Vocal Analysis of Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Performing ME! LIVE!

Hi, my name is Sam Johnson, and I’m a voice teacher today I’m going to be reacting to and analyzing Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie of panic at the disco Performing me She’s not using very much support as a lot of people would say I don’t love the word support I think it’s kind of problematic. It generally gets people to push a little more rather than actually finding good support She just doesn’t have very much cord closure through all of this. So it sounds kind of light kind of not very Strong it just doesn’t sound very strong, but she’s getting all of the notes I’m pretty sure she’s singing this live like at the very beginning where she’s saying along with that vocoder sound I wasn’t completely sure but as it’s gone along it kind of sounds like a live performance. So I’m happy with that Yes, I don’t think she’s singing here now she is This song is very low like the highest note that she has gone to is the c5 right now Most of it is below her first bridge where she doesn’t really need to try to sing Like this is all a very easy part of her range It’s not going exceptionally high when it does go to those higher notes. She flips. She goes to that Which the vowel e tends to make things a little bit more heady It puts it up in your head voice a little bit more, but it’s disconnected. It’s easy It’s a very easy sound to make but everything below her first bridge below that a area everything below Her first bridge is basically spoken. It’s speaking on pitch So it is singing and she’s getting all of the musicality that she wants from it But she’s not trying to make it anything more than that. It’s just a very easy song so far It’s really easy to sing along to and honestly I think that’s why she made this song is something that people who buy records are going to sing along to Comparing his voice to hers just at the part of the voice that that he’s singing in. He’s singing right around his first bridge He’s not going like up above it. She didn’t really go right on to her first bridge though Most of what she was doing was below it. So he Sounds more like he’s singing it whatever that means rather than just like speaking it on pitch She does have some decent legato all the way through Every tall when it comes to find another like me Same thing that avowal and the e vowel just jumps it up into head voice for him So he doesn’t need to make the choice to mix it or connect or make it anything bigger than that just the way that they wrote this song does all of the work for them and it’s like oh It’s this easy easy easy thing to sing up at the top of their range Cool that time when he started up at that a he started with a connected voice and he added a little bit of extra Distortion which kind of contrasts with her voice which is just more pretty up through that area because she’s not trying to make it Full she’s letting it be kind of flippy and letting it be a very light sound his voice next to that sounds really cool But that’s the first time in the song that I’m like. Oh, yeah He’s like actually singing this seems like it’s kind of a difficult thing to do. It takes a bunch of skill to do this That time she went to the connected voice It’s pretty cool stage When she went up into that connected place she kind of let it whine it wasn’t this clean and big open sound It was kind of whiny baby, there is no me that kind of helps her vocal cords thin out so she can get up to that note without having to Let go of them so that she can actually sound like her chest voice even though it’s high It’s not like purely chest voice for her Some people use the phrase reinforced falsetto for a sound like what he just made it sounds still Connected to me though and I know that he’s able to come back down and the way that he was making the sound a second before I Think was completely connected so I wouldn’t really use reinforced falsetto But it is kind of toward that place where it’s not like a completely full cord It’s so thin and he’s letting enough extra air through that. You know, that’s where semantics become just very weird That time when she went up to the me she stayed connected But she had to drop her jaw in order to get that sort of connected sound Up at the D. It wouldn’t have worked. If she had kept it without me. It would have sounded way too compressed It sounds a little bit compressed because she is getting a little bit of a pull in her voice there But she’s doing some things that mitigate the amount of compression on her voice So they do a lot of cool theatrical stuff with this performance And I think that that is what this song allows them to do because it’s not the most Interesting song I’ve ever heard but it’s very catchy Taylor Swift concerts are pretty much like life theater. It’s very Extravagant and like one of the shows that I saw. I’ve only seen her in one show at her red tour it was basically Like going to see a Broadway play the same kind of thing is happening with this and I think that how basic the song is Lends to letting all of this pageantry kind of happen because it’s not going to distract from the song it just kind of adds to everything and so without that I think that this Performance might have kind of fallen flat without all of the visual that they did but it’s a fun single It’s really really catchy the people who she is Marketing toward I think will really love it vocally the song isn’t that hard to sing for Brendan? There were some parts where he went up into a really high register for him and he stayed connected He’s a really skilled vocalist, but for Taylor Like most of this song wasn’t like showing off all of the skills that she has as a vocalist Which I know people argue about how good of a singer she actually is But she is capable of doing a lot of things this song doesn’t really show it off but not every song needs to and I’m probably Overthinking this but musically it’s not that complicated vocally. It’s not that complicated They’re doing a good job with what they wrote, but they’re writing a very simple song. So that’s cool, too Thank you for watching Please like and subscribe go leave a comment below of something You’d like me to react to in the future and tell me how wrong I am about Taylor Swift. Thank you


