Trying Cheap vs Expensive Halloween Costumes!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra, welcome back to my channel and welcome to my last
Halloween video of 2019. I have had so much fun
with this series this year, trying some of the weirdest
costumes I’ve ever seen. If you missed any of my Halloween videos, I will put a card right there, or a link in the
description to the playlist, so you can binge those and catch up. But today, we are going to be trying cheap versus expensive Halloween costumes. So I ordered 10 costumes, five cheap ones and five expensive ones, each like, matching up
to be the same thing, I don’t know what this visual is, but you get what I mean. So subscribe to my channel if you are new, we are on the road to
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come true every single day, I have the coolest
freaking job in the world, now let’s try some of
these Halloween costumes! So the first costume that
we’re gonna be comparing is a cheap and an expensive version of a costume for Rey from “Star Wars”. So the cheap version is
called “Galaxy Rebel Rey”, it is from, I got it in an extra large
and it was $32 and 99 cents. And then I got an expensive version of the Rey costume from Amazon that was literally triple
the price of the cheap one. It was $95 and 80 cents and
I got it in an extra large, so let’s try these on. So here is the cheap Rey
costume, it’s not awful, honestly it’s about what I
would expect for around $30. It comes with just about
everything you’d need, except for maybe a staff, has the little satchel wrap-around, and I also really like
how that kind of doubles as giving waist definition. The flowy fabric pieces are
attached to the bodysuit and the main piece is just a bodysuit. And then you have these little arm covers that just slide up. I think it looks cute, like looking at the costume, I think this looks cute, if I saw someone wearing this at a party, I’d be like ‘oh my gosh, I love your Rey costume’, but actually wearing it
you can definitely feel the issues with the quality. First of all this bodysuit is just the world’s worst camel
toe waiting to happen, you kinda have to keep pulling
the little shorts down, but the problem is, is the bodysuit is pretty cheaply made, especially the snaps, there are snaps in the crotch, and so if you pull the
shorts down too aggressively, you’ll pop off the snaps, and then you’ll just
flash the entire world. Like the only thing
between your underwear, and the rest of the world, is three cheap plastic snaps, and for me personally that is not ideal. Also the bodysuit construction
is just not great. The top of it with the
fabric pieces is fine, but actually snapping
it and getting it on, it’s kind of like short-crotched
if that makes sense? It’s not meant for
someone with a long torso, and I don’t have a
particularly long torso, I’m like 5’4″, but if someone tall was
trying to wear this, they would not be able to do the snaps, there just wouldn’t be enough fabric. It’s pretty cute, I like it, but I would just have
to cover my camel toe with this the entire night (laughs). So next I’m gonna try on
the expensive version, and then I’m gonna give a final verdict, if I think the cheap costume is better, or if it’s worth it to
spend the extra money for the expensive version. Okay, so first things first, the amount of pieces and
the quality of each piece in this costume is insanely good. The other one was like
a Rey Halloween costume, this is like a movie-accurate
Rey cosplay set. I mean, there are just so many layers and pieces to this costume, so first we have the undershirt, the little kind of potato-sack-y tank top, and then we have the gray
Jedi-looking vest thing, that’s kind of like a vest dress, and then you have the
crossover fabric pieces, which each of these are individual pieces and they snap together, so there’s little snaps
on the top of the vest, and then you connect the pieces to them so that they’re not just loose, but that they still get that draping, casual Jakku aesthetic. I cannot believe I just said
Jakku aesthetic (laughs). Anyways, and then you have the pants, like the green pants, which are a little bit too small on me, everything else the sizing was perfect, but the pants are just a little
bit too tight in the waist, so I just zipped them up a little bit and didn’t do the top button, which is honestly fine because
you can’t see anything, because of all the layers, but if anyone is interested
in ordering this costume, just know the pants do
run a little bit small, at least in the waist for me. And then you have the belt, which is like an actual leather belt, that has a holster, and a normal belt connector in the back, like it’s not Velcro or anything. Then you have the satchel
which is the same way. And then the arm wraps, and then the leather wrist cuff thing. There is so much to this. Now that being said, I don’t think that more is always better, I think this does look a little
bit busy and really bulky, and it doesn’t necessarily
feel the most comfortable, because I do feel like
I have so much going on, but you can tell there was a lot of care that went into making this costume. I don’t know if it’s handmade, but it definitely feels handmade. I feel like this isn’t as much
of a Rey Halloween costume, as it is like a Comic Con costume, like you would actually
wear this to a convention, whereas the cheaper
