TUTORIAL: e 906 Guitar Amp Dynamic Microphone | Sennheiser

[Music] guitar players whether your sound is clean or distorted gentle or aggressive if you’re looking for a microphone that shoots your particular sound straight into the PA system without unwanted sound coloring check out the Sennheiser 906 it’s a hum compensating dynamic microphone it has got an extremely fast transient response it delivers an extraordinary lively full sound and it has a switchable presence filter with three choices of sound characteristics one to boost the presence one for normal presence and want to attenuate the presence range so whatever your style is whatever your sound color and volume this microphone will pick up the character of your playing and transmit it as it is and since you have three choices of sound characteristics you can also use this microphone for other instruments like drums and percussion thanks to its shape the 906 is very easy to install just choose one of the speakers in your amplifier and hang the mic from the top down right over the middle of the speaker cup adjust the cable with tape and make sure front is facing the amp in case your amplifier is not slightly tilted you could also choose to put the mic on a stand with the mount that comes with it so whether you put this microphone on the stand or hang it from the top down it will pick up your sound and nothing but your sound [Music] [Applause] [Music] the Sennheiser 906 a more direct sound more directly from the end [Music]

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