TWICE (트와이스) – ‘FEEL SPECIAL’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]



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Loved this song!
But somehow i feel like it's kinda missing that long high note that it should have at the end, precisely at Nayeon's final chorus.

Yeah i really love the lyrics so much 💕 cause i know that feeling when no one treat you special. Being friend with so-called friends is hurt. I try being kind with them sacrifice all my money to buy things for them but it just a failure. Special is not meant to me. I give up to try being close with them. And they didn't even know I left them. Until one day, i found my precious bestie 💞💕💕 i love them so much. They always treat me so SPECIAL. They never left me out. I really wanna cry cause i never being treat like that 😢 and i hope our friendship last long 💕💕

Sorry cause telling story about me hihi

You make me feel special
sesangi amuri nal jujeoanchyeodo
apeugo apeun maldeuri nal jjilleodo
nega isseo nan dashi useo
That’s what you do

Thank you for avoiding me to waste one view on this cutesy bubbly whining irrelevant piece. This group is all about visual. I like good looking girls as any guy, but I still have some taste.

nayeon isn't lying when she said it's special song. it totally relate to all of them. thanks twice, thanks for making us feel special.

Such a great song and soooo great to see Mina is back in the MV, wishing her and Jihyo a speedy recovery for the next promotion!!! I had made a cover of this song, please check it out if you have time and feel free to leave a comment on my cover on how I did. Thanks! 😄

After i see this lyric in English…i very proud of you all quenn…your up to nobody to somebody…move up when your down..because ur a so special…like a family nine members…keep up quenss..once proud off you all..fighting…

geureon nari isseo
gapjagi honjain geosman gateun nal
eodil gado nae jariga anin geosman gatgo
gogaen tteolgwojineun nal

geureol ttaemada naege
eolmana naega sojunghanji
malhaejuneun neoui geu hanmadie
Everything’s alright
chorahan Nobodyeseo
dasi Somebody
teukbyeolhan naro byeonhae

You make me feel special
sesangi amuri nal jujeoanjhyeodo
apeugo apeun maldeuri nal jjilleodo
nega isseo nan dasi useo
That’s what you do

Again I feel special
amugeosdo anin jonjae gatdagado
sarajyeodo moreul saram gatdagado
nal bureuneun ne moksorie
I feel loved, I feel so special

jakku sumgoman sipeoseo
maju hagiga silheoseo
modeun ge uimireul ilheun deusi
naega uimireul ilheun deusi
gamanhi jujeoanja isseul ttae

geuttae nae ape natanan neoui
ttatteushan misowa songire

You make everything alright
gureumi jjwak kkin haessal han jum eopsneun nal
nega baro naui Shining light
That’s what you do
amuri eoduun bamdo dasi naj
I owe it to you
because you make me feel

This song got its meanings in it that are trying to tell us how all Twice members and of course other artists or people like us that we will face criticism or being judged throughout our life.We have to stay strong and not being afraid to face those problems.We are human and we got true feelings too so don’t treat them like an animal.We have to prove that we are not the person to mess with.I just wanna say keep it up and stay strong to all the members of Twice💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 and of course LOVE❤️❤️❤️
#twice #once #staystrong #love #feelspecial

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