Rey costume was really, kind of like a sexy Rey Halloween costume. So that being said it
really just depends on what you’re going for, personally I don’t think
I would go with either of these costumes, this one is just a little bit too much, and it was $100 but then the cheap costume is not the best quality
and you might end up flashing the world, so honestly I wouldn’t
recommend either of these, but if I had to pick I guess
I would go with this one, because yeah, it’s $100 but you are kinda getting what you pay for. The next costume we’re gonna compare is Hermione from “Harry Potter”, and I am a huge “Harry Potter” nerd, so I’m very very excited
about this costume. Let me know down in the comments if you’re a “Harry Potter”
nerd and if you are, what is your Hogwarts house? I am a Gryffindor, so I guess it’s fitting that
I’m dressing as Hermione, but our cheap costume is from Amazon, it is called the “Dreamgirl
Women’s Wizard Costume”. This costume was $23.64
and I got it in a 1X-2X. And then the expensive version that we got is from Hot Topic, it is called the “Harry Potter Gryffindor Student Deluxe Costume Set”. I got this one in an extra
large and it was $83.94, now let’s compare. So I’m a little bit
confused about this costume on a few levels, so this is the cheap one which on Amazon said it was called the “Dreamgirl
Women’s Wizard Costume”, and then this is the insert
on the bag that it came in, and it’s called “Wizard Wanda”, and it comes with the Coke bottle glasses, and she’s wearing those in the photo, but that makes me think
that this is meant to be a sexy Harry costume and
not a sexy Hermione costume. I think I just assumed
that it’s supposed to be sexy Hermione because
it’s a women’s costume, but maybe it’s sexy Harry after all. Anyways, let’s get into the costume. So it comes with this very skimpy dress, which I would definitely have
to wear tights or shorts with because in the back it’s
literally showing my butt, and then it’s also very
low-cut so personally, I would probably wear some
sort of tank top with this if I was gonna wear it
but to each their own, it also comes with the cape which has the little tie attached to it, the glasses and the wand, which looks more like a bamboo chopstick than it looks like a “Harry Potter” wand, but the fact that they even
included it is something. For $23, honestly it’s not bad, it does come with all four pieces, which I think is nice. It’s definitely a little bit
short and low-cut for my taste, but that’s more of a taste
thing than a quality thing. I feel like late high school
or early college Sierra would have loved this because it’s nerdy and it’s “Harry Potter” but
it’s also a sexy costume. The quality is fine, it’s comfortable, it’s not see-through, it runs true to size so, not necessarily my taste
but it’s not a bad costume, I’m very interested to compare though, so let’s try the expensive one. Hot Topic, I have a bone to pick with you, you gave me no pants and no shirt. So this costume was on sale, the original price was $139, I don’t know if because
it was a clearance item, maybe it got mixed up and they didn’t include all the pieces, but it was supposed to come
with a little gray plaid skirt and that did not come so I have no pants, I just pulled the sweater
down to be a dress. And also it’s shown with
a white collared shirt under the sweater which it
also did not come with, so. Not great on that front, but if we just ignore that for a second, this is a really fantastic costume. The robe is super nice, it’s really high quality, it fits well, the sweater is also really nice, it comes with an actual
tie that you had to tie, this is my best go at tying a real tie, as you can see I am not very good at it. But maybe it would look
better if it was on the collared shirt that
I didn’t get in my order. It’s such a bummer that they left those two items out of my order, because I think this costume
would be honestly fantastic if it wasn’t for that. It’s cute, it’s fun, it could’ve been perfect
if I just had pants. So I’ll definitely email the
Hot Topic customer service and see if they can send me the skirt, because I do think this is a
great costume other than that. Definitely leagues above the cheap version and I think definitely worth it, especially considering
that this one was on sale. So it was $83 which is still expensive, but I feel like for the
quality that you’re getting, if you also include pants, it’s worth the price. Now I wouldn’t pay that
price for not having a skirt, but hopefully they will be
able to correct the order and send me the skirt, the button-up shirt I
don’t care as much about, because that’s easy to replace, I have a white collared shirt, but the skirt is a little
bit harder to find something that would go perfectly with this. So I can’t believe I’m gonna do this, even though they literally
didn’t give me the skirt, but I’m gonna say the
Hot Topic expensive one is worth the higher price point. It’s really nice and high quality, you could actually wear the
sweater outside of Halloween, same with the tie, and the robe is really fun, and it makes me feel like
I’m going to Hogsmeade from Hogwarts (sings). Next up from “The Wizard of Oz”, we have a cheap and an expensive version of a Glinda the Good Witch costume. So the cheap one is from, it was $40 and 41 cents which
is still pretty expensive, but I got this one in an extra large, and then the expensive
