TONOR USB Condenser Microphone Kit Review

looky looky what just came in… the box
within the box Tonor! oh yeah… you’ve seen this type of
microphone before all the fancy youtubers pop screen very nice… shock mount… through
the microphone a little suspension instructions you know what we do with springy
very cool oh that’s nice it’s nicer, a little bit than in the pictures I think
it’s a nice Street looking to be looking like I have the worst description in all
of my videos it’s it’s terrible can you actually unscrew this
yeah I’m just moving the screen around so I probably don’t want to do that this
is the cord then rather crumpled up a pop filter for
the front which is okay because it may not use it due to the other screen I may
use it still I’m not not sure well I’ll try it with all but that’s one thing
I’ve known about toner microphones is that they tend to ship these a little
janky I wish that they’d ship the pop filters a little better they always just
kind of just toss them in and fold them up and yeah they kind of come back to
shape but they also kind of look wrinkly and weird for a little while so not a
fan of that I wish they pack those better it’s not the end of the world but
better fits on snugly like so it’ll probably reshape itself after a while
get there and it’s in the box so let’s assemble this thing and be over with it
so now that we’ve set this thing up where we’re recording straight from the
microphone now I have a few thoughts first of all the sound of the microphone
itself is actually really good I was actually surprised how good it was no
offense to toner or anything like that but it was very crisp very clear and
Moses definitely very usable and that more than usable I mean I think if
you’re looking to step up your game the audio from this microphone is more than
sufficient I listened to the best headphones I had and everything was very
very crisp there was a little bit of background noise a little bit of static
in the back but that’s because my computer is right here and it’s not the
quietest of computers it’s not the loudest either but I turned these
microphone sensitivity up quite a bit and you can hear it which isn’t the
fault of this it just does pick that up a little bit it does have what’s the
word I’m looking for somewhat of a lower sensitivity in a way to demonstrate I
can walk back to the back of this room and the camera shotgun mic would
probably hear me pretty well but the audio quality is severely
Gray’s the further away from the microphone you are which is the nature
of cardioid microphones it’s the nature of cardioid microphones is kind of like
a plus sight and a downside if you’re talking straight into it which you can
tell the direct angle to speak into the microphone is where the volume knobs are
that’s where the capsule is faced so you know that that’s what you want to face
you I’ve gotten criticism in the past that from other Raviv microphone reviews
that oh well the audio didn’t sound as good because you weren’t speaking
directly into the capsule and while that might be true I think realistically most
people aren’t gonna be locked into the microphone and speaking directly to it
which you can hear now that I’m talking directly into the microphone is the
clearest it’s going to be which you might be able to control the podcast you
might not for videos you tend to have to look around and make eye contact with
the camera which is what I use it for and if you’re using it for games and
things like that then again the problem is that this
thing has to be facing right in front of you and that’s the way sound equipment
works I’m just this isn’t a knock per se on it I’m just one you to know before
you buy how you have to have this thing set up you have to make sure it faces
you now depending on your environment you may have a small enough screen where
you could place it behind the desk and reach up instead of down see I have it
up here mounted to my shelf it’s just the nature of this project see my screen
is a 32 inch screen it’s huge like and I have a screen above it so I can’t really
have the microphone coming up from behind the screen and over to me
otherwise it’s just in the way now ideally I would like to have it right in
front of the screen so that when I’m doing tutorials and things like that on
the screen I can easily talk straight at the screen without anything in my way or
interfering right now the microphone is in my way yeah so
that’s the the the nature of it so some people I’ve
seen it they would have it to the side of them and then you know work with it
that way and not that it won’t here you just won’t be nearly as clear so this is
best used for podcast style like broadcasting where all you have to do is
really talk straight into it and you could still read notes or something in
front of you it’s just for gaming and videos unless you are completely sure
that the setup of the stain and the boom will not interfere with your screen then
then you’d be good to go so again the microphone is great I just
want to be clear on the intent of this microphone now that being said the
microphone is good the what when I unboxed it that was yesterday and I was
talking about the crumpling nature now but it has since regained its form so no
harm no foul the windscreen I’m gonna assume does its job
I don’t really typically scream at the thing but it it would help with a little
bit of the percussion of a blast from the mouth so that yo you know yeah we’ll
see how much you hear that so yeah the windscreen it’s kind of I
don’t know if you can see that a little floppy and I’m not particularly happy
about that there doesn’t seem to be a good way to tighten it since the way
it’s kind of screwed in just kind of does that you know I made it circle
around see if it was standing up I believe that’s the way like if this
