuendo.
It’s hard to go to back to piano go (sings) and pull way back and go to a piano from a
mezzo Forte excuse me. So anyway but good good control. Now
what’s interesting about this guy is and I know I’ve said this before it’s why I
wanted to go all the way back to the beginning here is look what happens from
the, from what the idols or what the judges have to say on Idol check it out. Simon Cowell is gonna talk here in a
minute and let’s see what he says. Boy he’s so young here. He’s cute…anyway. Applause well-deserved. You know very few people have gotten standing ovations from Simon which i
think is a telltale but you know it’s equally as interesting I know I’ve said
this before, Adam didn’t win. It’s kind of weird cause you think of him
as winning American Idol. Adam didn’t win. That should say a lot about the show
because what did Adam go on to do and be… I mean he’s the singer for Queen for
crying out loud now and has done a ton of stuff in between and we don’t even
remember the guy that won right. So you know sometimes in life things aren’t
always as they seem and so the next time you feel like
giving up or the next time you don’t win and you think you should of or the next
time you’re kind of struggling through it, I would just encourage you to keep
plugging because you know there’s an old funny saying eat crap, a million flies
couldn’t be wrong right. Well and in this case too, you may think these judges would
have pushed him on through to the other side to be a winner and to capitalize on
his talent but Adam had to cut his own his own path in his own way and
congratulations Adam you did an awesome job and you’re adorable in that
picture right there but anyway so but killer talent, great talented guy I’m
glad I got a chance to do a vocal coach react to Adam Lambert. Until next time
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All those singing shows are purely scripted BS. Most who make it through to the show are hand selected and recruited to be there for talent, or allowed on for dramatic effect. Ellie Mae from the walk in auditions rarely makes it unless she has a really, really sad story that will create an emotional effect for the first few rounds. If Adam had won, he wouldn't have had the career he had. His second place finish was no accident. The winner gets their scarlet letter, goes on autograph tours and will generally make a struggling album or two, so the juggernaut can make its money, and that's mostly it for them. It's freaking sad. Stopped watching this garbage years ago. Dig your channel though. Better than any singing show out there.

American Idol has commercials and product placement throughout the show and the show itself is actually one big ad so they can sell the recordings of whomever wins. The show is an ad that breaks for ads and in the end we get stuck with more crappy pop music by the winners that are then treated as a commodity by American Idol. Adam Lambert has a fantastic voice and is doing a great job with Queen and since getting off the show. Thanks for all the great videos Ken. Please tell some more rock stories like that kick ass one with the legendary Lemmy. I could see people throwing bottles at Katy Perry especially after she stole the home of a group of elderly nuns leaving them destitute and broke (one poor nun even died from the stress of the court battle)but why would anyone throw anything at Motorhead?

I would check out Adam singing “Who Wants to Live Forever” with Queen, Brian May of Queen has always said how blown away he is standing next to Adam as he sings that song… truly an amazing talent

Love your videos. You should consider doing a reaction to the group Jackyl. The lead singer has a tremendous voice range. Thanks.

singing for Queen now.. awesome.. there is a video of him on James Corden, like a challenge for the lead singer of Queen, it's fun and shows off both of their voices.. I was SO impressed with Adam oh lordy 😀

IMO, Your voice when you sang along contains too much nasal sound and too solid which destroy the beauty of this song. There is nothing wrong of being "flat" as long as he controled it, he used it as a weapon to get audience moved. And you always said pitchy again and again with a condecending attitude which annoies my a lot…

I couldn't tell what he was sitting on at first haha.. but Adam has just continued to tighten up that pitch, and seems like a cool guy. I had to be reminded that was a Tears For fears song THAT's one of my fave vocal pairs, those guys did some unique stuff in the 80's and it's still killer.. so, anyway great song sung by a great singer as told by a great singer who also teaches. AND BOY what a fitting song cause it's a MAd WOrld

Good job…..sitting down like that probably did help his breath control in the beginning as well as the sit down audience.

I think you picked one of the most famous songs of Adam, though not the best one in terms of vocal technique but emotion. I believe if you chose Adam's performances when he was touring on his own or with Queen it would be better for a vocal reaction.

thanks ken , your tips always work , but now i'm learning these whistle notes which i'm obessed with , and i'm doing great , why don't you react to ariana grande's whistle notes , she performed imagine (her song ) in jimmy fallon !

Not winning is the best thing that could have happened to him…lest he signs over his career (and prob most of the money) to Simon Cowell's management company like the other winners.