version is from Amazon, I also got this one in an extra large, and it’s the most expensive
costume we’ve tried so far. $122 and 50 cents, yeah, my bank account is gonna
hurt after this video. This is so cheap and so bad, oh (laughs) my freaking gosh, so this is what the cover
of the costume looked like, the little cardboard insert, but I think this feels more
like tooth fairy than Glinda, like I guess technically this
could be a Glinda costume, it’s just the worst possible
Glinda costume ever. So the crown is literally
just a piece of translucent, pink plastic that is still flattened, and the only reason it has any shape is because it’s on my head, but then it kind of puffs
out from being folded, and it’s not like, like this is a little bit wrinkly, but you could iron this, you can’t iron a plastic crown. And then the dress is
just literally so itchy, it’s all tulle, and really cheap tulle, and then it has glitter on it that, the glitter is already all over my hands, all over the ground. You definitely couldn’t wash this and wear this more than once, it would have to be like you wear it, and then you trash it, which is just wasteful
and also a waste of money. And this wasn’t even that
cheap of a cheap costume, it was $40.41, I just, I’m not a fan of this costume, also this part right here, the waist is not elastic or anything, so it was hard to get on, it’s definitely very cheap quality, cheap material, it’s not very comfortable, I don’t think it looks very good. This is the first major, major flop. For $122, I expect more than this. This doesn’t look or feel great. The main difference is
the dress is just longer. It’s still a very cheap flimsy material, it does include a hoop
skirt which is nice, because it gives that more full skirt, Glinda the Good Witch look, it also does include a little
wand which is kind of fun. The crown is definitely
better than the cheap one, but still not great, it’s just a piece of foam
with one little jewel on it, I feel like for $122, you can definitely do a little bit more. It’s a flattering dress, like I guess it kinda looks nice, but having a dress this long
and the hoop skirt underneath, is giving me flashbacks to my days as a birthday party princess, here’s a photo of me, when I used to be a
birthday party princess like three years ago. This is totally what they
would have had us wear if someone had a request
for a Glinda party, which never happened. It’s just not great, it’s also very very itchy, it has this glittery gold kind of lining, that’s supposed to look like boning, but it’s not actually boning, and it’s super, super itchy, especially they have this
puffy tulle sleeve thing, which I like that it has elastic, ’cause it actually stays up, but it’s so freaking itchy, just being in this for like five minutes, I already just wanna freakin’ rip it off. Honestly I thought there was no world in which I would choose the cheap costume as the better option but honestly, at least with that one you’re
spending a third of the money. I would say neither of these are great, but if I had to choose, I would go with the cheap one, which is really sad because
I also hated that one. I mean this one’s definitely better, like it looks better, it’s higher quality, it comes with more, but it’s not worth an extra $80, definitely not. Begone with this dress! The next costume that we are
doing is Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family”, so our cheap costume was $19 and 97 cents. I got this one in a 12-14, and then our expensive
version is from, which we had some run-ins with in my sexy Halloween costumes
that shouldn’t be sexy video. They have some interesting
costumes listed on their site, that’s for sure. But I got this one in an
extra large and it was $66.74, which is one of the
cheapest expensive costumes, but is still triple the
price of the cheap version, so we’ll see if there’s a big
difference in the quality, in what you get, let’s try it. So here is the cheap
Wednesday Addams costume, it literally just comes with
the dress and that’s it, it’s just one piece, and it says on the front, “contains one dress”. But I feel like that’s all you
really need for this costume, considering that the collar is attached, you would just wear tights and boots and do your hair in little braids, and then it’s really
just about the makeup. So I feel like the dress is enough, I don’t think they needed
to include anything else, but that being said, the dress is pretty bad. It’s very clear that this
is not a collared shirt sticking up underneath the dress, it’s literally foam, and so are the wrist cuffs, and they have loose strings
hanging off all over the place. It’s not great, but if you’re just going
for the bare minimum, kind of like a last minute costume and you don’t wanna spend a lot of money, if you did your hair in
braids and did black lipstick, it would get the point across, but just as is with my
normal hair and makeup, it kind of makes me look more
pilgrim than Wednesday Addams. I’d say it’s true to size, it’s a 12-14 and it
fits me exactly the way I would want a dress to fit me like this. So let’s see how different
the expensive costume is. This is like, very, very
sexy Wednesday Addams, you know, this is not Wednesday Addams, this is Saturday night Addams, hello. Anyways, Wednesday Addams costume, it also comes with these
lacy sexy fishnet stockings that I did not feel like putting on, and then it also comes
