Vocal Coach Reaction To Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl – The Pretender – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I thought I would do a vocal coach reacts to Dave Grohl and the Foo
Fighters and I chose an older tune I chose “The Pretender” just cause it’s such a
classic piece and there’s a lot to it. There’s a lot of nuance to it so I want
to just go ahead and play it and I’ll comment along the way, so let’s do this.
Here we go. Okay right there, he’s got a real
airy sort of (sings) he’s going.. (sings) He’s got all this air. All this air so he’s pushing all this air. Actually I’m not pushing more air than he does
and then he’s got kind of a flanger on it so it gives it a little bit of
mystery to it which is kind of cool right and then he’s gonna kind of ramp
it up a little by little. I’m gonna not comment up until the chorus cause the
chorus is the harder part to do but he builds it, builds it, builds it and then
we’ll go from there, here we go. Nice. Good job man. Okay so if you remember me saying we
were talking about screaming at a football game in one of my previous
vocal coach reacts to, he is kind of screaming at (sings) right. He’s, he’s actually kind of screaming, I’m actually
compressing the sound with the open throat technique we talk about by the
way I have a singing course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else and I
discuss this step-by-step of what not to do and what to do so Dave you know, by
the way I love Dave Grohl, he is the coolest guy ever man. Every time I turn
around he’s doing something cool so this is not a deference to Dave at all, I’m
just talking about singing right now so um it’s a street, a real street kind of
thing but hey you know my cousin is Sammy Hagar and he’s been able to do
pretty doggone good you know, he’s Sammy and I’m not so you know he’s from Van
Halen to his own solo stuff or whatever and he’s been able to get by on pinching
and squeezing that same kind of street sound for a really long time he’s 70 or
he’s over 70. So anyways so Dave’s kind of taken that same approach but to get
to a safer approach we want (sings) we want to get a clean sound first and then we lean into that sound (sings) and you want to you know gently lean into that sound so that
we’re not over compressing and pinching and squeezing in the throat, let’s
continue. Now I get the feeling too and he would
probably agree with this, is that he’s not releasing the air so he’s got to
take a big gulp of air to get through all this stuff and you can kind of hear
towards the end and this is prerecorded so you can hear him doing this live
as well where he runs out of air. Well if you were able to compress the air like
we discussed in a previous video, you don’t run out of air, you just take quick
hits and you release and you’re relaxing the abdomen because this takes
a lot of abdominal strength to do this stuff right let’s continue. Okay so I actually did this song too and
I also did it with one of my students Gabriella. I have an associate his name
is Bob so Bob if you could put in the description tag my version of this song
and then also put in Gabriella’s version of this song too, so they can
juxtapose a female doing it and a male doing it as well, so you can guys can see
how this plays out both male and female so it’s not just us
guys that get the benefit of this, girls you can do this too and I prove it over
and over and over again with my female students. So anyway guys thank you for
joining me Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing and
until next time, peace out. Hey guys if you like what you heard, please LIKE and
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nailed it with advice again..sir.. yes strong abs..and breath for sure😊 epic song..that is truely flyin the bird in Satans face ..that is (my) take on lyrics..this is how i feel, im a JC defender..and ya i like to rock out..headphones cant go loud enough

You are the best Vocal Coach, Ken!
Your singing is absolutely amazing, sometimes I cant believe it!
I like the way you separate things!
Every time you criticised someone’s singing is always with appreciation for the the artist being there, writing, singing and exposing himself. Its always constructive. Thank you for the videos, it has been helping me a lot.


Thanks for another kick ass video and lesson. Ken, if you get a chance could you do videos explaining Jim Morrison's singing or Roy Orbison's or Sammy's as it would be cool to see your lesson explaining their techniques. I have been a huge fan of Sammy's for most of my life and saw him play live countless times with Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen innovated the guitar with his tapping technique and style of playing which players will be trying to figure out for as long as there are guitars. I digress. Thanks again Ken for all your great lessons.

Dave is a great drummer and a very cool guy a great dude i like him please ken do phill anselmo i think anselmo has more vocal range

Hi, Ken… I’m going to the Czech Republic this year, probably on August 22nd.

