TWICE – 21:29 (트와이스 – 21:29) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]


I'm cry when listening this song and read the lyric words by words… I'm feel bless cuz I know who's twice and their personality… I feel what they want to said to their fans (once) by their this lyric. Such the lucky fans get back their letter in this song.

It breaks my heart Mina is the only one who isn't facing the camera in her picture… Get well soon Mina. Onces will be waiting for your full return ❤

damnn.. i feel like my heart is overflowing with love.. so warm.. Now i know what angels sounds like. I will be forever grateful to you girls. Thank You!

the fact that they composed this during TWICELIGHTS in MANILA huhuhu
I'll definitely treasure this 🙂

jihyo: Even if you weren't there It's okay I'll remember you.
bc some of her fans left her when her relationship with daniel was revealed
i'm crying…

Thank you so so much for the good fast subs with top notch sound-quality. I assume you're demonetized these days so I really appreciate you donating the time. Not to get weird on you but I cried, I… healed listening to this track. And it wouldn't have meant half as much without the lyrics and parts.

My favorite song from the album, and possibly a song that will beat 1 to 10 out of its spot as my favorite Twice song

This reminds me of Jihyo's Twiceland speech where she talked about worrying what she would do if that moment was the last time she received that kind of love because she would miss being surrounded by Once so much. She also said that she thinks she would really miss that moment and those types of moments when she grows old

This song is meant for once, yet when I listen to it, it's like the lyrics are my words I'm saying to twice. They make me so happy

the fact that they express their feelings with this song and they composed it here in the PH 🇵🇭 make me FEEL SPECIAL 💕 this song is very SPECIAL to us ONCES 🤗

I love how you hear rain in the background just like at the start and end of feel special.
Feel special: from Twice to Twice
21;29: from Twice to Once

their voices at a lower pitch are very very very beautiful, take time to appreciate Chae's Dahyun's, Momo's, and Sana's heavenly vocals.

This is amazing ever.I loveeee it you twice. Mina voice like a angle and dahyun chaeyoung voice is so nice.looooovvvvvveeeee it

Arrgggg!!! Why am I thinking that twice wrote this song to say their early goodbyes to once when they disband~…..

I Can't Handle That….
I will definitely cry when they disband~


I Can't……….

The title is 21:29 because TWICE members wrote this for ONCE and finish this song exactly at 9:29 pm during their Manila Concert. Proud PH ONCE!

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