Vocal Coach Reaction to Evanescense – Bring Me To Life – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
We got quite a few requests for this one and that’s none other than Amy Lee from
Evanescence and she’s got a huge repertoire of songs but this particular
one “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” and a
few other ones. Now I’ve actually done this with a few of my students and I’ll
talk about this more later but we’ve done three different Evanescence songs
and I’ll post them in the description, so three different female vocalists that
work for.. that are part of KTVA and so I’m gonna do “My Immortal” now excuse me I’m gonna do “Bring Me To Life” now and we’ll just do it first and we’ll
talk about it as we go along okay, here we go. Now right out the gate again Amy has a
very operatic approach also like some of the other singers we’ve talked about (sings) right, she again
brings a lot of masks in but she has a lot of open throat technique and you
know as I’ve taught a lot of girls over the years um in fact, I have a singing
course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else and we’ve got like oh my
gosh like 25,000 students in my free singing forum so if you guys are
interested in singing, check out my free singing forums because we were all
talking about negotiating all these ideas but anyways so um I noticed that a
lot of girls have trouble with that because they have a tough time with the
upper head register they haven’t really built it up that much and Amy’s done a
fabulous job of that so in every song she’s a tough nut to crack because now
she doesn’t sing with really any distortion per se but she’s got a really
full round sound when she does go up top so let’s continue here we go. What I love is if you notice you know (sings)
you know you can see this is a live performance there’s no
tracks there’s no lip-syncing going on (sings) I don’t know the lyrics that well but I don’t know them at all actually but anyway
but I do know voice and I do know how these vowels are placed and she’s doing
a fabulous job just live, spot on, everybody’s spot on, the band sounds
great, it’s awesome. Now I don’t know for certain but it
really does sound like there’s a couple voices there so I don’t know if she has
someone offside stage singing so I just said they’re not doing tracks but there
might be a background vocal here and there because you’re hearing that (sings) so there’s a lot of sequences going on, so they probably are
playing to a track and maybe she does have some backgrounds on the track and
you can hear her voice double here so but she is singing live because in the
verses you could really see that here we go. See even that little (sings) she had that kind
of little bit of out of control vibrato there, she was a little out of breath so
she got caught off a little bit, then she brings it right back in but that’s what
I mean you can tell it’s really live, here we go. See there’s harmony there. So unless they have some other off-site person singing it. Again more than one voice there. Good band. I want to get a couple of those in there Now in fairness man they’re one of the
first guys doing this I mean Amy’s, she’s she’s inspired a lot of people
especially a lot of girls and they were a very unique fresh sound that came out,
you know kind of on the heels of a lot of grunge and whatnot and they really
cut their own way their own path and it’s pretty interesting because they
combine a lot of elements so you know some industrial techno technoish
industrial stuff like Trent Reznor you know with Nine Inch Nailsy kind of
stuff with you know some growl you know a little bit of rappy kind of stuff,
operatic stuff, a little goth in there you know in and out too she even kind of
looks like that with her you know kind of white face and the weird eye lenses that
she’s using to kind of look like a lizard or at least does something from
outer space but anyway really cool it will finish up here but. Spot-on man, band’s spot-on, great
performance. Get some notes in there man. Anyway killer performance just wow I mean you know good to have how refreshing is it to have just great
music, great band, good performance, good song you know. Man I just love to get
back to that music right now so I’m gonna start my soapbox if I keep going
here but anyway just good stuff so I’m… you know again I was going to share with
you, I had three of my students one of them was Sara Loera uh we did “Bring Me To Life” so check that out on my channel, we also did.. one of my
students in Italy, we did “My Immortal” and we just recently did another one with
Kati Cher “Call Me When You’re Sober”. and they’re all really cool songs so
check them out on my channel I’ll put them in the description so that you can just
kind of link on it but anyway thank you for joining me you guys, Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. Check out my singing course man
um it’s called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else and I walk you through step
by step how to get to these places with your voice. Okay thank you, until next
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I'd love to see you 'break down' Tonight We Ride by Unleash the Archers.. now they have a unique vocalist

i noticed something in this song. instead, a solo instrument between her breaks it was a guy's voice to add contrast.

It'd be interesting to see you review the duet of Amy & Lzzy Hale a/o them both doing the same song (Seether's?) Both powerful and completely different.