Do you think that there I can find Gabriela, or someone close to her?

Could you making a video reaction of Axel Rudi Pell? He is an amazing singer

Greetings from Colombia !

One of my friends was criticizing your vocal coach reactions. Cuz he was saying all you do is shit on singers and criticize them. Obviously I disagreed with them, cuz you can criticize a singers technique and still acknowledge that they're awesome. like Dave Grohl with the screaming thing generally in a technical sense you don't want to do it the way he's doing it but obviously it's Dave Grohl and he makes it work.

Just do some crazy Mike Patton reaction man!
Please, I am eager to se you react to him!
He's my vocalist hero and biggest aspiration!

Hey, loved the video. Is there any chance you could react to "Go to War" by Nothing More? The Sirius XM live version is amazing, and I'm interested to see your take on his singing. Maybe not the best technically or consistently, but when he is on, he kills it. I just think a reaction to that live session in particular would be amazing.

Ho, we can see how much you love this song, you can hardly keep yourself from singing it…😀

Can you react also to independent bands that are quite unknown just because of their independence but have a very high level?

1) The Warning: Dust to Dust (at Lunario)
2) Motion Device: Thick Skin

Thanks a lot, I love you channel!

Dude your cousin is Sammy Hagar? Why don’t you have him in one of your videos? THAT WOULD BE SWEEEET!!!!!

I honestly don't know how people like Dave Grohl keep screaming without damaging their vocal cords, but when Dave sings more smoothly, it's almost like butter. I've had a musician friend who told me years ago that he thought that the Foo Fighters were "too studio," which I don't remember why, but they're still out there touring and making records. Thanks for sharing, Ken!

Hi Ken. Great reaction as always! Please do a reaction to Brandi Carlile – The Joke from her performance on the Grammy's this year. She stole the show, and I think you'll really like it. She was the least known performer before her performance, but it was what they call a "needle mover". Plus she's another great Seattle artist who's performed with Pearl Jam and even showed up with Dave Grohl once at the Pike Place Market to Busk. 🙂

Great video Mr. Tamplin! I was wondering if maybe you could do one of Joe Lynn Turner, either in Rainbow or in Yngwie Malmsteen Live. He's one of my favorite singers

Hi Ken, I love this song. I have a funny story about this (well it wasn't funny at the time). When I was married, I would come home in the morning after a night shift and put my headphones on and watch YT videos. Music creates dopamine and serotonin, chills me out. Anyway I was just about to listen to this and my husband tapped me on the shoulder and said "Chelle, take off your headphones a minute" And he then said "I've met somebody else, I'm leaving." So I considered his words for about 3 seconds, put my headphones back on, turned the volume to the max and played this video.
I don't know what it was about this song and video, but I just thought F U. I think it's the defiance, the anger in it. Anyway, he was a lazy fat git, who always told me to turn down my music. I mean, isn't there a law that you can't listen to Led Zep quietly? anyway I now live with a Caucasian Shepherd dog called Dylan, and he loves me! And he weighs 170 pounds.

Dear Ken can you do a Reaction to U2?
There is a good video called "U2 Perform Rare, Intimate Version on "Every Breaking Wave"" I think it's amazing how bono sing live after all this years

I'm a fan of yours and you have so much talent and you share it with the world. Having said that, I'm not a fan of reaction videos. Just my 2 cents.

What's GREAT about the voices of people like Dave Grohl and Sammy Hagar is that their singing voices aren't 'canned' by correctness. They avoid that pretentious sound. It's raw and real, and for some of us that's the most important thing. It's not all performance. It's REAL expression.

I still don't see the appeal of this band, or this song. Not because I'm a snowflake-pop-chick, just let me clarify, I'm completely a metal head. But I just don't get anything from this song. I mean, loud heavy music is not just about yelling over loud guitars. Look at Metallica, Dream Theater, Motley Crue, or Pearl Jam. Those bands had something unique to offer and offer(ed) it with unique artistic style. Foo Fighters look and sound so generic. To be fair, I do love that their drummer goes nuts, you don't always see that.

