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my friends and family always say that i have a voice, but i would never have enough courage to perform on stage

Oh my god Luke’s audition gave me chills and I cried like he deserved it so much I am so happy that he got the golden buzzer his dream was to go to broadway and they gave him a chance to do that I am so happy like the other auditions were amazing too but idk why but lukes audition spoke to me on a different level😭

The guy in 14:25 is from Sweden. The talent he has. I am proud of my country to have amazing music producers.

Yo the first performence was so good i cried with them like keep up the good work ppl we love u anyone else agree with me? Like if u do 🙂

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Breathtaking performance,but I feel bad for the golden buzzer,pretend getting bich slapped by a fit black man

never mind the related childhood dream from Crews, they really did not deserve that 100%, but the joy brought to the entire city they represent is seen when they crazy jump

For me the 3 best performance is Kodi Lee, Sophie (because she is honest,unfortunately its rare in this world,and has a nice voice too) and the last guy,Benicio Bryant,his voice is extraordinary.

I'm from Somaliland you are the one who can make grow to reach your successful button nothing can stop you to go there

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14:38 great voice, if he really sings… !!

Love kid's voices on 55:08, however my fav remain 41:12. Not sure that all of singers are singing…from live, I've some ideas coming from playback…

I like the show but the judges are super sjw you won't win or get a gold buzzer unless your a kid or survived something crazy

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The choir should have chosen another song to sing didn't really fit to be sung by a choir especially one containing children around the ages of 10-12 years old who haven't fully developed their voices yet

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