Valentine’s Song – SNL


The least funny sketch of the whole season. Isn’t it sad when the comedians are better singers than the actual pop star who had two Top ten singles at the time of filming?(Eastside at #9 and Without Me at #1 for the second week)

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
They slowed me down cause they knew i WILL / haa / // silly

It's all about the money, sooooo…. lovers gonna have to share, cause companies will continue capitalizing on celebrating basically all forms of human connection on February 14th. Pets, mailmen, grandparents lol … all that.

Even close as someone who doesn't really date I still don't want roses, a bug bear or lotion from a relative, co-worker, if dentist. Just wait for my birthday to & give me twice as much candy. All you have to do is wait until February 15 to give me the half, or more, off candy. 😉

This is exactly how I feel about Valentine’s Day – American Puritanism tries to cover up that it’s a sex holiday and I think it’s creepy that little kids give each other gifts and cards.

This skit/song is such a funny concept!! Keenan def say it right at the end when he says "Valentines Day is for lovers, they don't wanna hear from you – that's what birthdays are for." That's a good point!

Lol my boyfriend hates basically every holiday so I usually end up just buying stuff for my mom. I wonder if this is how she felt when I sent her an edible arrangements to her work

We don't have that problem in Mexico. The 14th of february is the Day of Love and Friendship.

We do the friendship makes life worth living in the morning and maybe afternoon, and around dusk we spent it all with the partners. Some just eat dinner, some eat dinner and make love, others just go straight to the sex. So, the day is for love: morning for filial, night is for OH, DAMN, BABY YOU LOOKING FIIIIIIIINE.

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