Vocal Coach Reaction to Stone Temple Pilots – Scott Weiland- Plush – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I want to do a vocal coach reaction to a Stone Temple Pilots, obviously the lead
vocalist is Scott Weiland and I chose the song “Plush” so let’s just get right
into it. Here we go. Now before we get started, I have to say
I’ve always loved this Led Zeppelin influenced intro and so it’s been
refreshing, way back then in the grunge days when someone would come in with
something really melodic like that because Nirvana didn’t care about that
so much I think Nirvana cared more about you know stepping outside the box and
doing chord changes that were not so typical but this Zeppelin piece was a refreshing thing for me way back in the day. Here we
go Alright let’s see Scott what you
got, here we go Okay now remember we just did a thing
about Eddie Vedder and we talked about him having like marble mouth right,
it’s through that and we did “Even Flow”. I don’t know when I’m gonna release these
so I don’t know if that’s coming out first with this coming out you know.. first
but anyway note that he’s also closing down and (sings) right he’s not doing it
so much as Eddie Vedder, but he is still doing it to
contemporize and you know sing in the modern rock vocal sound which is not so
modern now because it’s been out since the 90s but anyway, alright let’s continue. Now his distortion is a little bit more
safe than Eddie Vedders. We talked about that again in the Eddie Vedder (sings) so it’s, you’re kind of more open in the
sound, by the way I did a version of this song too, I’ll put this in the
description as well and you can see how I stacked up to a Stone Temple Pilots as
far as the song “Plush” goes I only did one song and Scott Weiland has
a you know pretty wide range of different sounds that he creates but
this is one that really, I think emphasizes this era a lot, so let’s
continue And what I love (sings) you know he’s got a natural tone to him, he’s not forcing
the sound, so it sounds a lot more natural to me and not again as
contrived or rehearsed so I like that, that’s really cool and I like his tone,
he’s got a good tone man. a little like Layne Staley…a little bit Okay one more thing too – the band is
actually pretty tight too, in the grunge era a lot of the guys didn’t, they
were almost borderline Punk in the way they kind of presented their
instrumentation and in fact when we did “Even Flow” even though they’re a fairly
tight band, there’s still a little looser, this band had a lot more of a tight
stuff. In fact all the stuff that Chris Cornell did too, that stuff was pretty
doggone tight as well, so they started to kind of move from being a little sloppy
in the instrumentation to a little bit you know, more on their game so to speak. Alright (sings) Nice break, I like that break I get the feeling that this is pretty
effortless for him, I don’t feel like he’s like, you know trying to sell me
something as far as just overpowering me with energy in this that whatever, it’s
just him singing naturally which is really nice, I appreciate that. I love that he opens up (sings) right. Try that, if you guys,
rock guys out there go, start clean go (sings) and then go (sings) push a little
bit (sings) then push a little bit more (sing)
you know you can kind of get that tone and see how he got to that please it’s a
lot safer than just kind of going right to it, so start with a cleaner tone first
you know, get it..a lay of the land, get your nice open throat vowels together and then
little by little, you can start to lean into the sound to get this kind of tone.
Okay (sings) (sings) you can’t kind
of get on that song One more thing about this is, as you’re going through too,
notice there’s no background vocals so it’s really hard to create all that
energy and not have, you know I mean this was coming off the 80s right where Bon
Jovi and Def Leppard and all these guys did all these tracks and just a ton of
like, you know.. album, you know they lifted the vocals right off the album they
played to a clique and they shot out these giant background vocals. This is
the complete antithesis of that, the opposite of that. Where it’s really
stripped down and it’s really raw and that’s what people really
loved about this era, was it was a lot more honest than you know someone go, you
know it looked at you know Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar and they said I can
never do that, like there’s not enough hours in the day to do that and I don’t
even know if I’m qualified or if I’m capable of doing that, so then they went
to something a lot more honest which is this sound here. So that’s actually that
Nirvana and all the other bands that came through here, I think was what
turned people on about this sound was going yeah I can relate, yeah you know this
makes sense to me. So… Cool. Alright, well hopefully you guys
found this information helpful and I’m going to continue to do these because I
think I’ve gotten a lot of great response from you guys. I have a singing
course and I will keep talking about this but again I cover all this stuff in
my singing course called How to Sing Better than Anyone Else and you know
what instead of you even getting the course, just stop by my singing forums,
It’s free. Go join up at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy dot com and just look at all,
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lot of people in there and we’re going through talking about how to get to all
these places we do vocal critiques we do evaluations for singing songs and doing
you know the course etc and that part of it is free, so check it out. Alright. Alright God bless you guys and until next time, Peace out. Hey guys if you like what
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I think the vid you watch/listen to makes a difference. MTV unplugged is probably best for STP songs. That's where you're going to find the most pure sample.

You can teach how to hit the notes, but you cant teach the creativity to make great music. Thats what is lacking in music nowadays

How about Atlanta by STP? Amazing acoustic version. Thanks for your great vids. You'd have made a great frontman. Were you ever in a band? Just started watching, sorry if you've gone over this before.

I'm so glad you picked a performance which had Weiland in (relatively) good health. I remember his voice was thin from all the drugs and alcohol during the post-No.4 / Shangri La-Dee-La era. Man, I'm learning so much from all these videos, I was a teen in the early 90s, so all that grunge stuff overtook my life, thank you for all the knowledge!