I love that you're not hating on the song for being what it is. Summer anthems are never complicated. They are catchy and breezy and made to be sung at the top of your lungs while you drive with the windows down. Neither of them are pushing their skill here, and that's ok. I like your analysis of how they're mitigating things that might be stressful on their voices, you'd have to build break songs like this into a set to survive the kind of touring they do. Broadway does it too. Thanks for the video!

I love Taylor Swift ❤️ ! You’re pretty cool too Sam. I like your videos .

This song does exactly what it’s supposed to do, which is give me something to dance and sing so loud in my car , with that pop confidence you get when you think you are so cool even though you look and sound ridiculous. It’s the fun song that gives energy to your daily life.

The downside of this song is people who are not familiar with all Taylor’s work don’t realize how amazingly talented she is because this song is clearly made for the above purpose. I’m sure it’s also to sell records, but if I was a pop artist I would love these kind of songs just because they are fun.

Remember she also was an actress, well she was in a few films ;), so she enjoys acting and songs where she can just perform. If she sang every song like Mariah she might not be as able to give us these amazing physical shows, that, like Sam mentioned, feel as complex as a broadway play.

Anyway I really appreciate when someone is able to love all types of music for their different purposes and I think Sam does a great job explaining why this is just fun to sing for everyone!

I don’t want to distract from this reaction because i think you nailed it but i so desperately want you to do A Dead Desire’s song The Vanity

Hey Sam! Could you react to a larger compilation of Taylor’s voice or her 2018 AMAs performance of I Did Something Bad? I think she’s a great example of someone who has worked really hard to improve her voice over time.

Most of the comments are ‘bout Brendon Urie , Any swifties here? Btw i think Taylor’s voice is better than beebo’s voice * it’s my opinion since I’m swiftie*

I would love if you did a video on Bastille or foster the people. They're two artists that I love the lyrics of but I know very little about singing so I would love to hear your take on them 🙂

Dreadful song but it is what it is. Brendon is fine but he doesn't make it better ya'll. Let's be real. It's not good.

React to Eurovision song contest performances this year! And also Madonnas (terrible?) performance at Eurovision

Please react to Sia 'Soon we'll be found' live on the David Letterman show 2008. Amazing vocalist, amazing performance IMO. I am keen to see your reaction. Thanks.

Seriously love your videos even though I know nothing about singing. Question for you though: can anybody learn to sing? I sometimes think I might be tone deaf

I adore your videos. I’m not trained in vocals AT ALL. Your content is extremely educational. I’d love to see you react to Adele’s Carpool Karaoke.

I really think you should check out Taylor swift Grammy museum performances. Very stripped down and awesome 👍🏼

I thought reinforced falsetto was that thing Roger Taylor does on Lap of the Gods (not Revisited, the earlier song, and he did it live as well, while on the drums…) because it's actually in that high range and tone people call falsetto but sounds strong and thick instead of light and airy. No?

Lmao omg I swear some of the people in the crowd were there for Brendon damn the screaming lol but me too 😏

TS has made her entire career on speaking songs instead of singing songs. She figured out that catchy music is where she can excel, not so much on actually singing. BU on the other hand is not afraid of going big and has a big voice. Honestly this colab is odd to me. LOL

My wife & I love your videos. Would like to hear you comment on Swedish Hitz doing Abba's Money Money Money

i was actually dreading to listen to Me cause I can't stand Taylor and I love Brendon since high school. thank god he's so much better than her. never gonna listen to this song ever again though

I'm personally not a huge fan of Taylor and actually don't mind this song mainly due to Brendon, but do feel that he has to hold back in order to not outshine Taylor which is a shame knowing what he can do.

