Vocal Coach Reaction to Queen – Freddie Mercury – Live Aid – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I decided to go ahead and throw my hat in the ring and do a vocal coach reacts
to Queen. I’ve actually seen Queen a couple times live, way back in the day in
the early I think like late 70s early 80s is what it was.. yeah 79 80 anyway but
I chose to go ahead and do Queen live at Live Aid in the UK and without further
ado I’m just gonna go ahead and get started, here we go. That’s a lot of people out
there man. What a way to open your show huh? Alright now right out out, right out
front here, what he does is he goes straight into like one of their epic
pieces. He’s he’s man he’s certainly not timid and he just comes right out and
throws down. Now his vocal tone is already there if you noticed on the high
notes that he just belted out, it’s not like he had to sing for half-hour, 45
minutes so he must have done some warm-up backstage or something to get
himself into this vocal placement so I want to kind of annotate that right up
front and let’s continue, here we go. Excellent, good job. Now one more thing too,
his command of the audience you know sometimes you’d see people on stage and
they’re kind of sheepish and they kind of go facing the drummer with their
backs to the audience and stuff. Man he’s lapping it up, there’s no shyness
here for him at all but he’s definitely in his element that’s for sure. Now remember me talking to you guys
about his kind of unstable vibrato. That’s an example of it right there but
it’s Freddie so I’m.. in fact I remember I forget where it was I want to say was
Rolling Stone magazine but it was quite some time ago and he was in an argument
with Brian May and you know he.. I think Brian wanted him to sing a little more
bluesy and have some more stability with some of the things that he did vocally
and you know he shouted out back to Brian he said I am no Paul Rodgers. Paul
Rodgers was the lead singer for Bad Company at the time, in fact if you
notice.. remember Paul Rodgers recently did..had a stint with Queen until
you know Adam Lambert took over and so forth but anyway just.. but like I
said the vibrato and some other things but that sort of kapparino vibrato which
means “little goats wiggle” is sort of his signature too and he’s able to kind of
control it sometimes and sometimes not but anyway he’s Freddie okay, so let’s
continue. Lot of great emotion man. Brian May one of my all-time favorite guitar players man. Now if you guys haven’t already done
this, you owe yourself a treat. I know Marc Martel is you know out there
killing it so now he’s a household word but man you gotta check out Marc Martel
cause the guy just is amazing and he does Freddie as good as Freddie, I think in
some ways but now of course there’s you know, Freddie did it first so it’s like
saying well he plays Jimi Hendrix better than Jimi Hendrix or as good as Jimi
Hendrix well there’s something for innovation and…being a pioneer
setter and coming along behind it, yes there’s a very big difference in that
but I would strongly strongly suggest he I can’t talk today, strongly suggest
checking out Marc Martel cause he’s it he’s a force man let’s continue. Okay now he’s going to go into some
other music. I decided to go ahead and kind of fast-forward through some of the
music that they have here cause you know it’s a “Radio Ga Ga” and some other stuff and
I wanted to get to some more of the classics so I’m gonna start here where
he’s coming back in on some more stuff. That’d be me. Not. You’re welcome This is really Elvis the way he pulls this off. Okay now I know I keep stopping, by the
way sometimes we have to stop these videos about every 30 seconds or so
otherwise they pull it from YouTube so I’m trying to also give you really good
quality content for commenting and then I also have to abide by the YouTube
rules but anyway I want to point out that Queen was not afraid at all to take
on different styles of music and this one is very Elvis driven, you can tell
even the way he.. you know his approach to it whereas other pieces just you know
“Magnum Opus” –is of just fantastically orchestrated things, the producer at this
time Roy Thomas Baker way back in the day, also did a phenomenal job with kind
of coming alongside Queen. A lot like you know in the Beatles there was you know
the fifth Beatle that came along and then helped them out as well and really
helped orchestrate a lot of their stuff so we can maybe talk more about that later but
let’s continue, here we go. Makes you want to sing huh? A little sharp there A little sharp again. And by the way..and one more thing you know even though he’s sharp, he still is so in his element
and he’s just got such a command of confidence as he’s going through it that you
don’t even really know or care that much cause he’s such a great entertainer
that you’re just sucked into his charisma the whole time so even though there’s
some carbuncles here and there that’s actually kind of cool cause he’s just.. he’s
real relaxed with it, he’s not like real hyped out. A lot of times you see bands
are just like you know oh my gosh, they’re really crazy tense. He is not
like that at all, he’s really comfortable in his element. Like I said Elvis right Okay of course Brian May epic guitar
solos. Okay now if you want to check out, I
actually did a medley of Queen myself I’ll put it in the description tag so
you can check it out. I’m no Marc Martel. Marc’s just got that sound down, I’m more
like Paul Rogers singing Queen, in fact I had pneumonia believe it or not when I did that medley but I’d already booked the studio
time and so I didn’t want to cancel and lose you know the opportunity so I sang