wasn’t hanging down and this was standing up
I believe that wouldn’t be an issue because the force of it being pushed
down what kind of cease from what’s the word I’m looking for it would keep it still yeah like it once
this has the gravity pushing it down it will be remain in place but it’s still
not perfect it can’t exactly be angled at any direction it kind of needs to
rely on something otherwise we’ll just kind of fall see if I were to place it
here OOP yeah it’s not nitpicking or anything that badly it’s just that’s a
little annoying so this also has that problem it’d be nice if I wanted to get
it out of the way I could just push it up and it’d stay there but it it just
kind of falls down I’d like it to be able to stay in place at any angle that
you place it at but again I don’t think this was necessarily meant to hang even
though it kind of wouldn’t make sense if it did but the springs kind of push it
outward so that it can fight against gravity and when you’re giving it the
gravity in the other direction it doesn’t really help so in my setup I
have to have it hang otherwise I can’t use it so it’d be nice if it worked in
both directions equally as well so also for readjustments so say you have to
keep in mind that the capsule has to face in the right direction so depending
on how you angel this you have to make sure to rotate the mic which you would
grab oh sorry it’s these you grab these two clips that
tighten around the microphone and then you can rotate rotate the mic to the
appropriate angle which would be here alright another thing before I forget
which I kind of did I had to end this why even get a mic with the boom yes it
looks really cool and makes you look legit but why get one of these things
what’s the important feature of having a mic on a boom well it’s not only just to
be able to position the mic properly in front of you like it is here when using
a cardioid mic it’s important to have the microphone at the
right angle which sometimes if it’s on the desk isn’t going to be faced
properly but another key feature about having a mic on a boom with a suspension
like this that you know the shock mounts is that when a microphone is on the desk
and you have it like on the platform hear any vibrations on the table at all
anything that hits the table or even just your voice speaking will vibrate
through the table and transfer up the stand of the mic and into the receiver
so it’ll pick up that and will have a very distinct low vibrating sound like
they’ll be like a resonance in the background not like an echo or anything
or even a hard rattle but there’s the kind of like mmm sound that comes with
that which you can avoid if you have it on a boom in a shock mount so the
vibrations aren’t transferring really it doesn’t really get the chance to because
it it’s it’s suspended in this setup so really it’s better because they’re going
to be affected by less vibrations which if everything is made correctly and
suspended well and everything I’ve heard in the audio recordings I made and
reviewed sound very clear and they lacked that sound so that’s something
important to note I mean you can avoid some of those things by placing padding
underneath your microphones and things like that but sometimes that’s an extra
hassle and it still doesn’t quite guarantee it so yeah I mean at the price
of what a lot of other cardioid microphones would be anyway this comes
with the cool kit so the more you know in conclusion final thoughts the audio
quality is great it will definitely help you step up your game I’m not just
saying that you can hear the audio this segment of the video to figure it out
for yourself the stand could do with some improving
but at the price just having a boom that functions even in the way that it does
and the microphone even the microphone it’s at this price is probably a decent
deal yeah so the boom for certain situations I think would be quite
sufficient for a lot of people I just mentioned those things just so that you
know before you buy that that’s the way they behave and I think that’s important
to know it’s not necessarily a knock because this is still a great price for
the boom and mic I just want you to be completely aware beforehand I still
would recommend this as long as you know those things and don’t think that will
be an issue for your setup this mic isn’t really going anywhere you have to
really tug on it to even budget functionality there is good too I like
it I’m gonna probably have to find a different way to position this this is
the best one I could find yesterday when setting up but I’m gonna have to find
another way I may actually have to move my computer to a different angle which
may be the solution so that I could have it in that corner of the desk this is an
l-shaped desk if you watched life this is the desk I’ve had since last year
from the ulica desk so I may have to rearrange a few things in order to get
this mic to be positioned in the proper way thanks for watching guys if you like
this video you know what to do if you didn’t like it well you don’t know what
to do for more reviews and more Tech Talk and all that stuff feel free to
subscribe alright guys take care I’ll see you later


On is 60 €.I ll use it for firsts yt videos and talk with friends.Worth this or buy rode nt usb at double price without arm?

thanks for a good explanation. Very professional for a 1000 sub channel ! I bought this mic, because I watched your video.
Congratz BTW

You mounted the moveable pop filter wrong if you mount it on the bottom of the bracket that holds the sliver part it won’t do that as much

The scissor arm i received with the mic has tightening screws on it to make the stiffness of the hinges a little stronger which makes placement of the stand much easier (it stays in place wherever i angle it)

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