Tutorial: How to Practice Singing Tenor

OK, today I am putting together a quick tutorial on how to practice if you are a tenor; and this is only for tenors, so if you are
any other voice type, close your ears. I’m also going to add the
inner monologue so that you can follow along at home
while you’re practicing, and make sure you are doing it right. OK. The first step is that we find in
Aria that we have absolutely no business
singing. Today I have picked something by Puccini… from La Boheme. The next step is that you find your note, …that you come in on. In this case… it’s
an A- flat. I believe the French horns are going to play… there it is. OK… then you…uh… get busy trying to sing the Aria. Now… I would recommend that you just start
with the Bowels…. you’re a tenor and what you say really
doesn’t matter in opera… Now, if you’re a bass-baritone like Sameul
Ramey, you have to learn all the words because Baritones actually say
interesting things… but if you are a tenor…just work on the vowels….OK. Let’s find that note again and we’ll
start working on this Aria. from alright there it my alright already realize this very boring
say start looking for something interesting here so let’s see here all here’s something interesting we can
work on this well hey p may do that for a few minutes and then
you done that and saying move on with C earlier and now to not nothing much
happening there and you you’re looking for anything that might be interesting %um no nothing on that page see here up okay here’s something you
can practice this is certainly an interesting bit p Pai p all right now pretty much to care that I he can do that few times and then you
look at the end here insist more words man in the Milly matter answers Bloody
Bloody blah and a lot of purists believe that you
need to know is talking about me saying but it’s not necessary if
you’re a tener them in to save you some time studying
you are basically screaming at a girl okay that wraps it up you now pretty
much master disorienting the Canon you’re ready to go out on that stage enjoy

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