that medley with pneumonia, believe it or not so you can hear me I’m kind of
stuffed up but it’s worthy, check it out I think you guys would like it and I
just have been a huge Queen fan you know for like since day one you know so
let’s continue, here we go. Awesome, okay I’m gonna fast forward just
a little bit here again cause I want to get to some more um the Queen medley
here we go. Oh I want to see one more thing, sorry
this is what I was gonna say um as I mentioned to you before I’ve seen Queen a couple times
live and I’ve seen actually a lot of live TV shows of Queen over the years
too and the choices on YouTube were very sparse as far as getting to you
know be allowed to play some of the Queen stuff live and believe it or not
even though I know this was Live Aid and it was huge in the UK and all that stuff,
it’s not their best performance so unfortunately a couple of the live
things that are out, out of the UK and whatnot that are on YouTube are far from
Queen’s best performances. I remember seeing them in LA gosh back in I want
to say 79, something like that and they just killed it. It was crazy how great it
was so it’s a little unfortunate that this is sort of what people think of
when they think of Queen live actually this is Live Aid so they kind of you
know put a whole bunch of mishmash together to you know get their slot in
a, in a festival sort of situation so alright here we go. Alright here we go, let’s break out to
another tune and I think it’s “We Will Rock You” or something I’m not sure let’s
check it out. Nice Tele Freddie. I used to have one just like it, til it got stolen. True story. Let’s move into some music here boys. Here we go Hey sing it with me come on (sings) I don’t know I just got excited sorry about that. Couldn’t help myself. It’s kind of funny as a guitar player, growing up as a
guitar player and seeing him, I’m more fascinated watching Freddie than I am
Brian even though Brian’s got the solo spot, I’m watching Freddie kind of you
know stomp around with his funny little microphone stand and whatnot. I’m
surprised I think back in the late eighties, they did have wireless so I’m
surprised he has a wired microphone. I know it was kind of embryonic back then
but we all used them back then for those that could afford it but anyway here we
go. Actually I’m gonna move this up a little
bit cause there’s that great guitar solo but I want to hear more Freddie singing
so let’s move up here right here Ok, now the other thing about this, for any
of you guys that have been on a big stage you really know this, the
monitoring situation is really tough I know I’ve said this before but usually
they’ll have like front wedges all along the front of the stage and I don’t see a
lot up on front wedges I do see some monitors and then there’s some side
fills on the back so if you notice as you’re strutting around a stage you know
one minute you’re on the piano one minute you’re in the front of the drum
riser, next minute you’re on the other side of the stage. It could be
pretty problematic sometimes to hear yourself as you’re going back and forth
so there has to be a lot of sound reinforcement coming coming in from all
sides even in the back of the drum riser when you’re standing up on the stage.
You really you’ve got to have that sucker really cranked to be able to hear yourself
and so especially with all those people and again adrenaline and all the other
things flowing so let’s continue. Look at all those people man. (sings) you know he could get hold of that
vibrato and again that’s just his signature and no dis to Freddie man, he’s
one of the greatest rock singers of all time, one of the greatest rock performers
of all time maybe also one of the greatest orchestrators or composers for
rock of all time, I mean the guys just pure force that’s all I can say but
alright we’re coming to a close here. Oh now it’s a phone. Sorry. Duck in a couple notes here and there
alright let’s continue, let’s move on past this a bit here. See the feedback you know there’s a lot of stage issues but to have that many people coming up on a stage in a festival setting, it’s pretty tough to do this. If you know it, sing along. Tasty guitar player man. I love you Brian. Just…man I could play through the end
here but you guys get the point I mean just consummate professionalism,
consummate entertainer just the top of his game.
You know he’s certainly missed that’s for doggone sure and I want to close
with one one more thing, by the way I have a singing course called How To Sing
Better Than Anyone Else and I cover a lot of this stuff in my course but what
I want to say is is that you know kind of in our lifetimes, very few bands come
around with this much talent you know I’d suggest maybe the Eagles and Led
Zeppelin and you know Aerosmith there’s a few bands that have come about that
have really spawned this kind of talent and been that- the Beatles, been that
inspirational to that many people and even after he’s been I know passed for a
lot of years what 20 years it was a long time. I don’t know exactly but you know
he still continues to inspire people with his music and with his passion and
just you know the whole band is just phenomenal so with that said guys thank
you for joining me. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the
singing and until next time, peace out. Hey guys if you like what you heard,
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If you are interested in Fred's vocals – check out "exercises in free love" – amazing – esp. considering that he was classified as a natural BARITONE…. he sang "out of his range" on almost every Queen hit – oh, and also – check out "Barcelona" with Montserrat Caballe –