with these lace gloves, which feel a little bit unnecessary, but I feel like it’s fun that
they included something extra. And then the dress itself
actually is really good quality, I wouldn’t say it’s very true to the character Wednesday Addams, but if you’re gonna make
a sexy-fied version, it is pretty cute. It’s like this black
soft velvety material, and it’s by far the
most comfortable costume that I’ve tried on so far. Kind of in a similar vein as the cheap Wednesday Addams costume, I feel like you really
need the black lipstick and the braids to sell this look. Without it it’s a little bit
more like sexy French maid than it is like sexy Wednesday Addams. Even though the dress is very bodycon, I love that at the bottom it’s elastic, so it really sticks to you, but I don’t think the dress would ride up, even if you were moving
around trick-or-treating, dancing a little bit, I don’t know who dances like this. I am wearing Spanx under this, so that’s what’s giving me
a little bit more shape, the dress itself is just
a tight-fitted dress, it doesn’t really have any structure, so I definitely don’t need
to wear Spanx under this, I don’t think anyone
ever needs to wear Spanx, but I don’t think I would
have as much structure to the dress if I was
wearing it without Spanx. That being said, I definitely think this costume is better than the cheaper version, and compared to some of the
other expensive costumes, it wasn’t too bad, it was $66 which I do
think is very expensive for a Halloween costume, but the material’s nice, it fits well, and I kinda like it. All right, so our next Halloween
costume is Harley Quinn, which is definitely one of
the more popular costumes for women in their 20s, especially last year in 2018, I feel like pretty much every single girl was going as Harley Quinn, and every Harley Quinn
costume that I’ve seen is pretty much the same items, they don’t really switch it up that much, but there are so many
different price ranges when we started looking up these costumes, and I honestly cannot believe
I spent this much money on a Halloween costume, but when I saw this one, let me just show you the expensive one, it was $378 and 88 cents, I got this on Etsy, and when I saw this costume, and then the price, I was like, I cannot imagine any world in which a Halloween
costume is worth $400. I don’t care how good it is, how is it worth $400? But then my interest was peaked, so I ordered it. I honestly can’t believe I did that, but if we’re going for
the expensive costume, we’ve gotta go for the expensive wig too, because the wig was not included, so the Harley Quinn wig that
I got was $91 and 88 cents. So the costume in total was almost $500. $500! I got it in an extra large, and then the cheap version that I got is from, in a size 14-16, the costume was $39.51, and then I also got a
cheap wig to go with it, and that was $14 and 31 cents. (laughs) But here’s the other thing, so the cheap costume got delivered, and then I paid for expedited shipping on the expensive costume, and it said it would be
delivered by the 16th, and today as we’re
filming this is the 18th, and it still hasn’t been delivered, so I’m gonna film trying all
of the other costumes today, but I’ll have to wait to
film the Harley Quinn one, and then I will insert that footage now, whenever the costume gets delivered. Here you go, you don’t have
to wait, I have to wait. All right, so here is the
cheap Harley Quinn costume, plus this very hi-tech high quality belt that I’m supposed to be wearing, but is way too small for me, this is supposed to be a low-waisted belt, I feel like I could
probably make this work as a belt for my true waist, but there’s no way that
this can fit around my hips. I don’t think I needed a
size up in anything else, the shorts are supposed
to be tight-fitting, but I’m not squeezing out of them, and then the shirt and the jacket which are actually attached fit perfectly, they’re a little bit loose, they’re comfortable, I’d say it’s the right size. So I did purchase the wig
and the costume separately, so I’m gonna talk about
each of them separately, let’s start with the costume. I am actually pleasantly surprised. The belt looks very, very cheap, but the other pieces, the shorts and the stockings
and the jacket and top actually don’t look that bad, especially from far away. For how cheap they were, I feel like this looks pretty good. When I saw that the jacket
and the shirt were one piece, at first I was like, oh no, this is gonna be bad, but it looks totally fine. The only problem would be
is if someone was like, oh here why don’t you
take off your jacket? Then you’d have to be like ‘sorry, no can do!’ The fishnet stockings fit well, which I thought for sure if
anything was gonna be too small it would be the stockings, because I always size up
in tights and stockings, especially fishnets, I don’t wanna be squeezing
out of the little holes. So the costume itself, not bad. The wig (groans) also not awful but pretty bad. No one is gonna be fooled into thinking this is my real hair, the actual front part of the wig, it doesn’t look great. The hair feels very scraggly and cheap, because it was very cheap, but it’s definitely not the
worst wig I’ve ever seen. Flashback to the crazy cat
lady wig from Dolls Kill, definitely way worse than this. Honestly though, if I was going to go as Harley Quinn, I feel like I would just wear my own hair and maybe add some blue