Hi Ken!! Thanks for another great reaction video!! I love Dave Grohl, he is an amazing drummer and lead singer!!
Love your videos!! ❤

Amazing! I love Foo Fighters. I wouldn't compose a chorus like that hahaha He doesn't sing it like that live, he sings in a lower tone. Still awesome, but that's what happens when you create an insane chorus that not even you can sing live, specially when you don't seem to care about taking vocal lessons to learn how not to hurt your voice. Passion is great, but any fan of any band, should support that, because they'll have their favorite bands singing the same way longer.

Hey Ken! Nice video! Could you please react to Ronnie James Dio or Danzig? Love both their vocals.

Hey Ken do some led zep I just listened to a 2014 remix of stairway definitely double tracking of Roberts vocal in the last part

Yea I see you can't help yourself ken you just have to sing this great song I have a version I did about 10 year's ago

I always wonder how people go out and shout every night. I do that for 10 seconds and I need to rest for a day lol.

Ken, what you can say bout Kip Winger and Glenn Huges? Maybe you can make a reacts vids?

I find its Not truly metal ! Its a mixing of metal and punk ! I whrit Not much – in elier years weres a Band named carnivore ! I got a Record of this Band hide in my cabinet ! But different is tension of metal and so ! Foo fithers – should i say what ? No bad singing ! !! I prefore singing of Pagan ( amon amarth- running Wild – grave Digger – and also other Bands ! New is Germany ! Völkekischer schwarzmetall in your langwith- folk blackmetal or so no inglish man I am ! But enouf of whriting ! Foo fithers ! Not Bad and not good Sorry for this ! Jo alles gute für dich ich gehe raus ! Much sussex for your Future and bevare your passion for music -end 💙👏👍👋

Its me again excus Ive got a puation ! Whats the reason ! Hey Rammstein is so belovet in USA ! My fuckin mobile phone macks Nonsens – Rammstein is a poetic Band with good tittles indiet but i dont think so thats every man can unterstand what Rammstein sings ! Sorry i just wonder why whats reason ! Ken okay 🤔💙👍☝️💤👍

Hi Ken sorry to bother you,I have a question about your singing course. I am confused about which volume of it to choose,if I choose the one with the pro packs (the one that has volume 4 and 5) does it include volume 1,2 and 3 too? Because if yes,then that seems like a much better deal to me than just buying the basic course with only volume 1,2 and 3. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

Edit: i’m aware you have a video on which course to choose,and I’m really sorry for being dumb but I’m still a little confused,so if you could clear this up for me that’d be great. Thanks.

David Grohl. for me is a genius.
one of the best drummer players.
he write his song.
play guitar and sing.
but the life version is different than studio version. I love foo fighters. but they can find a real singer.

Ken, could you react to ac/dc please? Even better, when they were live at river plate back in 09’ ?

Hey Ken 🙂 I need to ask you something about my voice, I've recorded a clip with a note who sounds very Chesty. I can sing a lot high with this up to c#5, but never seen someone who has this kind of sound in his voice. Can I show you the clip somehow?

Hey Ken!! how are you? I think you have become in a reference for the music world, you always choose perfect songs and amazing voices, did you make "The vocal Coach Reaction" for the other great song of this guys called "The best" if you do please send me the link.
Thanks in advance!!

Great vocals (yours too!!!!).
I am puting a link to a video…
These girls (3 mexicans sisters) covered The Pretender in 2014 …they were 10, 13 and 15 !!!!
They are a Rock Power Trio called The Warning and have an EP and two excellent CDs/LPs released with own material. The three sing and play!!!!!!!…🤩🤩🤩
Trust me … the sisters are great!!!!!

Hahah you are very alike Sammy, indeed! Your hair and face…I'd never imagined about that , though!!
Those dammed cousins…=) He sang for my favourite Van Halen songs..I think they are, because I preferred his singing to Dave´s….