79 ,80? christ. I was alive but 6 years old. QUeen recorded in my home town ( Monmouth) Night at the Opera and SHeer heart attack ( Rockfield studios) Freddie Mercury is my favourite frontman and rock vocalist of all time…..

He had a throat infection that day. Freddie's monitors were always right by his head when on piano, and they were always very loud according to May.

What's amazing to me is that you can tell clear as day that the vocal coach is singing along in his head and trying not to verbally sing along. That's how incredible Queen's music was and how polarizing Freddie was. A concert in 1985 and here we are over 30 years later and Freddie is STILL commanding the crowd.

The crazy little thing is: At Live Aid, Freddie's voice was not in optimal condition. But on stage he gave everything and kept nothing for himself!

I am so happy that I have found your channel, I like the way you react to all those great songs and great artists. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Him ending "We are the Champions" with "of the world" in this performance must be why the conspiracy people think the Mandela effect exists. They could swear that the studio version always ended with that, instead of "we are the champions," and then all of a sudden one day it was erased.

I looked at your face, watching Freddie sing and play the piano, I saw some definite respect on your face. Again, a great performer who was taken too soon.

Please react to somebody to love live Montreal in 81. I think that's his best live performance ever in my opinion.

Excellent review. I know that Freddie was advised by his doctor not to perform because he was having throat problems. He did it anyway! Haha! I started out as a musical instrument player and after learning five musical instruments and then went into vocals and that was my life. It is extremely difficult to perform in a stadium versus an auditorium. Queen still killed the show even with a few voice flops from Freddie. The band is golden!! I was really hoping that you would cover that powerful note at the end of Radio Ga Ga where Freddie Mercury just put it all out there. That is my favorite note and vocal from him during the entire performance!! Absolutely perfect and just blew it away!❤️❤️

Im still amazed at the amount of people there and how Freddie just controls them. Dont see arena these days much. I miss those days. 28 years now.

Also Brian Mays guitar solo is worth a mention on Bohemian Rhapsody, that is a song in itself!

The Eagles? They are like the greatest boring band in the world. Seriously….the music is awesome but sooooo boring.

I saw then once in Melbourne Australia in 1985 and it was the best concert of my life! What a showman, played to all sections of the audience and just drew everyone in with his charisma. I will remember it until I die, How lucky was I to see them!! No-one wanted it to end!

