In the old days Trump would have been killed.
In the old days Nazis were America's enemies.
Does he really want to go there?

there is no whistle blower trump is the leaker behind this trying to encourage the wimps into showing their presence /he is using this to ensnare other leakers.sad to think that the idiot media continues to mislead the American people into forgetting that security involves of all of us. each president must be secured in his dealings . this is not funny.

whatever happened to Epstein children as young as three were sexually abused and Clinton was a frequent guest an participation ,strange how the media is no longer focusing on their suffering. especially since the Clintons and other liberals are involved

A question keeps popping up and may need to be answered and addressed is “are the more then ½ dozen Government officials” and “colleagues” also under governmental protection? It would seem that those individuals that disclosed the “urgent concern” information to the whistle blower are closer to “first hand” knowledge then the whistle blower.


To quote Megan Parker from Drake and Josh…

"…I wouldn't want that if I was dying on the kitchen floor."

There is no rat or snitch if there is no crime to rat or snitch on you imbecils, so by their own defenition republicans are aknowledging a crime happened. Republicans are killing the truth and intelligence, and the cult mob following their racist leader just goes along with it. Our country is bleeding out.

Woah. I have never seen Trump look so red in my life.. I wonder what's going on in that head of his.. Whatever emotion hes feeling , its so strong, that it overpowered his Orange tan spray. Only 2 emotions could Mr. Trump be feeling in this video interview. 1. A righteousness (maybe bloodthirsty) anger towards the betrayal from a whistleblower in his own team of men/women/individuals. OR. 2. He's feeling the famous testicle dropping panic of being caught red handed doing something he probably shouldn't have been doing..so for fun, lets say the second option happens to be the case (lets also pretend that people's faces don't turn red when they are embarrassed and/or know they're screwed) The evidence to why his face has turned so red is because throughout the few years in office Trump has served..up until now..the man has not given a single attempt to use his brain..all the blood is rushing back to his head at a momentum so fast, everyone can see it. I would like to say this on record. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..For the first time as president of the UNITED STATES..Donald Trump is using his brain!!! And all the effort and strength he silently contemplates into this historical moment.. has nothing to do with America but him thinking of some big cat strategy to save his own skin. Someone tell him not to think so hard.. he could completely surface his rapidly growing dementia. LMAO i had fun typing this.

I’m a criminal lawyer have read the transcript atleast 8 times that trump released and tbh I don’t see anything wrong in what he did . It’s a nothing Burger just like Russian collusion . I despise trump and I hope he never gets re elected but this impeachment sharade of Nancy pelosi and Adam shift is equally despicable . All the dems are doing is ensuring he wins again in 2020 and getting all of trumps retarded voters to go vote for him but this time with a vengeance.

Trump ask who’s the rat. Well the rats are falling out of the ceiling in the White House press room. Karma for calling Baltimore a rodent infested city. Now the White House has it share of 3” rats.

Wheres the media on Biden? The guy brags about extorting Ukraine on national television yet no one covers it. The voters see this thats why the Democrat party is scrambling. No policy, only accusations, sad.

taking one segment from a fox news morning show and saying that's all they are focusing on is pretty well out of context and the fact is that they don't have to focus their whole show on it cause nothing is coming of this. Also president Obama spied on trump during his campaign but nobody wants to mention that as interfering

Let me get this straight, Pence. Biden extorted the Ukraine for $1B, and Republicans have been keeping it under wraps until now? Righhhhhhhttt

I knew Trump was going to self-destruct in office because he has no idea what he's doing. I hope Republicans in the Senate decide to serve the people and not their party

So the whistleblower is protected by law. Yet the president is doing everything he can to find out who this whistleblower is. Obviously he wants to take him out knowing he is breaking the law by trying to find out who he is. At what point is someone going to point this out?

Its like thay dont like who we vote by in this guy dont care about the people in the us lets not watch this david let wanabe

Wasn't the dossier originally started by the Republicans they always leave that out!! They wanted it use it against him if he had come in second to discredit him so that the person in the front running would win the RNC primary ! But Trump won the RNC primary and did not pay for it and gave it to the Dems!! Look it up it's out there they have tried to cover it up!

Nude Pictures of Trump….. Yeah you gotta be lying. Nobody wants nude Pictures of that man. Are said pictures out there

Jimmy Kimmel I know who the WHISTLEBLOWER IS its the mouse🐀 that fell off the ceiling at the White House!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

5:38 "Poland shares a border with…?"


Me: "So the stereotypes about Americans and their geographical knowledge are true. Interesting."

Rudy giuliani publicly admitted crime, why is giuliani questioned in only congress? There should be a separate criminal prosecution on his activity. He solicited help for a campaign from a foreign government(s) and admitted it. It's that simple. If he was acting on behest of the president, as a lawyer he should have known it was a crime. And who knows who ordered the transcripts to be hidden into that super secret server, that whole bunch of people should be prosecuted for covering up a crime as well.

Him: but should it be on a sign like this?

Me: Oh no no of course not, it should have been a bigger sign, obviously.

Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™ is being protected by a whole bunch of disgraceful morons. It fits.

Jimmy Kimmel: a CIA agent released the transcripts…
Cousin Sal dressed as FBI agent: CIA agent just look over there and say hi to Jimmy, your on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dems are ridiculous to impeach based on hearsay and conveniently changing the requirements or a whistleblower , how would you like to be convictedbased on hearsay? I

Liddle twisted tweeter Trumpy is getting on my last nerve. I’m done with his idiocy and I’m sick of his whinny sniveling defense mechanisms. Trump is so oppressed that he’s a victim of Trumpy hate syndrome.

Fact to repulse Nunes' blatant lie: The Steele Dossier about Trump's ties to Russia, was originally requested and paid by republicans. After Trump was nominated as the candidate for the party, the dossier went on to the democrats….Liar Nunes…

Buckle up,everybody.The more the screws tighten onTrump,the worse he's going to get.We're about to see Trump on steroids.He will implode any minute!

Trump is to the point where he looks like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon. Do the world a favor and just have a heart attack already!

Jimmy Kimmel needs to get off his Trump horse and get new material. He has had no other material to talk about since Trump became President. Such a sad little man who cant handle not having who he wanted as President.

So damn funny!!!! Obama dud it with rusha and so did Hillary's the difference is there was to threat of anything. Ask the ukranian president

8:31 "You'd think the man with the world's most famous comb-over would be better at a coverup"

muahahaha there's some good ones in this vid!

This only show how childish this idiot is and when he do get his way or when the true come out about his racist bigotry acts the childish outbursts start it show that everytime he get caught doing illegal acts and when he tell on hisself the stupidity of this man go above and beyond and it never stop he will out to destroy United States as we know it

The Rat is you Mr. President from hell. I hope you will live very, very long behind bars. I am from Sweden and I have to say I love the U.S You for sure hangs out the bad guys no matter what!

Time for this sitcom called the trump presidency to brought to a close. Put this country back on the rails and attempt to assume a leadership role in the world.

Jimmy never gonna Change your show would go off the air if I wasn’t for trump I turn you off every night you need something

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