I've always wondered how could Dave (Grohl) sing that awesome "angry" way without damaging his voice…Thanks Ken!

Good analysis. I've always noticed Dave's struggle with certain aspects of his singing, but that's also not a bad thing. While I appreciate a beautiful rock voice like Greg Lake, Freddie mercury or Steve Perry, I also just dig the raw Dave grohl, Mike Ness and John Lydons of the world, too. Sometimes rock needs to be pretty, often times it is best suited by raw. I'd love to hear your assessment of Greg Lake and Michael Poulsen. I really dig Poulsnen's vocals.

So cool to see the Foo FIghters cover The Pretender by The Warning a teenage band of sisters.
https://youtu.be/yjDkAnaTVVY get song. They were covered by Metallica too, Enter Sandman (which got 18000000 views)

I hope you know that Taylor does the chorus live. It is almost impossible to do the verse and chorus. Dave takes a step down for the chorus. Love this song, vocal line, and performance….such an achievement for Foos.

I was always thinking about his voice like "How the hell can he do it?". When I was in a short-lived band I helped my brother by singing the high vocals. But I quickly learned that I have to be careful.

For now I just check your videos, but I'll consider joining seriously.

Dave Grohl's mom has put out a book about raising him and has had other rock artists mothers add their stories to the book. I have the book, it's called "From cradle to stage" and in that book his mom had said that her son was said to be one of the only singers that somebody had heard that could "scream in perfect pitch". I am not so sure that Dave is the "only " singers/vocalists that can do that, BUT, it surely IS rare. IF somebody wants to know who had made that statement I will look it up in the book. I must say that Dave is a good vocalist, and since he has written songs for the Foo's he is much more talented than anyone would've ever guessed, most had assumed that Kurt Cobain was the most talented guy in Nirvana, NOT to say that Kurt wasn't talented, BUT, I'm sure that Dave would've NOT be seen as a talent in any way until he had formed "The Foo Fighters". Nobody had seen much from him in Nirvana, so what would they think?

Your cousin is Sammy Hagar? I am NOT a fan of Van Halen, BUT, anybody that stops that asshole Dave Lee Roth from singing MUST be a Godsend. ANY songs by Van Halen that I DO LIKE are sung by Sammy. I LOVE the Foo's, they are one of the FEW bands that are popular that are NOT "soul-less pop music" (my words) they make me feel good about them being a band that is still putting out music that is really ROCK music, NOT to mention all of those "funny ass hell" videos, although how the drummer is MUCH sexier as a woman than I could EVER dream of being. AND, Dave Grohl is the COOLEST guy ever, he has let so many people up on stage to play and/or sing he has been the nicest guy in rock for many years. He had broken his leg onstage and STILL Insisted on finishing the concert, so, yeah, NOBODY will EVER outcool Dave Grohl.

Could you do a video about Billy Corgan? He has one of the RAREST voices ever, so, maybe it'd be HARD to really compare him to ANYBODY, I guess.

I think he's got a little influence by Kurt in his voice… Kurt used to "scream" his soul off the body, so I think that explains Dave's thecnic maybe (?)

Dave's also a drummer (some would say the 2nd best singer/drummer in the Foos – Taylor is a beast) so he's got the anaerobic energy to handle those monster 2+ hour shows. He's likely going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. He's already in with Nirvana, and Foo Fighters are eligible in 2021, I think.

I found you because I I have vocal cord damage and was doing research! Now I’m finding all of these really cool videos! You rock man!

Dave is a great song writer, no doubt. He does a lot with what seems to be an untrained vocal technique. Great video, thanks for sharing!

Please do a nirvana reaction come as you are preferably but no matter what it was would just love to get your take on Kurt's voice and if it would've been sustainable for years if he was still here

Hi… can you do a reaction/analyzation to MATCHBOX 20 .. I'm just curious to what you'd say/comment to Rob Thomas as a vocalist.. I'm just a HUGE fan of that guy… Thanks…

It is so cool that your cousin is Sammy Hagar but I love how Dave Grohl switched from being a drummer from Nirvana to a singer for the Foo Fighters.

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