and pink tinting to it, wear it in little pigtails, even though I don’t have super blonde hair I feel like it would get the point across and it would look much better
than wearing this cheap wig. It’s not bad though, I feel like this costume
is definitely a bargain for the price that I paid, but let’s try on the very
very expensive version and see if it is actually
300-something dollars better than this one. How is it possible that I like the, what was it, $20 version better than this $350 version? I don’t like this. I know there’s more going on, I know it’s higher quality, but confidence level, comfort level, I felt way better in the cheaper version. I’m not even gonna try
to make it a big reveal on which one’s better. I think the other one, obviously, it’s cheaper, but honestly, I prefer it. Let’s walk through this, so it actually didn’t come
with fishnet stockings, so to keep the look the
same I just left on the ones from the cheap costume. The shorts are literally
just built-in camel toe. It is not possible to not have these just bunching up in my crotch. They’re super low-rise which I know is the look of her costume, but they’re actually so
low-rise that I’m pretty sure I’m showing my butt crack. And they also run small, I bought this costume
in an extra extra large, the tag on the inside of
these shorts says extra large, and the tag is in Chinese, and Chinese sizes run way
smaller than American sizes, so if this is a Chinese extra large, that would make this an American medium. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, I don’t know if it actually
is in Chinese sizing just because the tag is in Chinese, but it is definitely
not an extra extra large because the tag even says extra large, which is a little frustrating because these are
definitely too tight on me, I do not feel comfortable in these, and then the shirt. The tag on the shirt is the same, it’s in Chinese, and it also says extra large. The material of this shirt is very clingy, it definitely clings to my stomach, I don’t think it’s the most flattering, and then the belt, the belt is really high quality, especially compared to the
crappy belt in the first costume. It’s a real belt, it fits well, it looks good, no complaints on the belt. The jacket I think is
definitely the stand-out part of this costume, I’ll turn around and
try not to show my butt, but the jacket even has
embroidered detailing on the back, which I think is such a cool touch. This is a really cool jacket, if you’re a fan of “Suicide Squad”, I think you could actually just rock this jacket on the daily as a fun little nerdy touch
to an everyday outfit. I think the jacket is
very very high quality, I feel like this is probably
a $100 jacket on its own, so the jacket, great, fine. Definitely better than the cheap version that is actually connected to the shirt. And then the costume also
comes with this choker, these two wristbands and, Carly will you throw me the other thing we couldn’t figure out? This like, harness strap thing that we just could not figure out, we looked at the photos, we couldn’t figure out where it went. We kind of thought that it
was supposed to go around your shoulders like a backpack, but then the little clamps don’t actually snap into each other, so I don’t know what this
is actually supposed to be, but I just left it out of the costume. I think if you’re paying 300
plus dollars for a costume, it is great that it includes all these different pieces and elements. The jacket is really nice, I can’t stand the shorts, I really don’t like the top, and I also don’t like that
it’s not properly sized. Now let’s talk about the wig, because the wig is definitely
a higher quality wig than the cheap one. It’s a lace-front wig
which if you don’t know is pretty much the nicest
style of wig you can get. The idea is that I can
cut this lace right here and then blend it into my makeup so it really looks like
it’s my natural hair. I didn’t take the time
to glue the wig down and blend it into my makeup, if I was actually gonna
wear this wig for Halloween, I would definitely do that. But it also didn’t come in the pigtails, it just came as this long luscious wig, and so I just had to add in the pigtails, which is a little bit frustrating, I feel if I’m paying that
much money for a wig, it should already be styled for me, but it is what it is, the actual quality of
the wig is very nice, the hair feels very silky, the quality feels much, much better, and the wig actually
fits my head very well. The wig I would definitely say is better than the cheap version, but the costume, other than the jacket and the belt, it’s just not it, and it’s not flattering, I don’t feel confident in it, and I’m honestly mad that
I spent over $300 on this. So I’ll be selling it on my
Poshmark for much cheaper, but hopefully someone out
there can get enjoyment out of this costume, it’s not gonna be me though. Thank you guys so much for watching, remember to click that card right there, or the link in the description if you want more Halloween content. And be sure to subscribe to my channel because I put out new videos every week, and you can follow me on Instagram if you want to see more
behind the scenes pictures, outfit pics, all of that, you can find that on my Instagram. Anyways, be confident, be kind to your body, and I will see you guys next time. Bye! (upbeat music)

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