I not speak inglês, kkkk ,I like you videos conglatulations , I old rockman from Brasilll kk verrrrry good videos for vocallist exelente

Anybody have any idea where that "grunge" vocal affectation comes from? You know the one that Well and, Vedder, Staley and the imitators like Sully from Godsmack and Scott Stapp kinda ruined? It seems like it was a country thing. Listen to George Jones and you'll hear it. I'm wondering if it came along any earlier than that or if anybody knows if it influenced the grunge bands.

Thanks so much for your expertise in explaining so much that I wasn’t aware of regarding the art of singing

STP got themselves a vocalist in Scott. I think they had no idea how great he really was. Maybe Scott himself didn't know his own range.

This performance of Weiland is not at his best as he is boozed up. You need to either choose early 90’s STP, or late 90’s STP to really get a great feel of Weiland. STP live at Rolling Rock is a better gauge for Weiland’s vocal range.

Weiland was at his best during the MTV unplugged session that STP did, imo. This version of the song was recorded after rough living had already done some damage. I still love it, he was so good.

What about Ian Astbury from The Cult? I always thought he had a great voice especially in their early years..

Plz do “Plush” live acoustic at the Headbangers Ball. It has a very southern feel like a lot of their songs have.

Why would you pick a shitty, late in his days, version of the song? By the looks of it, the 2008 tour… not a good choice

Thanks for this review, Plush will always be my fav song of all times, idk why but there is a tremendous vocal power in it

I think it´s unfair of you to compare a Pearl Jam video from ca. 1992 with a much more recent recording of STP. Both singers and bands have/had evolved greatly since the 90´s. (RIP Scott Weiland).

You definitely know your music! I'm going into audio engineering, and can't wait to work with people like you, who have that love for music as well!

Hey you may tried watch THEM BONES – ALICE IN CHAINS , i think that is a really hard range and i wanna see your comments, Peace!!

Can we please get a vocal reaction to Scott's vocals on their MTV unplugged performance of Plush, Wicked Garden, and especially BIG EMPTY. Those in my honest opinion are some of his best vocals. Or their performance on Letterman of Vasoline.

I think Scott is one of those singers who is pretty clearly a strong Bari but because on many songs he sung in light pretty registrations, people don't realise how deep he can sing. You can hear it on say Atlanta.

Another thing that just makes these guys interesting to listen to, is that Both Eddie and Scott flip between the heavy chest sound and that more twangy or nasal sound in mid range and variation in texture really makes it more compelling as a listener

Weiland and STP were amazing, they produced some amazing works that got a little lost in that era. He had the most amazing voice and a very distinguished sound. It's a shame a lot of the great artists have issues like Scott did.

Yeah, I really loved Weiland's vocals … got a first run CD of that album. 100% spot on in pointing out how much he sounds like Eddie Vedder in this track (e.g. Evenflow).

Great analysis as always. +1

I wish I could of been to a stp concert when Scott was alive but thanks to youtube I can see how it was

I was 15 or 16 when that album came out.

Didn't get into them until way later.

The DeLeos and Erik Kretz did an album with my all time favorite singer on the Talk Show album, in 1997.

Here was the single:

Incredible ballad off that album:

He finally came back last year. This year he released Saturday, which he originally wrote with the band. There's a live version on YT. It later became Glide off the STP No.4 album. He reworked it with Marty Beal of Racket Sound Studio in CA. I'm actually playing drums on it:

Not only is 'Plush' one of the most well crafted rock radio songs ever to grace the airwaves in my opinion, but great call on the Zeppelin influenced intro, I never thought about it in those terms but it so is! 👍

What a great song remember first time I heard this , was a dark era of drug dealing hard rock and week long blow binges with strippers and Ho’s , man think I’ll relapse

Ken you sure your not my brother because every video you do I have to say "I love that band". With that being said I wore your CD's out too. I loved the Tamplin albums.

#Ken; You mentioned Chris Cornell in this video. Have you heard this awesome song by Alice Cooper with Chris Cornell singing background / second vocal. He RIPS it towards the latter part of this song. This is like Alice Coopers Christian album. I actually bought it in a Christian Book store*

If Ken doesn't stop reacting to performances, there's never going to be a 2nd Magdallan album which I've been waiting almost 30 years for

Can we have an Aaron Lewis covering nutshell reaction? Preferably the video with the U.S flag behind him. He does some excerpts of a few songs beforehand, kind of fooling around, but showing his vocal range, until someone yells "Nutshell!" And shit gets serious…

I also like when he was in Velvet Revolver. Of course it didn't hurt that Slash and Duff McKagan were also in the band. Fall to pieces. I used to push that repeat button all the time. Love this song, but yet it is sad, almost felt his pain.

to have done vocals for The Doors…STP and his solo efforts…his voice still gives me chills–went to high school with Scott…Rip Charger RIP

Tus videos son super interesantes y geniales. Podrías reaccionar a Black – pearl jam (unplugged). Saludos desde lima Perú.

I feel I have a vocal talent but I want to here it come from an expert , how can show you so I can get judged by you sir

Their 1st n 2nd album was a huge part of my young adult life. Such a great shot in the arm for rock n roll …. they are in my top 5 all time favorite! Nice video ken👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤘

🎵I am smellin' like the rose
that somebody gave me on
my birthday deathbed🎶

Great Video Ken.
Male vocals in the 90s
1. Layne Staley
1.a Chris Cornell
2. Kevin Martin
3. Scott Weiland.
4.Ken Tamplin😉

love this song! What a great band as well! Scott just had that distinctive voice with character. He had this cool tone & stage presence.Was impressed by his range on STP's Shangriladida album & it features his best singing!

Hey Ken great video. Just a quick reminder to connect with Fooz Fighters when convenient and if it’s a project that interests you. They could use your assistance.

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