It’s the gary jules version. Nothing adam lambert about it. Except the unnecessary catty whine. It’s probably technically impressive but it sounds terrible. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

No fan of this song or Adams "version", just "ugh" to me. But love, love, love how you walk us through these performances. Love your expertise Ken, Thank You!

I think after the touring with idol , Idol gave him a Ford Focus. . And maybe a AT&T cell !😳and a few other things . I been watching Adam for maybe a year now , maybe ., looking for Kens work. And it’s great to see how to look at something in a great way. And know how to understand great recoveries. I find someone. Obsess until I can’t see much more . And Adam has set the bar for idol ! And I don’t even watch it. Unless I hit the channel or someone calls, and says turn it on !!!
But watching so long after he lost! If it wasn’t for Ken I would be typing to Adam with little hearts , kisses and what ever the grade8 prom brings . I hate live with Adam . He’s asking Questions please!
Ken you didn’t tell me that🙁…Does every singer love a million hearts and kisses and blah, blah . Pics , when promoting a record 😳🇨🇦

I can't believe this performance was about a decade ago…. I was in high school and I stopped watching American Idol after this season because the fact that he lost made me so angry.

This is great advise … Check out Chris Daughtry because he finished 4th and turned his eviction into a great career. The following year, American Idol used his original song I'm Coming Home as a feature music for the show. I think he's the best vocalist to come from Idol.

Did u think that his whole lotta love is the best ever? I absolutely became an die hard fan after that performance plz do a react to it..

I'd love a reaction to something more current – any of these would be great.
And someone mentioned this one (QAL on James Corden)

Adam didt win because it was 2009 and hes openly gay(everyone knew he just didt say it until after the show because he didt want it to be about his sexuality) Kris Allen is from Arkansas and there were 38 million votes from a state of 2 mil I believe from people with at&t phones. I was so mad when this happened because I wanted him to win but he wasn't stuck with the idol contract which is the best thing. He gets the creative freedom

I thought pitchy and breath control are opposite things, thus pitchy= poor control, no? is it possible to have good control and yet be pitchy?

Ken, please respond to Adam's version of "Believe" (by Cher) – millions have viewed that posting – ALSO – Girl Crush with Leona Lewis – millions have viewed that as well; both incredible performances by the one, the only, the great, Adam Lambert (and thank you so much for your comments & the video xoxoxoxo)

I know this is the rendition people remember and love, but he performed it again in the finale and mostly solved the problems you note here. I thought it was superior to this performance.

Hi Ken …would love to see your take on Adam's performance of "Believe" at the Kennedy Center Honors… honoring Cher.!!! He was incredible..

Please react to his solo version Whole Lotta love- not the idol version!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3lYbZ5YmqU

His new album is the first one I'd ever care to listen to. The first single was very retro 70's. Very cool song

I wish you’d chosen Adams performance of Mad World in finals – or compared the two because he corrects the breathiness and pitchiness.

Adam sings this same song on American Idol like 5 or 5 yrs later. On their "last show". It wld have been more intersting to compare the two.

Mr Ken, I would like you to to a vocal coach on the Fox TV Last American Idol Trent Harmon singing top 2 final #Chandelier or Simple man..Thank you..I love singers who sing from the HEART plus a great vocal
Thank you

Adam Lambert has grown to become one of the best singers in the world, along with Dimash. I love his mastery of his vocal instrument, and of the stage. He's, along with Dimash, a standalone masterclass. Thank you for making this video.

It's kind of sad, but except for one person from the Voice. I don't know anyone of the Voice. O_o is that just me? Anything the top 3 artist from American idol… blows whatever people of the Voice has done. I'm being serious. They haven't had any career compared too Idol: Fact:
Carry Underwood: almost two decades…
Kelly Clarkson: 15 years.
Jennifer Hudson: 15 years?
Chris Daughtry.
Adam Lambert: 10 years. Queen, and solo.
Bruh. It's not funny that some idol people go on coughs Kelly Clarkson* Jennifer Hudson go to OTHER shows to judge other people,, ( Adam Lambert-) Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson were at Kennedy Honors..and Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert were both at the Oscars this year. imo. Facts. Nuff said. Need I say more? Say what you want about American idol… but they have more stars that do actual things.

It's amazing how far Adam's vocals have come, he truly is a world class vocalist these days. I've seen many videos of him live and he rarely has an off night.

