TVF | The Music Room with Vaibhav Bundhoo | Ft. Prateek Kuhad

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for appreciating our
work and being part of our journey. For the longest time we wanted
to make a show on Music. and share with you all the
bands & artists that we love. That needs to be discovered and we finally
have something that does just that. Ladies and Gentleman presenting the
first episode of The Music Room. – Hey! Prateek. How are you?
– Hey! how are you? Nice to have you here on TVF. I have been following your
work for quite sometime I saw your perform at SXSW And I also saw the
performance in Colorsxstudio Colorsxstudio is a prestigious
platform for music artist where Jorja Smith & Billie
Eilish have performed. Who’re the people you normally follow? I like Billie Eilish a
lot, Jorja Smith is amazing and you just
mentioned these 2 names. Daniel Caesar,
I’ve been listening to a bunch lately. Lot of like smaller Indie Bands as well. – There’s this guy Adam Melchor.
– Okay. Who’s a folk song writer from LA.
His writing is really good. Big Thief is this band which
I think are from Brooklyn. They are very good. So… I like a
pretty varied stuff. So what do you think about the perception
of Hindi songs and English songs in India? And how they’ve received? How you go
about deciding what to make and stuff? In general, Hindi songs
tend to be more associated with Indian film industry
and specifically Bollywood. But I think that’s pretty natural because
everybody has only heard it in that context. – Right.
– So it’s natural to form that association. The other thing is what do you
think is wrong with the music industry in India right now or what
do you think is great about it? I mean, I’ll talk about the independent
music scene first and that’s very new. And there’s a lot of gutsy people in it. The musicians are doing really
varied stuff and taking chances. There’s a lot more energy here
in this independent scene. India undoubtedly and undeniably is
like influenced by Bollywood, right. You’ve done a limited number of songs. One was ‘Woh Baar Baar Dekho’
and the other one was ‘Karwaan.’ And you two songs
‘Saansein’ and ‘Kadam.’ Correct. Right. And that was directed by Akarsh Khurana. The actor who plays the
Dad in ‘Yeh Meri Family’ and has also written Tripling Yeah. Amazing guy. So how was your experience
with Karwaan and also why the limited number
of Bollywood projects? I basically don’t like doing projects
if I don’t think I can add value to them. Yeah. If somebody asks me to
sing in a certain way or do a certain thing
that I’m not good at… …then I’ll feel like I’m
just a kind of scammer. I would be kind of scamming… Then what’s the point
of getting you to do it. Then what’s the point
of getting me to do it. You should get somebody who’s good at that. So if somebody comes to me for
the song writing that I do… …and the way that I perform
my songs then it make sense… …and it’s not an
emotional thing, It’s just a professional
should function. So what’s your dream collaboration
international living or duet? – Music wise?
– Music wise. Like Jorja Smith. I think Sia’s
is a phenomenal song writer. I’m a big fan of Kayne West Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean. I would love to write with Frank Ocean.
I think he’s a phenomenal song writer. And one of the few guys who really sticks
out in terms of not doing the typical pop song writing but doing
his style really well. Did you follow that thing were you apparently
pull your heist on the music industry? Yeah. I did. That was very cool. So just tell everyone about
your upcoming live performance. Yeah. That’s Supermoon.
When is that happening? Supermoon is putting this store
together, you can go on insider… …The details of all the
performance on your Instagram… …Yeah. They are on Instagram, on my
website. All the tickets available there. A lot of the cities are already sold out.
So I would say get your tickets fast.


Get…Bharat Chauhan…last train….swastik…..yellow diary…..anuv jain….deepak rathore….dream note……guys support

I want prateek kuhad to stay hidden from the rest of the world, people who listen to crappy music shouldn't be allowed to even know his name.

Thanks very much for 'The Music Room'.
I really like the "experiment" you did. It was just awesome to see stuff like that.
I would like to mention a few names of the 'When Chai met toast' and 'The Local Train'. They are really good.

You are very late Tvf
Prateek is already discovered.. he has many fans… And Ofcourse he composed music for The Movie Karwaan..

The Yellow Diary band.. Agam.. the Malyalam Folk Rock band.. Avial.. Anand Bhaskar Collective.. these are also already discovered but still

Please invite The Local Train and As we keep searching. They are all my favourite artists from India including Prateek Kuhad. Thanks.

1. Taba chake
2. Piyush bhisekar
3. Osho jain
4. Bharat Chauhan
5. Whenchaimettoast
6. Tajdar junaid
7. The local train
And last but not the least
8. Last cigarette.

1. Prateek Kuhad
2. The Local Train
3. Anuv Jain
4. Ankur Tewari
5. The Dream Note
6. Nalayak
7. Bharat Chauhan
8. Osho Jain
9. Taba Chake
10. When Chai Met Toast

Thank you TVF for making this series.
People like prateek kuhad❤ need this kind of support. He is so underrated in india and his songs are so so better than our shitty Bollywood song . The only thing Bollywood can create right know is remix of old song

The Local Train, Nalayak, Parikrama, Agnee, Swastik The Band, Ankur Tewari, every single artist featured in Last Ciggarette YouTube channel, and also the guy behind Last Ciggarette (he deserves to be famous lol)

Swastic the band , Bharat Chauhan , Anuv Jain , Deepak Rathor Projects , The local train.
We want all of these in your videos.

When Kota factory season 2 is coming???
Please tell me please
Like here those who want to see Kota factory season 2 👇

माध्यम band को भी बुलाना 🔥🔥

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