There's a video out there Queen w/ Robert Plant playing this song . Led Zep loved Elvis too. Greatest rock voice. As for Metal , i like to see you do a review of Rob Halford & Judas Priest . Another Great singer 👍

Ken, if I may (and as a singer yourself) I'm 58 yrs old. WE, have been blessed with the very best 6 vocal singers in the 100 year history of recording. Freddie Mercury being one, Steve Perry (of Journey being number 2) Followed with Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) Lou Gramm (Foreigner) and Paul Rogers (Bad Company)…………From these 6 men, we have the best vocal parts ever recorded… Of course there are other mentions such as Elton John, Billy Joel, and they belong right at the top as well. We have been truly Blessed don't you think? Oh, I forgot the most important one, you may have heard of this guy, his name is KEN TAMPLIN! 😉 You are Awesome Sir! May you continue to be Blessed!

Hi Ken, you have that proud PAPA look again, that I love. You are too beautiful. Those teeth, the smile-pretty brown eyes and the hair! Never cut the hair. Excellent video, thanks so much……. ginny

You never seem entirely convinced by Freddie, Ken. I know Freddie isn't technically perfect but for me he has the perfect voice. Tone; range; power; phrasing, on his day he beats anyone. I just wish he'd had some proper coaching. Would love to see you do some reactions to Tom Jones. https://youtu.be/qDE2jK6JB4Q

Sorry, but a rational analysis of Freddies performance will fail… because its all about emotions and he ist the killer!!!

I too like Brian May. He recently published a paper re plans of the space agency to develop a method for diverting asteroids too close to earth. His Doctorate is in Astrophysics. Really like your lessons. I'm impressed by your creds! (Hair and smile pretty cute too)

what I loved about this performance was Freddie's command of that crowd and how playful he was, he seemed so happy, in his element . hes very much missed!

Freddie always spent a good amount of time warming his voice up. I have some of his warm up for a concert on tape.

Ken I have always thought that Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest vocalists in the world, He had a range both vocal, and genre that was astounding. I would also like to see you react to Roger Daughetry sining I Want It All at the Freddie Mercury memorial concert.

Love your channel brotha Freddy was one of the greatest of all time and I fully support your channel thanks for your channel brotha you make all singers better even if they have an ego lol thank god I don't RIP Freddy

Freddie was one of the best frontmen and singers in history. One person from Queen who isn't spoken of much, though, is John Deacon. The man was a genius on the bass. His ability to lock the rhythm while playing really amazing melodies that fit the songs so well really helped shape my style.

Some people were just born to be on stage its where they feel the most comfortable and Freddie sure was one of them 🙂

I'm going to cry … what a shining star!!!! My all time favourite entertainer. My sister took me to see Queen in concert in 1976. It was electrifying!!! I hear what you're saying about Marc's voice .. but … Adam Lambert is the 'next Freddie' for me!!! 😁♥️

Okay you got me with that one. Should have taken a picture of the hair standing up on my arm!!! Damn Freddy could sing. Loved my 8-tracks of Queen no doubt!!!! His stage presence just oooozes confidence!!! Nice mix to cover his voice. Bravo!!! Nice!!!!!

As a showman our Fred was untouchable. I’m a Brit and I think only Steve Perry had a better range and was technically superior as a vocalist. Queen rocked Live Aid..

Ahhh Ken!! Thank you thank you thank you!! ❤️❤️ these four guys are the greatest & Freddie Mercury is the best front man and male vocalist of all time just in my opinion and and some others. This band with the whole package deal with Brian May on the guitar ❤️❤️ Roger Taylor on the drums and John Deacon on bass.. all four were top song riders as well. Pretty impressive!! It took them a couple years to get a head but once they found their sound was sheer heart attack, it was full speed ahead. I’m a huge fan of Brian May & The few songs that he and Freddie did together, including one later on during the show, were absolutely outstanding and just beautiful and sometimes tearjerking.