Hi again Ken, Please make a, reaction to Matthew Barlow ex Iced Earth and also Russell Allen from Symphony X

Adam has said in interviews that he messed up the end of the song, singing the background singer's harmony rather than the melody. Still sounded wonderful to me.

Hi, adam actually sang this song twice on idol, the second time was on the finale which I think is a better performance 🙂

Sigh, I wish people did their HOMEWORK. Adam Lambert is a counter tenor NOT a Tenor. He just likes to annoy people with HIGH NOTES proof that's he's a lot more skilled that your giving him credit also it was just nerves being on T.V :
His control:
*low notes–
breath control of 22 seconds.

More please , can you do Feel something !
Im not to fussy on back up singers . Hmmmm .
Funny how he can sing amazing! Everything works together. Then the back up comes in !
I’m not sure that works!
What do you think ? Confused .

Thanks for the comments. I am not a singer and learn more about singing for watching. Adam's Isle of Wight who wants to live forever is amazing.

Love Adam Lambert and Love your channel and voice. Working my way through the reacts videos!
I'd love to suggest a female vocalist from Australia – Vanessa Amorosi. Love to see your thoughts some time. Her Olympic games performance from 2000 at age 19 blows me away! Theres tonnes of stuff out there from her own stuff to covers of Janis Joplin, Aretha, to stuff with Dave Stewart. Take your picks.
Cheers for such a cool channel 🙂

That was a very finely combed reaction to an old performance. It would be great if you reacted to Love Kills from Adam Lambert with queen.

I adore his Ring of Fire and Feeling Good. The best always. He really did discover the true meaning of ring of fire… Mariachis of the original really did not. 😅

Probably a matter of taste but listening to this guy Adam singing with Queen makes me wanna die, I find it really awful, specially because he destroys the rhythm structure of the vocal parts.

This is the first "reaction" video that Ive seen that is so thorough and informative! I'm on an Adam Lambert marathon right now and glad I found this! Thank you! Can't wait to see more!

This was the second time he sang that song on American Idol. I liked the first time he sang it when he was coming down a staircase wearing a long coat. I thought it was a better performance of this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJOWgqp4ZfA

It wasn’t his interpretation. It’s the version used in Donnie Darko arranged by Gary Jules
Adam was 27 here. He had to choose a song from his birth year and this came out from Tears for Fears that year. He’s a flawless legend now.

Would be great to hear your take on his version of 'Believe' he did in front of Cher recently live – she was crying during it – cant say I am a huge fan of him, but he has some voice and range now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukSKzOwYvvs

What does Simon Cowell know about music.. F all he should nt be involved in something he doesnt know about

Love this performance! Great commentary. I always felt he sounded like Savage Garden in this this cover.

Please, please react to Adam's American idol performance of 'Satisfaction' by rolling stones, it's amazing and I'd really like to hear your opinions on his insane techniques demonstrated in that video, it's completely contrasting to the gentle nature of this performance

Good review! Adam was second place that year but yet he’s going on to do far more with his career. The same thing happened with Chris Daughtry. Chris Daughtry was number four and I thought for sure he was a winner, & did not. however, Chris Daughtry went on to have a fabulous musical career. I love Chris Daughtry’s voice, too. Adam is touring with Queen & i’m glad to know the boys found another good singer so that they can continue playing their fabulous music around the world as well as paying tribute to Freddie mercury.

Again you took the words right out of my mouth. Adam did amazing regardless of the fact he didn't win.

Ken Adam does a great clear version of want to break free, alone on NOVA – Red Room , it’s nice ! No crowds ! Alone . Cool

Ouchhh … not a good start (in fact, no a favourite performance from him)!!! Having said that … since joining Queen he has become my favourite artist. What an entertainer!!!

I'd really like if you reacted to Adam's live vocals with Queen. Would be great to see your reaction and your analysis on that. Glad I found this channel.

Ken I totally agree. TFF Mad World is wayyy too upbeat. My fav ones are the Gary Jules version from Donnie Darko and of course Adam’s 😍😍

The cover that Adam is singing is actually a cover by "Gary Jules" he was the one who made "Mad World" very popular by singing/making it more emotional

Ken , I would say from watching a lot of interviews. This is how Adam felt this way. At younger age! Heart felt songs. It’s his style😂😂

Hey Ken, love your content and the knowledge you’re giving out in helping newbie singers. Just subbed, please react to “ stairway to heaven” tribute to led zeppelin at the Kennedy center.

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