Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’ Premiere Clues & Guesses

© 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC. Photo Credit: Michael Becker L-R: Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke  The Masked Singer returns to television with a two-hour season 2 premiere, Wednesday, September 25 at 8/7c on FOX One of the characters performing on the first night of competition is the Tree.  The Tree sang “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco, and did a great job singing the difficult song, but it did not look like she has professional dance experience because she mostly stood and sang in place The judges and audience were impressed by the Tree’s voice and confused by her clues; the Tree’s identity could prove to surprise viewers in the end  A number of clues were revealed before, during, and after the Tree’s first performance, and initial guesses regarding the Tree’s celebrity identity were made by the judges and viewers watching and live-tweeting at home Here’s what we learned: ‘The Masked Singer’ Tree Clues  During the Tree’s “Super Sneak Peek” intro video package, the Tree told the audience to expect “delicious performances,” and the video said that the costume was inspired by 1950s pinup models  The Tree’s entrance song onto the stage was to the hit song “Good As Hell” by Lizzo  During the Tree’s premiere episode clue package, she said “I love getting dolled up… but when the season is over, there’s no use for me ” Later, she said she wants people to “Think of me more than once a year.” Does this mean that her career is seasonal, perhaps centered around the Christmas holiday (since she chose to hide behind a Christmas Tree Costume) The judges suggested that it could also mean that she’s a television star, on a show that airs seasonally  Some of the important visual clues in the video were the number 30, an older-model television set, and baking supplies Could the baking supplies mean she’s a professional chef, perhaps with her own cooking show?  When she had the opportunity to address the judges and host Nick Cannon, she teased “I’m festive and fun and I like everyone to gather around and have a good time ” This didn’t help any of the judges with their guesses, but Ken guessed that she is an older star, based on her voice and the way she moves We agree. Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’ Guesses    Before the Tree’s performance, the judges suggested Martha Stewart as a possible identity, based on the many clues and references to being a cook  After the performance, Robin Thicke called her one of his personal favorite frontrunners  Ken predicted that the Tree is a Christmas movie star, like Beverly D’Angelo. Nicole agreed that it could be Beverly, or Zooey Deschanel, but Jenny said that Zooey has a smokier singing voice than the Tree showcased in her performance Nicole then guessed television chef Rachael Ray as another possibility.  On Twitter, some guessed Candace Cameron Bure, who starred in Full House Several people agreed with Nicole guess that the celebrity could be Rachael Ray, and one even suggested Ayesha Curry Tune in to new episodes of The Masked Singer season 2, Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX  

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