As a vocal coach, I would like your input on Roger Taylor’s voice. He’s pretty darn good as a singer and even better as a drummer. He’s not Dave Grohl, but he’s really good and inspired other drummers to do what they do. I was watching a YouTube video of Queen in Montreal 1981, “ somebody to love” & Omgosh!!!! Freddie Mercury saying that song better than he did anything in live aide and Roger Taylor was going to write along and beside him with that falsetto high voice. It was darn good. The most beautiful thing I’ve heard come out of Roger Taylor’s mouth was “ lap of the gods” & it was an old concert but Roger Taylor had this super high falsetto & it sounded like an angel. I’ve never heard anything like it and I don’t know if you’ve heard it either. I know if you Google lap of the gods queen with Rogers angelic voice it’ll give like a 15 second clip of the song. It is beautiful❤️

An interesting thing in Mercury it's that in live concerts he doesn't use the falsetto……and I don't know why 🙂

I think any singer who captures such raw honest authentic passion in the moment reflects to us what we all crave more of in our souls. I think that's what singing and vocal coaching is all about : )


I like your comments about Freddie's singing and Brian's guitar playing, these guys will always remain the best musicians of all time. I did check Marc Martel and was very dissappointed. He tries so hard to sing like Freddie and fails every time. He doesn't have a fraction of Freddie's talent or charisma and stage presence. Who would want to listen to cheap imitaion while there are original records and videos. When it comes to live performances, i would take QAL any time. BTW, QAL will be doing a big charitable event in NY on September 28/2019, something similar to Live Aid…

I'll be honest, Freddie Mercury is overrated as a vocalist.I think people give him a pass because of the history and the lore around him. He is probably in top 10 of all time, maybe top 5. But Steve Perry is #1, Robert Plant is #2, Freddie just doesnt have that kind of vocal ability as the 2 legends I mentioned.

I thnk the Queen crowd deems anything other than Freddie being #1 as sacrilege.

Mark says he's no Freddie…just good at imitating Freddie.
Freddie wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love in memory of Elvis & sang it to honor him!!! 😃

Martel is great no doubt about it. But you said it. A million guys can play eruption, but Eddie created it. That's what matters. I don't care how perfectly anyone else can play it, it will never be as good as the original. Keep up the great vids.

Love Freddie. Martell is an amazing but just a faux Freddie. Sorry I think Adam does a better job than Marc. There is only one Freddie I don't like when he tries to sound like Freddie. I think that's why I like Adam better. He is just being Adam and NOT a Freddie sound alike. .

I think you are talking about Queen live at the Hollywood bowl 1982, maybe the greatest Freddie's vocal performance… I would like you make a video of his "Somebody to love" performance from that gig

You don't have anywhere near enough subscribers for how talented you are, been watching a few of your videos (as well as paying for a vocal coach) and they've helped me a LOT in between coaching sessions

Hey Ken. I just went searching for this. I have only been following a few months but I knew this was in here somewhere. This is a day I'll never forget. 15 years old. I liked Queen of course but never expected them to steal the show the way they did (especially after not being back together for very long)! Led Zeppelin is hands down my all time favorite. But I have to give best live performance to this show. Queen at live aid

Ken, since I was a kid I noticed that many British singers don't sound British when they sing. Some do, but many don't. Is this natural or by teqnique?

I think you were more animated on this video than most of your others if not all. You seemed to really enjoy yourself on this clip ken, lol.

Sad to see you left out "Radio" Ken…8( Some people don't even realize the meaning of the lyrics that i talk to these days, and it's just #sad panda