Ahhhh this is my favorite band! Her voice only gets better and better with time, I saw them at a concert during their Synthesis tour last year and her voice is just so flawless. Her voice is so powerful that she's practically screaming some of the notes, Lithium and Your Star specifically. Love Amy so much, thanks for covering this!

Totally enjoy when your doing these . I am anxious to hear you or is you will ever watch RocketMan and do a breakdown on the person playing Elton and singing Eltons songs himself. Elton is very proud as he hand selected him

Ken Tamplin! I haven't heard that name in YEARS. Your name just brought back MANY memories of cranking Shout as a teen. Love your music! Thank you for all of your amazing music and vocals!

Thanks for this one Ken! Hey I was wondering if possible could you react to Beyond the wheel by Soundgarden? It’s a song in which Cornell really blew everyone off in my opinion and I still haven’t seen a single reaction of this song. Thank you Ken love from Mexico!

I disagree. She sings with her thorat. She doesn't have the sound based on the diaphragm breath. She has good voice, but poor technique for live perfomances.

Hey Ken, great reaction. You are a like a book of knowledge. Actually, my wife name is Amy and my name is Lee…lol. Anyways, could you possibly do a reaction to I remember You by skid row? Sebastian Bach is such a phenomenal singer and a fellow Canadian as well. I know you get alot of requests but figured I would give it a shot. Keep rockin bro!!!

I believe Evanescence was very unique, in the sense that they used several different genra's in one.
Trivia: DIO was a fan of Amy's vocals…

If you haven't already you should react to "The Pretty Reckless -Make me wanna die (acoustic)" incredible preformance from taylor.

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Once again you got a 💯 with your video. You’re the man!!… wating for Black, Pearl Jam —Unplugged— and Outside, Staind —Family Values Tour—.

Regards from Mexico, Maestro!! 👋🏻

I like Ken's improv high notes at the end of the performance 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 Not to sound like a music snob, Evanescence is a great band but I don't think they were trendsetting the Nu-Metal/post grunge sound quite as much as The Deftones, Marilyn Manson or System of the Down

Seems like just a live voice over the whole band on track, can't see any drum mics so it might just be live vox.

Can you please make a reaction to Alliance – Na Zare? The voice of a vocalist is stunning and progresses from low to very high throughout the song

I like your analysis. I would like to hear your analysis of Diana Ankudinova’s voice. Please listen to Diana Ankudinova – Wicked Game. Thank You!

I was REALLY REALLY into Evanescence from from the ages of 11-14. Now, at 27, I still really enjoy their music. What's really surprised me when I've revisited it recently is that….I'm noticing…in the contexts I do sing in…I kind of sing like her lmao. Like the influence when I was younger subconsciously influenced the way I sing.

Why do they always do her weakest vocal song.   This one never really shows off what she can do.   But I guess everyone has heard of this one so they do it.  It's a shame really.  There are other songs that would be better to show off her vocal talents and amazing range.

I am locked in a 60s and 70s time capsule So I never heard of her However she was glorious here❤️

can you do a video on another great female vocalist Pat Benatar. i believe she had a big influence on lady singers today. why she's not in the HOF is a mystery

I love Amy Lee but unfortunately My Immortal is the only song of hers I can actually sing. Back in the day American Idol had a video game that tested your ability to match the key and pitch of different songs note by note. My Immortal was one of the songs I got a perfect score on, I'm guessing because I was able to imitate Amy's voice closely enough to fool the game 😂. Bring Me To Life is my favorite of hers, but unless vocal lessons enable me to I can't belt in the same key she does. I am self taught but would love lessons so I can figure out what type of voice I have and how to expand my range. Also I want to learn how to use head voice properly so I can break the habit of trying to belt everything in chest voice. I think one of my biggest issues is trying to hit high notes improperly, causing too much jaw tension and tiring my voice. That and also my stage fright! I have so many questions but unfortunately I'm unable to afford lessons at this time. In the meantime I'll keep binging your videos, they're so insightful and positive just like my other favorite YouTube vocal teacher Sam Johnson! Between the two of you and your videos I'm learning a lot of technical things related to singing that I never knew before!

