VAV sings “Poison” in Portuguese | Try-lingual Live 브이에이브이

While singing a song, the lyrics will change to another language. Try to sing along! Have any of you seen Try-lingual Live before? Yeah! Actually, I thought you would let us study the lyrics before the shoot. I was like, “There’s no way they’re seriously going to make us do it on the spot.” But now I know it really is. “Try to sing along as much as possible.” That’s all the instructions we have. The language you will be singing for today’s challenge is… Portuguese! Portuguese?! Personally, I have a feeling that Ziu will be pretty good at this. What language was that? He just made that up. Oh, that was a made up language? Ziu’s language, you know. Ziu’s language. Okay! Let’s give it a try. Oh, we are starting right away? Are we starting right away? Why do I feel more nervous about this than any other stage I’ve been on? Let’s go! We are VAV! What is this? What?! It’s so hard! Wow. My brain shut down. Obrigado. Can they even.. use this footage? Shouldn’t this be a blooper? No? I know. This was a mess. Seriously. I can’t believe this. It was fun though. Wait, I have a quick question. What does this mean? “Ignorano”? Yeah. “Ignorando,” what is that? “To ignore” “Machucar, machucar”? Oh yeah. Ziu’s part in the end when it goes “Machucar.” “To hurt” Since we tour a lot in South America, I do think it would be a good idea to sing our songs like this once in a while. By the way, how is Ziu so good at this? I know. Ziu’s almost too good! It’s because my parts are slower. All your parts are faster than mine. Encore, encore! Hello, we are VAV! Thank you so much for watching this video. Please like and subscribe to hello82. hello82, wherever you are!


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Adorei ♥ Muito engraçado! A nossa língua é difícil mesmo kkkkkkkk 4:07 #vaibrazil ♥ "Que você seja feliz em deixando!!!" ♪

I'm not a vav stan but WOW ST.VAN'S BARON'S ACE'S AND ZIU'S VOCALS?!?! AND ACE'S VISUALS?!? Definitely gonna stan
I think the ones who pronounced better were Ace along with Baron Ziu and St.van in some parts

Am I the only one who thinks that the portuguese version really fits the song? I'm obssessed with St.Van's part Que voce seja feliz ne deixando (THEY ARE VOCAL GODS)

you can see ace and baron laughing cutely when in minute 2:13, baron says “hey! (realizes) oh!” instead of “oh,oh” 😂🥺❤️

Ficou legal mesmo eles não tendo treinado a música em português, podiam fazer a versão mista com algumas partes em português.

Do they eat CDs or something? They all sing & rap so djsjbsjshsjsbaj beautifully.

I mayhaps fell in love with Ziu 👉🏻👈🏻

Eles tiveram aulinha de português antes do desafio? Pq conseguem pronunciar as palavras bem de boa.
Se repararem, o de cabelo roxinho do canto (Gente, não conheço o grupo) quando ler/canta em português, sai limpo, sem sotaque.

Hablo espanol and yes im Portuguese isnt the same but i should get most words and how to pronounce them but i was struggling but they did good ziu did well tho yay bb

I never heard what Portuguese sounds like, but since I know spanish some of those words were familiar and i was able to say them. Yet some i had no clue what they said. I think i did okay

ziu super good tho as a brazilian I can say I’d understand most of what he’s saying right away without having to read the lyrics

Cuando escuchas cantar a VAV a capella y se te cae la baba por lo bien que lo hacen.. ya me tienen! Me uno al fandom!! Donde me apunto? 😂👍💓

I just found this after watching ATEEZ attempt this. Why am I sleeping on two fantastic groups?! The guy with the tattoos on his arm and his high notes, ughh that gave me goosebumps!

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