Top 10 Scariest Sounds Ever Recorded

Welcome back guys [to] most amazing top 10. My name is Danny Burke and today. We’ve got a scary video I won’t lie to you I had a pretty creepy time putting this together for you guys And I think you might experience the same thing because this today is a top 10 scariest sound ever Recorded just a very quick disclaimer here guys at this point some of these may be disturbing to you If they’re not, your a tough cookie pat yourself on the back, but if you do think you might get easily scared or upset Then you have been warned. We’re in this together though, so don’t worry deep breath Let’s go Starting things off at number 10 we have a sound that has been recorded by different people in different countries all over the world [the] sound seems to be coming from the sky [and] can last seconds or minutes for the one thing they all have in common is Just how creeper. They are take a little listen? What is that? What is going on there? That’s a whole lot of note right there the noises have been reported every single year since 2008 there are a number of theories ranging from it being a sign of the Apocalypse an alien invasion or even a government tech need to control the weather [some] scientists say that it’s being caused by solar flares reacting with the atmosphere or Coming from deep within the planets core moving on to number 9 now we’re going out into deep dark space to hear the creepy sounds Of saturn the sound about here was recorded by the Cassini Spacecraft back in 2002 it came from the Planet’s Magnetic field over the polar regions the frequency was so high that they had to shift it down A lot so that you can actually hear it let’s listen Wow scientists have explained this sound as natural radio waves passing along the Magnetic field lines of Saturn, but yeah I don’t really care if it’s explainable to be honest. It’s really really creepy [all] right next up. [I’m] number eight now We have the Spongebob theme now. I know what you guys are thinking How is that scary [you] have to be joking? [it] sounds like this who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Okay, [but] now guys listen to this This is exactly the same, but slowed [down] [eight] hundred percent I Don’t know who discovered that I don’t know why they did it, but I wish they didn’t I know a lot of things sound creepier when [they] slow down But this has to be the biggest one I’ve heard so far you Good well guys that is pretty much as light as we’re going to get for this video I’m afraid so let’s just press on to our number seven now with the Aztec death whistles when archaeologists found these small skull shaped Objects in the ancient Aztec temple they weren’t really sure what they were at first some said it [was] a toy or just an ordinary Carving it wasn’t until 15 years later that one of them have the thought of blowing Into it it turned out to be [a] whistle the noise that came out sounded a lot like a human Scream and some people think it was used before battle or for ceremonies such as human Sacrifice and with that lovely thought in mind. Let’s take a listen to the death whistle creepy creepy stuff all right next up now at number 6 We have the bloop in 1997 scientists were using [deep-sea] microphones to capture sound [off] the coast of South America [what] they heard though and what you’re about to hear baffled them They said it could not have been made by a volcano or an underwater earthquake I was far louder than even the noise of blue. Whale makes it was almost inconceivably [loud] and [incredibly] [mysterious] These days scientists have put forward the explanation that it’s the sound of ice sheets cracking that Reverberates throughout the whole Ocean but some people still hold on to the idea that the bloop came from a deep sea creature of unimaginable proportions I Personally don’t think so, but mainly because I don’t want to be true [alright] coming in at number five now We have the castrato now during the middle ages in Europe [song] choir leaders wanted their star male choir boys to keep their high pitched voices forever and not have them lowered by Puberty [it] did this by Castrating the boy removing testicles which then left them with their high pitch boy voice forever They were then known as castrato now this practice was thankfully banned by the end of the 19th century But one surviving recording of a real castrato has survived This is that recalling this is cavalier Morissette. She and some say you can even hear the sadness in his voice Now apparently some people used to think that was beautiful. That’s not the word that. I would use personally I’d call it Spooky yeah, and I hope I never hear that again. Okay moving on to number four now We have operation wandering soul during the Vietnam war the us government learned about the belief of many Vietnamese that their dead must be buried in their homeland or their soul will wander through hell for [eternity] [in] order to help them fight the Vietcong They actually made recordings of voices pretending to be Dead Soldiers trapped in hell Warning their comrades to flee from the war or face the same fate as them does that sound terrifying to you? That’s because it is take a listen obviously, I’m not even a vietcong soldier and that makes me want to go home and like huddle into a ball on my bed and Cry my little eyes out Yes, I’m tough and now at number three. We have the oldest surviving recording of a human voice Even that sentence is pretty creepy what you’re about to hear [is] a man called Edouard Leon Scott Recording himself singing using his invention the [phonograph] It’s from 1860 take a listen [that] is 100% nightmare fuel it’s not even the crackling noise, or how old is that makes it creepy for me? It’s the song itself. It sounds like a funeral march. It’s a cool piece of history, but a very very creepy piece of history [ok] moving swiftly on to number two now things aren’t getting any more pleasant as we’ve got a schizophrenic Simulation what you’re about to hear is a recording that is supposed to recreate the voices [that] people with schizophrenia hear in their heads Whispering and telling them to do all kinds of bad things That honestly makes me feel so bad for people with schizophrenia But hopefully it will help bring awareness to that illness for me the scariest part was thinking whatever I pause the video But the voices didn’t stop Look ok finally now at number one We have the exorcism of anneliese Michelle And this [is] apparently the sound recording of the exorcism of a german girl called annalise Michelle who was supposedly possessed? By six demons and catholic priests trying to exorcise them out of her [—-Builtin] utley failed and [annalise] died in 1976 after not being able to eat This was actually the inspiration For the movie the Exorcism of Emily Rose now whether or not you [believe] in this kind of thing it is Undeniably scary, [so] if you do want to skip it hit this right up here And it will skip it the next bit you can join us at the end but for those of you. Who are still with us? Let’s take a listen No No, no no no no now that video of this recording actually has 37 million views and I imagine most people just listen to it Once and then try and move on with their lives Scary scary stuff well guys. I hope you aren’t too scared to carry on with your day after all of that. Don’t worry We’re here for you, and I’ve got a nice idea Why don’t you suggest a video that will make you feel a bit less scared in the comments section below? How about? Top 10 fluffy kitten faces. That’s the kind of video. I think I need right now honestly until then guys Thanks, a dev watching most amazing top [10]. You can find me on [Instagram] somewhere down there. My name is Danny Burke I’ll see all you guys in the next one

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