😂😂😂 i’ve seen this video before and I happened to be a Paul Rogers fan, despite the fact that I love Freddie Mercury. Paul Rogers has a very distinct (GOOOD) voice and technique. Freddie Mercury can get by with that ( an occasional unsunstable &! A short note during a song) because he is Freddie Mercury and that Vibrato is his signature mark, as with his love of the audience, and command of the entire arena. ( most of the time his vibratos are much much better) he was also singing with a sore throat that day against his doctors wishes.. What would be considered “ unstable or uneven” to most people, can sound good coming from other people. Freddie Mercury can get by with anything except a few times I heard him singing on the piano pretty drunk in the early days. Thankfully, he pulled himself together after about five minutes.😂😂 The note of which you were speaking The note of which you were speaking during” crazy Little thing called love” definitely was a short note even though it stretched out some in the album and the video, etc. BUT The amazing thing about Freddie Mercury being able to get by with making a slight mistake or a mistake in general, Is that what he will come right along right afterwards & BLOW This beautiful sound into the audience it can be powerful or just downright beautiful. Also, speaking of Queen performances, I saw the YouTube video of Queen in Venezuela. WHOA!!! It’s hard to Picture of Freddie Mercury shy & quiet, but I can see it in his eyes. I can’t help but laugh at his interviews. He’s truthful and says he doesn’t give a damn what the critic says because they aren’t buying his records & he loved his fans & he didn’t care because he would sing his rock ‘n’ roll & roll music in a tutu. Freddie is funny! Baahaaa! I love Brian May and with so many good guitarists, I wish I could’ve heard more about him back in the 70s and 80s. The video Brian May has I enjoyed most was when he spoke of the red special he and his dad made together because he couldn’t afford to go out and buy a guitar so they made one together. That’s the way to do it!! This performance was awesome and Queen stole the show by far. I saw it on tv. It is not Freddie Mercury‘s best vocal. His dr. didn’t want him to sing, and he did it. ❤️

OMGOSH!!!! When I was listening to you sing Paradise city, I thought you sounded like Paul Rogers. That’s so ironic because you just said yourself and you sounded like Paul Rogers singing Queen. Now I know I’m not out of my mind. 😀✋🏻

I really dig this!!! Excellent job!! I’m so glad you mentioned Marc Martel!! He’s fantastic and I like the comparison you said where Freddie was the pioneer! Well done! Love your videos very informative.

Freddie had a problem with his throat at the time of this concert, he did the show against the advice of his Doctor.

If I want to listen to Queen with a singer that sounds like Freddie then I will listen to Freddie and not Marc Martel. Marc has a great voice, but why listen to a copy when the original is available.

Bro, been subscribed with notifications hit for a LONG time and haven’t been getting your notifications. It’s weird, man.

I liked this video you was very informative of what’s happening and your very relaxing to watch here good

Freddie here had the "goat vibrato" because, even though he was in great shape that day, his nodules caused this instability because when you listen to how he sang "Mama oooh" he did it with a controlled vibrato. But other than that, "gotta leave you all and face the truth" line here was delivered strongly and agressively

Hey Ken, forgot to tell you. Way back before they’d finished the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I was one of 2 million ppl to send in samples of singing the song to get mixed into the sound of the audience singing along. I actually was one of the 500 out of that many to get mixed in. Still have the picture they sent to prove it.

I actually watched your tips on going into higher notes before doing my recording and it obviously helped. Thank you Ken!
PS: watched 10x, can’t tell my voice in there. They mixed the 500, 200 times to create the sound of a 100k crowd lol. Still I guess it’s something cool.

Remember he had aids too damaged his voice a bit, yet hardly anyone could tell because he was still better than the rest in his era

If you would like to hear and react to the best cover of Bohemian Rhapsody ever ( some say better than the original( What!!!!) well, I never believed I would say this but…. equal to???. You will be amazed. They are a k-pop group ( 4 members) and they KILLED IT!!! Please Ken YouTube :
“Forestella Bohemian Rhapsody”
All the coaches and reactors were in shock.
So please ken or all your subscribers or you who are reading this who love Queen please please please ( only if privately) react and be in total disbelief!!

Man you rock. Spent almost all my day watching your videos. It's fun, you're really very charismatic, feels like you are really having a chat with the viewer, and has an amazing technique.
I'm schedulled for an audition 2 weeks from now for singer in a rock back in my really small town, already ctrl+d'ed your course, hopefully if i pass, and when i make some money, certainly gonna buy it.
Cheers from Brasil my friend!
Keep on rocking!

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