Ken, you may or may not know this…but the gentleman on drums (Rocky Gray) and the dark haired gentleman on guitar doing background vocals (John LeCompt) were in 2 different Christian heavy metal bands (Rocky was/is in Living Sacrifice, John was in Mindrage.)

I'd love to see YOU sing anything by Tool. My favorite band of all time and my fave singer. I've no doubt you could do Maynard which is the highest praise I can give.

Please do reaction to Dance Gavin Dance. Their lead singer Tilian has one of the best mixed voice ranges in the rock scene

I forgot to say your channel is fantastic, also would you ever do a video on Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode ?

At this stage, Amy pretty frequently had backing vocal tracks playing during live performances. Now she has Jen Majuro do them during live performances.

Beautiful… Love her style. Stevie Nicks is one of my favorites… Her sound is unique. My son loved her(Evanescence) and after we left the hospital(we had a 2 hour drive to home)…literally "Being Me To Life" came on the radio about a half hour into our drive… I cried like a baby. Thank you for this..it's been 6 years and it still touches me.

Great song, I think she has a Great natural voice. But she could sing allot beter if she could control her breating. That my opinion but Maybe im wrong…

you should check her singing (and react of course 🙂 )this acoustic, she sounds like an angel when she doesnt jump around and stuff but it's really inspiring to watch her do that at the same time

How did I miss this one? Good job on this one. Still hoping to see you react to Hoobastank, Crossfade or Default.

Amy Lee is incredible!! My favorite female vocalist of the millennium. ❤️❤️❤️ her vocal technique with her ability in general is just unmatchable when compared with others like Rihanna & Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez,, for example. Evanescence & The musicians- all of them…. absolutely incredible when compared with other millennial bands. Wow!! Singing her Amy Lee’s music is the only thing that keeps me in practice at the age of 51. I’m 51 and I’m not in my 20s anymore so it’s all about practice and consistency and doing it over and over again. She’s amazing!! For a female vocalist, her skill is probably the closest to Freddie Mercury!! Transitions are incredible💕💕

Just found your channel, and looking for some artists, about Amy maybe you could check her Live sessions for AOL, idk if that is studio or 100% live but sounds amazing

You need to listen/react/analyze to Lithium by Evanescence, acoustic sessions at AOL Studios. You can find the HQ videos on the Evanescence Channel by Mick Scissorhands!💜👏

I like the dichotomy of this song, band. Amy starts out with an ethereal/gothic voice and then the band is rock. Then she turns her voice into an ethereal rock sound. This works so great together.

I want to see you step out of your comfort zone, and check out Wait and bleed by Slipknot. Corey Taylor is an impressive talent because of his extremes with vocal fry, growls and that choppy mid range singing he brings in

Amy is on a short list of female vocalists that make the hair on the back of my neck do cart wheels.
>Ann Wilson
>Mariah Carey
>Christine Aguilera
>Amy Lee

Thank you Ken, very thoughtful with your words.

I think the only thing live where the lead vocals and male response. I know the drum part like the back of my hand and those where the drum tracks from the record. There was a part in the last few measures where the drummer did a full between the snare and the Tom's, but the sound was only snare. No big deal. The vocals where tight.

really like how you add couple notes in the end part. i'd love to hear that from amy too. great video man.

she is not wearing an eye lens/contacts. her eyes are naturally that stunning (blue). The heavy makeup she is wearing here is making her eyes seem weirder than what they actually are. I only know this because I got to meet her in person at a record store.

just a comment… in live performances Jon LeCompt from Evanescence do the male voice while in the original version the male voice was performed as a guest by Paul McCoy from "12 stones", that is why the song may feel or sound a little bit different in that department.

Oh wow, that was from an Italian TV show called "Festivalbar" (likely this performance was recorded in 2003 at Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia) 🇮🇹 Nice throwback for me 😃 I really like Amy's voice! I used to listen to Evanescense a lot in my teen years along with Linkin Park and Silverchair. Thank you for this video, Sir.

PLEASE LISTEN TO HER LIVE OF "SPEAK TO ME". just search Speak To Me Live (Synthesis). She sang it way betterrrrr than the studio, its just that perfect! That's a song she wrote and sang as a track for a horror movie . (co-ev fans correct me if I'm wrong ty)

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