React to Brendon Urie's best live vocals! They are AMAZING! He adds so much character to whatever he sings and his vocal range is insane!

I don't mean this to diss to Taylor, but to me her songs sound the same (vocally). Brendon Uri however has a wide vocal range. She sounds breathy, Brendon sounds tame compared to his band's performances. Its kind of a strange combination, he has the stronger voice and has to try not to sing over Taylor. Maybe that's just me, I'm a fan of Panic, not a fan of Taylor

I would love to hear your thoughts on Heilung – Krigsgaldr. Keep up the great work, I've learned alot from this series.

Can you react to a Green Day song with Billie Joe singing? Maybe Boulevard of Broken Dreams or Wake me up when September ends

I despise Taylor Swift but love Brendon. Only song that brendon has sung in that I hate ngl. Hes better than this and deserves much more recognition.

That dramatic music and passive aggressive comment in the end xD Love the drop of humor on top of a professional commentary as always ^^

Seriously noone gonna say it hehe ok.

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Hello Sam! I love your videos and I've been willing to know more about one of my favorite artist, if not my favorite atm: Aurora, a norwegian singer. There is this beautiful song of hers she usually sings with her backup singer in a lower tonality compared to the studio version. But one time she was alone, and it was very interesting to finally see a live performance much more similar to the studio version! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6hq5cziIHc it would be great to hear your thoughts about this 🙂 thank you!

lol the first chorus she only said "hee", cuz it got way louder at the "hee"… if that makes any sense 😂

On My Side- Demon Hunter Reaction or Analysis, doesn't really matter just curious how you find Christian Metal lol

react to don’t blame me by taylor swift (reputation album and you can find it on netflix as “reputation stadium tour movie”)

I think another reason that the song is basic is because if Taylor wants to do a song with a vocalist like Brendon, she doesn’t want to sing it live and be upstaged on her own song. If the song were more difficult to sing, it would be obvious that he is more capable of singing it than she is. No hate on Taylor, but Brendon is truly amazing live and it would be embarrassing to have to sing beside him knowing you can’t compare especially on your own song.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfNX_lteIWM – I would love to hear your reaction and analyzis of this beauty! 🙂

OFF LIVE – Taylor Swift "Live on the Seine" @ Paris, France


Please please please react to Taylor's performance of I did something bad! It was a very good performance and would love to hear your take on it.

Are we gonna ignore the fact like brendon is just soooo Broadway? Well no shit he’s done kinky boots but still

Can I get a reaction to Never Ending Story as sung by Dustybun and Suziepoo of Stranger Things? Thanks fam.

For the shakiness in the sounds on both of their parts, the microphones were messed up which is disappointing.

Without Brendon it would be so so boring, I really think he saved the performance and entire song, amazing how he sings live during the whole thing, not like Taylor does

Since I know that you react to kpop as well I feel like you should react to some of the performances from the show Superband that was on JTBC.
Here are some that personally like:
All I Want by Ha Hyunsang
Creep by Ha Hyunsang and others
Wake me up by Hoppipolla
Cake by the Ocean Floor by Kim Woosand and others

There has never been a single video where I haven't learned something from you.

You are amazing, please keep doing what you're doing! 💜

I could say recordings and lives are far different!!.. it really is 😅 but at least people performing without lypsincking are the confidence one!..which is great! People would understand that..as if "sometimes voice is just like an attitude sometimes ur on it and sometimes ur not!" And about the performance its pretty good.. its normal that it changes though with a lot of moves that couod tire u and lossing breath through the a lio bit of dancing🙂

Hi Sam, love your work. Keep it going!
PS. Can you please check Kaleo's live performance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcXsK_u4ixI and review? Thanks, much love 😉

Have you done any Tina Turner? I was watching her perform "Tonight" with David Bowie the other day and wondering how she gets that throaty tinge to her voice. Also David Bowie would be neat too

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